6 Mindset Secrets to Financial Success

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There are a lot of websites and advice publications out there that focus on how to make money.

Many of these offer very practical schemes, such as blogging, marketing etc. and they may or may not appeal to whatever it is that you personally want to achieve.

But regardless of the type of approach you decide on, managing your own mental commitment to continuing with the process, especially when things start to get tough, can be the biggest obstacle that many people face when trying to make money for themselves.

Mindset Secrets

I recently received an infographic by email by Mindvalley, an organisation behind many promotional offers on a number of publications that they manage on personal development. The author of the infographic was one of them, John Assaraf, who is a neuroscientist with an interest in brain retraining techniques.


Why does your brain need retraining?

Well according to several ‘wealth trainers’, including Joe Vitales who I also enjoy, many of our obstacles to success are self made.

They include self limiting beliefs as to what we are worthy of receiving or achieving in life.  They also affect all areas of our life including relationships, wealth, health and career choices. So these are the six areas that John suggests that we need to focus on.


1 – Time and Money

Sometimes we forget these two commodities are so important for enabling us to achieve everything we want. If you value the things that money can achieve, rather than wanting it for its own sake, then this can help retain focus on the work you are doing.

In other words the old saying money is an object to be controlled, rather than allowing it to control your own life applies.

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(Image – “Laptop With Dollar Coins” by digital art, freedigitalphotos.net)

Limiting beliefs around money can include thoughts such as ‘having too much money is bad or unlucky’.  Or ‘wealthy people are mean’ or ‘having little or no money makes you more spiritual’.

These thoughts can often be passed down from family members or teachers when we were children and deprogramming is needed if we are to let go of these negative thoughts and focus on the positive aspects of acquiring more wealth.

These positive thoughts can include naming the people or causes that you can help if you possessed more money.


2 – Commitment

Wanting success is not the same as being committed to reaching success. If you want success this can be an aspirational thought and lists of excuses creep in – such as ‘I’ll never earn that amount of money’, ‘I don’t have the time’ or ‘I’m not good enough’.

If you are committed to achieving success then you take action and you really believe it can be achieved. You don’t stop at challenges or hurdles but see them as part of the journey.


3 – Belief

One mindset secret is to believe that what you are trying to achieve has already happened.

Neuroscience believes that the brain cannot distinguish between reality and thought, so if you think it has happened then your brain is fooled into believing that it has.

Why is this important? – well if you believe it is real then your emotions and subconscious thinking will all be working from a belief that this is possible and achievable. You reduce the amount of negative thinking that can get in the way and hold you back in your efforts.


4 – You Don’t need Knowledge (first)

Sometimes we believe that in order to achieve something we need knowledge first.

Neuroscience believes that you need a strong attitude and commitment towards achieving your goals first.

Knowledge can be found anywhere and can support your work, but the driver in everything is your own mental belief system and whether you truly believe this can be done.


5 – I Have a Dream

The size of the dream doesn’t matter either as they are all manifested in exactly the same way.

Therefore dare to dream big and open your mind to all the possibilities. Sometimes limiting beliefs convince us that we are only capable of certain smaller things.

Deprogramming the brain to think bigger and bolder will help us in all aspects of our life.

thinking about money mindset

(Image – “Business Man Thinking” by supakitmod, freedigitalphotos.net)


6 – All Thoughts Can Change

It is tempting to believe that we are the way we are and some things cannot be changed. But thought patterns are just that, patterns of learnt thinking.

They can be changed and adapted by including new thoughts and practicing new ways of thinking.


I wondered under which category I should place this post, was it about

  • writing and opening up to new ideas and directions.
  • Was it purely about making money and other options to bringing in an income,
  • or should it be its own area of expertise under motivation and writing techniques.

I have placed it finally under making money, because ironically this is probably the area that most of us need help in reprogramming our thinking towards the most.

Hopefully you have enjoyed the article and I would love to hear about any thoughts you may have on other areas that we should also consider reprogramming our thoughts and belief patterns on.

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