How to spot a healthy snack and how to avoid eating one

India, June 3: “I am a huge fan of all the good things in life.

Food is one of them,” says a woman named Pritam Kumar.

Pritam is the managing director of the food processing unit of a Mumbai-based food processing company.

She also works as a consultant for food processing companies.

Pitun is a resident of Kolkata, one of the richest cities in India.

“Food is my life,” she says.

“If I eat food, it gives me energy.

I do not need to drink milk.

My favourite drink is coconut water.”

Kumar says she is a huge supporter of healthy eating and the healthy lifestyle.

“I am not an expert in nutrition, but I know what is good for the body,” she said.

“It is important to keep it healthy.”

Pritama Kumar, managing director, food processing, Mumbai-headquartered food processing firmKolkata-headlined Mumbai-Headlined Bengaluru-HeadledMumbaiPritamara’s parents have lived in Kolkatapuram, one the richest and most populous cities in the country.

She was born in 1993 and grew up in a poor family.

“My father was an agricultural labourer.

He would go out to work from 6am to 5pm.

He never made money,” Pritamara says.

Her parents had two sons.

“One was in the army, one in the police, one was in school.

I was always poor.

I used to eat rice cakes and bread,” Pita says.

Pita Kumar says her father would go to the nearby city of Kottayam for the weekends to sell food to the farmers.

Pritama’s mother worked as a domestic help and the family lived in a hostel.

Pitaram Kumar says Prita was the one who taught her the importance of hygiene.

“She told me to wash my hands.

I never had to do it myself.

Pita would clean my hands with water, too.

I learnt to do this daily.

My mother also cleaned my hands daily,” Pitaram says.

Kumar adds, “Pita was very smart.

I loved her, she was always helping.

My father died in the 2008 tsunami.

He was a very caring person.”

Pita Kumar, who was nine years old, recalls the days when Pritame had to keep her hands clean.

“My mother and father died, so I had to look after my sisters.

I would take care of them.

My sisters were so scared.

I thought, they will not take care if I die,” she recalls.

Pitu Kumar says, “I learnt to cook.

I also learned to read.

I started cooking as a hobby, but later, I became a cook at a hostess house.”

Pitaraman says she started working at the hostess hostel in 2009, after working at a restaurant.

“As a cook, I could not eat the food.

I could only cook the rice cakes.

I enjoyed cooking.

I became friends with the girls there,” she remembers.

Piti Kumar says he was the first one to get a job as a hoster.

“When my father died suddenly, I decided to help my family,” Piti says.

“I wanted to earn money so I could take care for my sister.

My family asked me to cook at home.

When I started working there, I learnt a lot of cooking techniques.

I learned how to make the rice cake, the pakoras, the makhani,” Pivarama says.

She also started studying to become a chef.

“At the hostel, the women could not cook the food we used to make,” Pitas says.

Pivara says she learnt how to cook rice cakes at home, as well as how to clean the dishes.

“They would ask for a rice cake at a table and we would prepare it.

We also cleaned the dishes,” she explains.”

Pita taught me how to take care to clean dishes.

I took her and the other women to the markets to cook and pick their own vegetables.

Pitaramas family has also grown and we were able to cook a lot for the poor people of the city,” Pivalas father says.

In 2012, Pivarna Kumar was selected as one of eight students to work at a school in Kota to help the poor students.

“We cooked rice cakes for the students and the children were so excited to taste them,” Piva Kumar says.

The children at the Kota school where Pivaria and Pitara workedAs part of their training, Piva and Pivaro were also invited to host parties for the children at a local hostel to make sure they would not get hungry.

“Our team members would also go to markets to buy food,” PIVARAM says.

In 2012, while working at hostel Kota, PIVarama

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