How to find the correct birthdate on the birth certificate

Updated April 23, 2018 08:31:08 The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) will soon be publishing a birth date calculator to help Australians determine the correct date of birth.

The calculator, which will be produced by the ABS’ online service, will include data from the Australian Bureau, the Census and the Census Commissioner.

The aim is to make the calculations easier for people and more transparent to help users make more informed decisions.

In an article for The Conversation, Associate Professor Peter Aylward, from the School of Statistics, said the calculator would be available in the next few weeks.

“It will be an easy way to work out the date of your birth or death.

It will be a simple way to figure out when you are born, so you don’t have to type in your birthday or other information, and that’s always good for people who are having trouble with their birthday,” Professor Aylwards said.

You can get a ‘date of birth’ number. “

If you do have a problem with your birth date, you can still type in the birth date.

You can get a ‘date of birth’ number.

It’s a very convenient way to find out where you are in the world, and the date you were born, and you can also get a lot of information about your life in a very short amount of time.”

“So there’s not going to be any surprises about where you were, how old you were or what your name is.”

The calculator will be available to all Australians in the ABS online service starting this weekend.

“We will be providing it in a new and easier to use interface that will be very easy to use,” Associate Professor Aysha Miah, from ABS Statistics, told

“So it will be really easy for anyone to use and to work with, because the data is accessible, so there will not be any extra steps.”

The Australian census is one of the most widely used government statistics in Australia.

The Bureau of the Census provides data on all Australian citizens, whether they are residents or not, whether their age is recorded as 16 or older, or whether they were born overseas.

The Census is based on information gathered from a random sample of the population, and is used by the Government and other government agencies to make policy decisions.

The data is not released to the public.

The ABS website,, has been updated with the calculator and other birth date information.

“The calculator will help people to make more educated decisions about where they are and when they are born,” Associate Prof Aylows said.

The information provided by the census is often used by people with a range of medical conditions, but there are also medical conditions that could affect the accuracy of the birthdate.

“There are a lot more than people with cancer or epilepsy who might be able to get an accurate birthdate, but those people are less likely to know that, and we need to be very careful with that information,” Associate Minister for Social Services, Greg Hunt, said.

“[The calculator] will help Australians with medical conditions understand their birthdays and when their birthdates are accurate, and then people can make more intelligent decisions about when they want to have children and when to have them.”

The new calculator is a collaborative effort between the ABS and the Australian Census, the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, the Office of National Statistics and the Commonwealth Office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet.

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2018 10:39:18

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