Opinions are not facts, says ‘fact-checker’

A woman is challenging the validity of a controversial opinion article The man accused of attacking her is a journalist.

But her opinion is fact-checked.

The man accused by her of assaulting her in a downtown Halifax restaurant is a man she has never met, and she has a problem with that.

On Thursday, The Province published a story by a “fact-checking” website called FactCheck.ca that was based on an article by one of the women accused.

The story claimed that a woman called the police on her boyfriend because he broke into a building and stole a purse, and then assaulted her in the parking lot of the restaurant.

The man was charged with assault and mischief after police found a broken window in the building and a broken plate in the man’s vehicle.

He has since pleaded not guilty to the charges.

The article claimed that the man was a regular at the restaurant and that he is a friend of the woman.

She said the man is not the boyfriend she met at the bar, but she has no idea why he would do that.CBC News decided to fact-check the article.

The woman wrote that the police account is incorrect, because it is based on a man who she has not met.

She has also said she has known the man for years.

In fact, she has been friends with him for 15 years.

The men have had many encounters together, but none of them have resulted in an assault.

But the woman has said she would be willing to bet money that one would.

She also says that she has heard about the man in the news.

She said she’s not sure why she would trust the police and that she doesn’t know if there was an assault on her.

But she is open to taking the man at his word.

“If I knew that he had the ability to break into a bar and steal a purse and I didn’t intervene, I would probably say, ‘What did you do to me?’,” she said.

“But I would never say that he was a good guy.

He was an opportunist.

I guess he didn’t think he could get away with it.”

The woman said she was concerned about the woman’s credibility and whether it would affect her ability to be an advocate for her accused friend.

“She’s a young woman, and I’ve heard that she’s a very bright young woman,” she wrote.

“The fact that she could be a liar, that could affect my credibility, I think would be pretty bad for me.”CBC News spoke with a lawyer who has been involved in many cases involving women who have accused men of rape and assault.

He said the process is difficult, and it’s a difficult thing to prove.

“You’re trying to prove that the person did it, that they knew what they were doing was wrong,” said Dennis C. Roesner, a Toronto lawyer who specializes in sexual assault cases.

“You’re not going to get all the way to a jury.

It’s just not going out in the open.”

But there is a difference between proving an assault and proving that the accused committed it, Roeser said.

The fact-checking site also stated that the woman in the article is an “accused” of assault, not a victim.

“We have the right to believe her story,” the website stated.

“We have no right to disbelieve her story.

This is a story we’ve heard before.

The only thing we can do is confirm it.”

It’s unclear whether the woman will pursue a complaint with the police or take it to a judge.

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