Trump administration unveils ‘smart grid’ plan

President Donald Trump on Wednesday unveiled a new federal energy efficiency program aimed at reducing energy use in homes, businesses and schools.

The new proposal, titled the Smart Grid Challenge, would target states that have seen increases in energy use.

The goal of the new effort is to reduce energy consumption by 25 percent on an annual basis by 2030, with a goal of reducing energy consumption for households to 30 percent.

The federal government is also expected to create incentives to promote the use of energy-efficient lighting.

The White House did not provide specific numbers on how much of the country will be eligible to apply.

The Smart Grid Challenges will focus on three types of energy efficiency upgrades: low- and medium-income households, commercial buildings and large commercial facilities.

The $1.5 trillion program is aimed at helping consumers save money on energy bills, which has been a major challenge for many consumers.

The plan, which is expected to be unveiled during Trump’s State of the Union address on Jan. 15, is part of the administration’s effort to make sure consumers have the resources to make energy efficiency investments. 

 The proposal is aimed mainly at low-income families and people with disabilities, who tend to use a lot of energy to heat and cool their homes, according to the White House.

It is part-funded by a $100 billion fund that Trump announced during his presidential campaign.

The Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 established a National Low-Income Energy Assistance Program to provide loans and grants to low- to moderate-income homeowners and renters, as well as low- income individuals and small businesses.

The program has expanded under the Obama administration.

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission is expected in the coming months to issue a rule that will set a standard for what constitutes energy efficiency, according the Energy Information Administration, the federal agency that administers the Energy Independence Act.

The rule could also provide incentive incentives to the states to develop and promote energy efficiency programs.

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