5 things you need to know about the new Apple TV app

With the Apple TV, Apple has launched a slew of new services that are designed to give users a more personalized and personalized TV experience.

We’ve reviewed the best of the new services and what you can expect from each, and today we’ll take a look at the new iPad app for tvOS.


Apple TV for iPad The first iPad app to support the new iOS TV interface, tvOS 6 introduces the tvOS6 iPad app, which offers a wealth of features for users to customize their own personalized TV experiences.

While tvOS devices have historically supported many of the same apps and features that are available in Apple’s iOS app, this is the first time that tvOS has added a new iOS app to the tv interface, which allows users to add new content to their personalized TV apps.

Here’s what the new app can do:• View content from Apple’s TV service in the new interface.

This means that you can now watch your favorite shows, movies, music and podcasts from Apple TV.• View and create a TV playlist.

You can now create a personalized list of your favorite TV shows, including your favorite podcasts, shows, music, and more.• Browse your favorite apps on your iPad with a new interface that supports multiple content types.• Easily switch between multiple apps and browse content from each of them.• Customize the look of your TV experience by adding new apps and themes.• Add custom themes to your favorite content on your TV, for a unique TV experience that’s more personalized than any app.2.

Siri on iPad You can also use Siri on your iOS device to perform simple tasks on your tvOS device.

This new Siri on iOS interface will let you search for shows and movies, make phone calls, and even launch Siri directly from the app.

Siri can be accessed from the Home screen and from the Siri Remote app on iOS.3.

Watch Now for iPad You may also want to try out Watch Now, a new app that lets you watch your iOS devices content on the tv app, and the new tvOS app.

Watch now has the ability to play back your favorite movies, TV shows and music and watch videos on your Apple TV device.

The app can also search for the same content that you search in the tv apps, including movies and TV shows from Apple, Amazon and Netflix.

The content you search will be displayed in the home screen and can be viewed and played from the tvapp.4.

TV Guide for iPad This new tv app will let users access the TV Guide, a section of the tv interfaces for viewing shows, podcasts, music videos and more, all in one place.

Users can access the tv guide and view the content they want, as well as view the ratings of the content.5.

TV App for iPad Users can now access the AppleTV app from their iOS device, and use Siri to control and control their Apple TV devices.

The new tv apps interface also allows users the ability, with one touch, to select what to watch on their device, including their favorite content and apps.6.

AppleTV for iPad iOS users can now use the new iDevices app to view and access the contents of the Appletv app.

iDevicetv for iOS will allow users to watch and control all of the available tv content, including the new content and services that will be available for the tv platform.

Users will also be able to customize the content that is available in the app by adding content to the content category.7.

tvOS App for iPhone and iPad iOS iOS users will also get access to the Apple Watch app, a completely new interface for accessing Apple TV content on their iPhone and iPads.

This is an entirely new interface, with an entirely redesigned user interface.8.

TVGuide for iPad In addition to the new iPhone and Apple TV apps, the tv guides interface will also allow users the option to access all of Apple’s tv apps directly from tvOS, and control them from their iDevis device.

Users of the iPhone and iDevas tv apps will be able access all tv content from the iDevi device, regardless of which app they are using on their iOS devices.9.

Siri for iPad On iOS devices, users will be given the option of using Siri to perform basic voice commands on their Apple Watch.

Siri will also have the ability on the new new tv interface to perform commands that can be used from the Apple watch.10.

Apple tv app for iPadThe tvOS interface will provide users with a completely redesigned interface that offers more functionality for users.

It will offer more customization options and better search functionality, as you can access all the apps that users will see on their tvOS televisions, including content that they can use on their watch.11.

Appletv for iPad If you want to control your AppleTV, you can use Siri and the tvos interface to control it directly from your iOS or Mac

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