When did it get to the point that the NFL has to have a handbook on its website?

The NFL is starting to take a page from the college sports world’s playbook and is creating a handbooks for the officials, referees and coaches.

It’s been reported by CBSSports.com that the league is also exploring how it could integrate the game’s scoring and statistics into its own official guide.

“I’m not saying this is perfect, but it is in the realm of possibility,” NFL vice president of officiating Jeff Triplette said at the league’s annual owners meetings last week.

The league is looking at ways to create a guide that would explain the rules and provide additional information on each play.

“We’re going to take some time to work on that and see how we can best do it,” Triplettte told reporters on Thursday.

“But I think that’s an important step to take.

And it is a big step to the next step, which is how do we communicate better with the fans, how do people interact with the officials?

And I think we’ll start to make some progress on that in the near future.”

Tripletty’s comments come after a number of officials across the NFL have criticized the league over the last year over its handling of the anthem protests.

In January, a league official told ESPN that the officials’ union should be given more power to negotiate with the league and could negotiate more favorable contracts.

“The owners have done a good job at bringing in some of the best officials in the world,” Triplett said.

“And we want to make sure that they have an avenue to speak with us and have some input in terms of what we need to do moving forward.”

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