12 Challenges That All New Bloggers Have To Face

There are many advantages to setting up a blog site such as the freedom to work from wherever you want, and the financial rewards of actually earning money from your own writing. However setting up a blog site is a challenging process, especially as you start your new website.

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Regardless of the type of website you are looking to establish there are a number of difficulties that all bloggers face and need to learn to overcome, if their site is to be successful and finally earn an income.

In this article I want to look at some of the main difficulties that bloggers might face in the beginning of the venture and look at some of the ways that you can overcome these problems.

12 Challenges That All New Bloggers Have To Face

I think that there are at least 12 challenges that all new bloggers have to face when they first set up their website and actually start blogging, which are;

  1. Learning how a blogging platform such as WordPress works.
  2. Learning all the technical side of hosting, domain names and registering your website.
  3. Deciding on a niche that will be something you remain interested in and will be profitable.
  4. Coming up with ideas for content.
  5. Understanding search engine optimisation skills.
  6. Learning about keyword tools, competition.
  7. Getting posts ranked in Google and other search engines.
  8. Linking posts to different social media channels and deciding which ones to follow.
  9. Setting up analytics accounts and monitoring statistics for your website.
  10. Producing good quality content on a regular basis.
  11. Using different forms of content presentation e.g. videos, podcasts.
  12. Having support along your journey.

I’m going to take each one of these themes and provide links and resources to help support you through this process. The links are all within this site to articles written specially to support bloggers like yourself who are either in the early stages of developing content or are trying to revamp and re-energise their website content.

Please feel free to add any extra challenges that you think could also be included for this stage of blog development, in the comments section below. I’m sure this will lead into a second post of further challenges at a later date.

1 – Learning How A Blogging Platform Such As WordPress Works

The very first thing that is often new to bloggers, is setting up their site and using a blogging platform. Although it is not difficult to grasp, like every new skill it takes a while to get used to the changes and become proficient at it.

Which means that it takes time, effort and some frustrating moments as you try to get to get grips with this first stage. There is an article and video walkthrough How to Build a WordPress Website’ that will guide you through this first process.

2 – Learning All The Technical Side of Hosting, Domain Names and Registering Your Website.

First of all you don’t need to know much in the technical side of blogging to run a successful business, so this information is fairly basic.

Once you have a website you need to;

  • name it (domain name)
  • purchase a domain name (registering)
  • make it visible (web hosting)

I have an article Best Web Hosting for Small Businesses that explains about these three things in more detail.

3 – Deciding On A Niche That Will Be Something You Remain Interested In And Will Be Profitable.

Most blogs are designed to cover a small specialised area. This is an area that you can demonstrate your expertise and authority in and become known as an expert.image deciding which niche to choose

Choosing a niche area can be difficult at first, but look for something that you are really interested in and which you will enjoy spending lots (and lots) of time writing about.

This article Niche and Affiliate Marketing explains how to find a niche using some simple and often free tools.

4 – Coming Up With Ideas For Content

Blogging is all about regularly producing good quality content, and that can be difficult especially coming up with new and original material.

Knowing where to look for ideas, and spending time reading other industry blogs and articles can be very time-consuming. This can also be the fun bit, but it is important to keep monitoring what is happening in your niche sector. Read this on How to Get Ideas for Blog Content for more ideas of where to look.

5 – Understanding Search Engine Optimisation Skills.

Search engine optimisation or SEO is often talked about in blogging circles. It is the process of getting your website noticed by Google and other search engines and requires a few skills and tips to ensure that you get the best results from your work.

There are a number of resources on this site focused specifically on writing SEO content starting with this article What is Search Engine Optimisation? This is also available as a short Podcast called SEO An Introduction.  

There is also a book I wrote on SEO A Bloggers Guide available on Amazon for $1.50

6 – Learning About Keyword Tools And Competition.

Part of any SEO strategy is to use Keywords and this can be a huge stressor and time consuming factor when writing content. Understanding keywords and having easy access to a good keyword tool are all part of the challenge that content writers and bloggers face.

image keyword

Good clear keywords help pages get ranked and enable searchers to find them easily and quickly.

There are a number of articles, again on this site, on this topic including one specifically on the Keyword tool Jaaxy, and another on Advanced Keyword Use in Content Writing.

7 – Getting posts ranked in Google and other search engines.

The main aim with the content you write is to get it noticed and read by others. The biggest problem is getting readers to your website and that’s where Google and other search engines come into play.

New websites in particular can get penalised by Google and placed into their holding bay (sometimes referred to as sandboxing), an article on Understanding Google Sandbox will help to explain how to overcome this particle challenge.

If you have an understanding of how Google ranking works then this will support you and hopefully ensure that all your hard effort is in the right direction.

8 – Linking Posts To Different Social Media Channels

Once your blogpost is written the challenges don’t stop there. How do you get people to read it, especially if Google isn’t being that helpful? One of the easiest ways is to promote your work through social media.

Sites such as Pinterest offer opportunities to network and share content using images in your post. Other newer forms of social media such as Tsu are attracting attention and provide a different group of customers.  Most social media sharing is now starting to use images so it is important that you include them in your articles, here is an article on  how to Develop a Social Media Strategy that explains how this works in more detail.

9 – Setting up analytics accounts and monitoring statistics for your website

In order to understand how to analyse your site and set up analytic software I would recommend using Google Analytics.

You can access a short video presentation from Kyle one of the founders of Wealthy Affiliate by following this video link. You can also learn more about digital marketing and blogging to make money in this article on Digital Marketing at Wealthy Affiliate University.

10 – Producing good quality content on a regular basis

The key to success is content – lots of it and of good quality. The biggest difficulty is maintaining this schedule and finding the time to keep on producing this amount of material.

Nora Roberts quote

In this article Overcoming Writer’s Block it helps with ideas when the ideas simply stop flowing and you ned to find inspiration from around you. These Inspirational Quotes might provide another means of keeping you going when the going gets tough.

11- Using Different Forms of Presentation Within Your Content

The aim of your content is to engage an audience. In other words you want them to stay with you on a journey and read to the end of your content. Sometimes however, our attention span and that of our readers is not that long.

One idea is to use different forms of media presentation throughout your article, perhaps a video link embedded in the content, or a podcast. Part of your role in content writing is to entertain.

Another way is to vary the length of the posts that you produce, all long posts may be too much if a reader just wants a quick and easy to access answer to a question.

12 – Having Support For Your Journey

I am a strong advocate of not walking this pathway on your own. It can be a lonely and difficult journey setting up a blog and it is often months before any sort of sales can be seen, depending upon the niche you are working in.

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 14.20.03

I am a member of the Wealthy Affiliate University and one of the big advantages to me, spat form the keyword tool that I use, is the community support aspect. A mentor can save you a huge amount of time and answer questions quickly, so it is worth considering how you will get that level of professional peer support.

Discovering Your Own Blogging Journey

The 12 challenges that I have mentioned here are obviously different for each blogger. However many of the same problems will appear for each of us as we start out on this blogging adventure.

Regardless of how difficult the journey may be there are always two things to remember –

  • For every problem you encounter there is always someone else who experienced it and solved it.
  • You don’t have to do this all alone.  Don’t be afraid to ask for advice and seek support from others who are in the same position as yourself.

I hope that you found some of the information useful and if so please share it and encourage otters to visit the site, I am always keen to share information and help others along the way.

8 thoughts on “12 Challenges That All New Bloggers Have To Face

  1. Lynne

    Hi Marie

    Thank you for sharing these great tips, yes I totally agree that there are challenges to setting up a blog site.

    There are also challenges to baking a chocolate cake if you don’t have an oven, a cake tray, a good recipe, a mixing bowl or the ingredients.

    As soon as you have all these things in place and you have attempted to make the cake a few times you will perfect this task and it will seem easy.

    I have been working online and blogging for 4 years now. I have learned a lot but I am still learning every day.

    I find this an amazing journey and I recommend anyone that wants to start blogging to get started and follow your guidelines, they are a good solid place to get started.

    1. Marie

      Hi Lynne thanks for commenting and yes I agree you do need the right tools before you can create something properly.

      Knowing what tools you need though can be the biggest challenge. That’s why I am so supportive of training platforms such as Wealthy Affiliate because here you have constant access to people who do know and can offer advice that is current and up to date.

  2. Peter

    Hi Marie,
    Great article, you really explain well the many challenges in setting up a blog. I think when starting it is a good idea to get an education that will teach you all about setting up your blog and take you through the challenges. That’s what I did and I know I would ever have come a far as I have without it, in fact, I wouldn’t have known where to start!
    There were two other challenges I found, the first may sound silly, but just taking action to get started was hard. Again the training platform was a help here, walking you through step by step gives you the confidence you need. The other challenge is finding the time. Having another business that requires my attention, when I’m in front of the computer my time is counted. I mustn’t let any distractions get the better of me.
    Once you have mastered these initial challenges it’s an enjoyable way of earning some extra money. Thanks for your post and you have a wealth of great information for bloggers on your site.

    1. Marie

      Hi Peter thanks for your input I really appreciate it. You are right getting started and making that initial decision is perhaps the single hardest task that most bloggers face, especially overcoming the fear that they aren’t good enough or it is too difficult. Another post that also looks at some of these concerns is Why Working From Home Is Easier Than You Think.

      The other issue of time management is something I hear about (and know for myself) so that it certainly an issue I am currently working on for a new post, hopefully with some more resources to support people. Once again thanks for your insights they are very valuable.


  3. rufat

    As a blog owner I face all these challenges almost every day. From my experience I can say that the hardest challenge for me is the challenge # 7 which is getting posts ranked in search engines and getting traffic to my website. To be exact, I already have many pages ranked on the first page of Google, but the problem is that having a page ranked in top 10 is not always equal to getting traffic. I’m still struggling and still can’t get the amount of traffic I need.

    1. Marie

      Hi Rufat I agree about the traffic challenge, sometimes I think the focus is on getting pages ranked and then there is the assumption that everything else will all fall into place. However, you are right this is an ongoing challenge that all bloggers will face on a regular basis.

      There is a practical article here by Forbes on this topic, if this is any help and it is a subject matter that I intent to cover in more depth in another post.

  4. Marcus

    I actually think the first “challenge” on this list is not really a challenge at all. That’s the whole point, WordPress is so easy to use, almost anyone can use it. If you can type in Microsoft Word then you can create a blog post in WordPress. Long gone are the days of websites being complicated to set up and maintain. It’s easier than ever to have a website, don’t you agree?

    1. Marie

      I agree it is easy to use – once you’ve started. But that first hurdle of deciding how you are going to set up your website can be a huge challenge in the beginning.

      However you are absolutely right technology has changed enormously in the last few years and the opportunities that are available to bloggers today just didn’t exist even 5 years ago.

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