How to protect yourself from the flu outbreak

With the flu season drawing to a close, many Canadians are turning to the flu vaccination program, which provides free vaccine for a year.

But what about those who are sicker than usual?

Here are some tips for avoiding a flu-related illness.

Adults: Avoiding flu-induced illnesses is key.

According to a study published in the British Medical Journal in January, influenza-related illnesses cost Canadians more than $1.2 billion a year in lost productivity, absenteeism, absentee work, absentee school attendance and absentee health care.

Children and adolescents: Flu vaccinations are generally available to children aged 6 to 17.

But the majority of influenza-associated illnesses are among adolescents aged 10 to 19.

If you have children, check to see if they have received the flu shot.

Adults: There are several ways to prevent a flu illness, including wearing a mask, avoiding sharing household equipment, avoiding open spaces and not using mobile devices while outdoors.

But many people who are ill have also reported a cough or sore throat or some other symptoms that are related to flu.

In some cases, it can be difficult to diagnose flu in adults.

Anyone in an area with an active flu outbreak should seek help from their healthcare provider, such as a healthcare provider or a healthcare worker.

If you or a loved one has a flu vaccine, it’s important to follow these guidelines: Never give an active vaccine to someone who is ill.

If an individual has symptoms, it may be time to seek medical attention.

If they’re ill and have no other symptoms, they should be tested for flu.

If someone is ill, their temperature, blood pressure, pulse and respiration should be monitored.

If the person has been in an enclosed space, they may need to be quarantined.

If these conditions are present, they must be managed.

If symptoms persist, it might be necessary to take medication.

Follow the recommendations of your healthcare provider for your personal protection.

If it’s the first time you have ever been ill, ask a healthcare professional for a flu shot if you have any questions.

If no questions are asked, take a flu shots every 2 to 4 days until you feel better.

If possible, avoid contact with others until symptoms resolve.

Avoiding flu symptoms can also be a challenge, so it’s essential to take steps to reduce your risk of an illness.

If your flu symptoms are severe, you may be eligible for medical assistance or be referred to a healthcare facility.

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