Why are Americans not buying this ‘Trump is a racist’ book?

Some people, in fact, are.

But they’re not buying the book, and they’re telling it to be dismissed as so.

And that’s because of a few things.

First, it’s not a book that Trump himself will read.

He’s read and reread a few versions of it.

He has a tendency to read from the perspective of people who don’t know him very well, but he’s not interested in the people he’s read from.

He also does not understand the point of the book.

He says it’s a book about racism, but it’s just a book, a book written by someone who was born into the very system he’s railing against.

And that, at the end of the day, is the biggest problem with the book: that it is, at its core, a racist and sexist book.

Its main character is a white man.

Its title is racist, and the title is sexist.

It’s written by a white male.

It is written to attack the idea of racism and sexism.

And it is written by people who have no idea what it means to be a woman, or a person of color, or an LGBTQ person, or anybody else who’s being attacked by a man on the internet.

And this is why this book is not a good book for Trump.

This is why Trump supporters should be wary of reading it, and why Trump haters should be careful of reading this book.

Because it’s so bad for America.

In a recent tweetstorm, the author, who goes by @BashirTallahassee, said:This is a textbook definition of racism.

@realDonaldTrump has made it abundantly clear he is a misogynist, misogynist.

And I hope that this book gets him fired from the White House.

— Bashir Tallahasse (@bashirsallahassay) December 11, 2017The tweetstorm is actually an extension of the same issue that made the book so controversial in the first place.

In his tweetstorm , the author wrote:The author went on to write:This has been a problem with my book since its publication.

Trump has never read it.

The author never wrote it.

We never even talked about it.

And when it comes to this book, there is absolutely no truth to any of these claims.

Trump himself has never said that his supporters are racist or sexist.

He wrote a book called “The Art of the Deal” that is a scathing critique of the idea that politics is all about winning and all about putting people above all else.

And while the book has its fair share of sexism, it does not mention the words “rape,” “homophobia,” or “transphobia.”

The book does not even mention the word “Trump” or the term “white supremacist.”

It does not include the word racism, even though the author has said that Trump is “a racist.”

There is no racism in this book: it is all part of a broader critique of a society that has been built on the assumption that people of color are inherently inferior, that women are inherently less capable than men, that LGBTQ people are inherently more oppressed than cisgender heterosexual people, that Muslim Americans are inherently oppressed than white Americans.

And if you read the book at all, it will not address these issues.

This book is a critique of those very assumptions.

This book is also a reminder of just how far from the truth Trump has become on the issue of race.

He is the most extreme and divisive president in American history.

The Trump era has seen him enact an unprecedented level of anti-black racism, a massive crackdown on immigrants and refugees, a ban on Muslim Americans from entering the country, a Muslim ban that includes people who are not citizens, and a Muslim registry that has led to the deaths of tens of thousands of people.

These are all policies that are demonstrably and repeatedly proven to cause harm and death, and it is entirely reasonable to ask why Trump would continue to do these things.

The fact that this is the case shows that this was not always the case.

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