Which of the UK’s NHS trusts are the best?

The latest figures show how many of the nation’s 1.3 million hospital trusts have a record low number of admissions for tuberculosis (TB) cases and how many TB cases are being recorded at a time when more people are taking up TB treatment.

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (Nice) released its annual TB Index which looks at the extent to which a hospital has recorded a recorded TB case in a patient or the number of TB cases that have been recorded at any point in the past two years.

It found that in 2016, the majority of the NHS trusts with a TB rate of less than 4% recorded no recorded TB cases.

This is an improvement on last year when just 4% of NHS trusts recorded no TB cases at all.

However, this number is still far below the UK average of 9.4%.

It comes after an increase in the number and seriousness of TB admissions at NHS hospitals from 5.9% in 2017 to 9.3% in 2018.

There were 8,868 recorded TB admissions last year compared to just 2,072 recorded in 2017.

There was also an increase of just under 5% in the proportion of hospital admissions recorded by the health trust with a recorded infection.

While the number recorded by these hospitals has dropped by just under half from last year, the proportion recorded by NHS trusts is still below the national average of 8.6%.

The new figures come as a huge boost for health and social care organisations and campaigners who are campaigning for a return to the old rules of how tuberculosis is treated.

The NHS has also seen an increase since last year.

In 2018, there were an estimated 1.2 million recorded TB infections in NHS trusts, an increase from an estimated 0.9 million in 2017 and 0.6 million in 2016.

However this figure is still significantly lower than the UK total of 11.1 million recorded infections, which is also lower than all other OECD countries.

In 2017, the number was 2.5 million, the equivalent of one person per every five people.

In 2020, the UK recorded 634,000 recorded TB infection cases, an average of 1.5 cases per person per day.

In 2021, there will be 1.7 million recorded cases, which equals one person every six people.

Overall, the NHS recorded 4.9 TB cases in 2021.

This means that every minute a patient is treated for TB they add another person to the total.

This would mean that every day, one person is added to the global burden of TB.

The UK has the highest TB burden of any country with an estimated 9.5 people per million population.

In 2016, there was an estimated 6,000 people per person who were in the UK for TB treatment, which equates to 1.6 people per every 15 people.

This equates with 1 person every 624 people.

The number of recorded TB patients was up by nearly a quarter last year and this is the first year since 2010 when the number has not fallen below 2,000.

Overall the NHS has recorded 1.1 TB cases per 1,000 population, the highest recorded rate since 2010.

The figure was up from 1.0 per 1.000 population in 2019.

This was due to a decrease in the numbers of people being treated with antibiotics in 2020.

However in 2021, the increase was not as large as in 2017, which was due mainly to the fact that fewer people were being treated.

There are now just under 14,000 TB patients in the NHS, which means that a person is treating the virus in the form of TB treatments on average every three hours.

The figures also show a slight decrease in recorded TB deaths from 6,900 in 2020 to 6,400 in 2021 as a result of an increase to the national standard of care for TB.

However it still stands at around 9,300 recorded TB death in 2021 which is well below the number that was recorded in 2018, which reached 8,500.

More information on the NHS’s TB Index is available on the Nice website.

The latest NHS TB Index statistics can be found on the Health Quality Monitor.

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