Which of the five worst countries in the world is the least safe?

It is a topic that has taken a back seat to other urgent concerns, including the Zika virus and global warming, and has been overshadowed by a flurry of other urgent problems.

But in this case, it is a particularly important one, and one that has attracted a lot of attention in the US. 

It is the fifth time in a row that the US has been singled out for being the worst country in the World for its safety, according to an annual survey conducted by Pew Research Center. 

As a measure of the safety of the world’s nations, Pew’s World Peace Index has been published every year since 2009. 

This year’s index was released on Wednesday, and it ranked the US as the 13th most dangerous country in terms of overall score. 

In its summary of the US’s score, Pew said that the country’s scores were “not a reflection of the level of threat” posed by the pandemic, but instead “reflect the extent to which Americans, like Americans everywhere, are reluctant to take action to address the root causes of global warming.”

The US scores have fallen over the past decade, but the decline has been greater in the past five years. 

The US has suffered a steep decline in scores since 2012, when the US-based think tank International Crisis Group released its “Global Security Score”, which was compiled using data from a variety of countries. 

Pew said that while the US scored “not too bad” in terms “of overall security,” it was still “a long way away from being a truly world-class country.” 

The most recent US score came in at 12.4 out of 20. 

“The United States remains far behind its international peers in many of the measures we look at to measure its overall safety,” the report concluded. 

Although the US remains the only country that scores highly in the Pew index, it has also been criticized for failing to take sufficient action to curb climate change. 

Last year, the US was cited by the United Nations for failing “to take meaningful action to tackle climate change.” 

“While we may have the world at our feet, the United States still lags behind many other countries in many important respects,” the UN said in its 2016 report on the state of the planet.

“It is clear that the United [States] has the world on its back and has not yet adapted to the risks it faces.

The United States must work to make progress on climate change to maintain its global leadership.” 

This article originally appeared on The Conversation.

Read the original article Here is a list of the 10 worst countries around the world in terms the Pew Research Centre, based on the most recent data available, put them on the World Peace index. 


Syria 2.

Iraq 3.

Iran 4.

Libya 5.

Sudan 6.

Afghanistan 7.

Yemen 8.

Syria 9.

Yemen 10.

Saudi Arabia

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