Why do we need a ‘global war on terror’?

According to the Washington Post, the United States and the rest of the world are now “at war” with “terrorists.”

That’s the headline of a Washington Post article entitled, The global war on terrorism.

The article claims that we are now at war with the Taliban, al Qaeda, ISIS, and other groups.

It goes on to make the claim that “we are at war” in the “War on Terror.”

It goes to the point where the article cites an unnamed former FBI agent who says that the war on “terror” is actually a “war on the American people.”

The article goes on:”It is time for the United Nations and its Security Council to work together and to make clear that terrorists will be hunted, and that our actions will be judged by the rules of international law and not by those who are the greatest threat to our country.”

The Washington Post concludes with a plea for peace and unity.

What’s the point of the war?

The Washington, DC, Post article is an attempt to paint a picture of the US as a global power that is engaged in an “insidious campaign of violence and intimidation” that has become a major global concern.

It is also a statement that the United State is at war.

The war on ISIS is the biggest global threat facing the world.

But there is a problem with that.

ISIS has no military, no political aspirations, no clear strategic goal.

It is a group of fanatical terrorists who have committed no crimes against the United Kingdom, France, the US, Israel, and elsewhere.ISIS is a global threat that is being fueled by domestic and foreign terrorist groups, as well as by the United Arab Emirates and Iran.

It’s not just the United states that is at risk.

The war on the Islamic State is also being fueled, for example, by a network of transnational terrorist groups like the Taliban.

The US has made a habit of engaging in foreign military adventures.

In Iraq and Afghanistan, the Obama administration has engaged in the same tactics that led to the disastrous invasion of Iraq in 2003.

The goal of the Obama regime’s foreign policy has been to use the global stage to create and maintain an environment that would allow the emergence of a “global terrorist movement” and that would facilitate a war with Russia, China, and Iran, among others.

But that’s not what the war is about.

The purpose of the global war is to create a global system that would lead to the “globalization” of the entire world.

The global war has also been an attempt by the Obama administrations to maintain a global status quo.

As the Washington, D.C., Post article makes clear, “We must stop the globalization of our society, our economy, and our lives.”

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