9 Ways To Enhance Your Blogging Skills

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Content marketing and blogging have many things in common, since they are both communicating to an audience through blog posts or articles.

image - “Characters Holding Blog Signs Displays Online Information Or Sha…” by Stuart Miles (free digital photos.net)

image – “Characters Holding Blog Signs Displays Online Information Or Sha…” by Stuart Miles (free digital photos.net)

And maybe because of these similarities,  many tips that focus on developing skills for blogging also apply to content marketing experts as well.

I have been reading a number of posts recently about how to improve your blogging potential and the skills you need, so here is a round up of some of the ones that I found particularly useful for my work.

In my round up of ideas one of the things that struck me was, there were actually two types of skill that you needed to learn when blogging;

  1. The technical skills, e.g. which plugins work, which analytics package to use etc…
  2. The personal skills e.g. time management, organisational, personality

In this article I tried to strike a balance between the two sets of skills and so I focused both on what a blogger needed to develop within themselves, and also what they needed to  do in order to support their work.

1 – Write …. a lot and keep on writing

This first point is obviously personal and relates to the discipline of just sitting down and writing. It may seem so obvious but as we get caught up in over analysing all our posts and monitoring different affiliate and sales sites, the actual development of content can sometimes be pushed aside.

One of the skills of top bloggers is that they consistently produce content, and learn to overcome their own writer’s block. This also means that serious bloggers spend a lot of time researching content and planning their content.

2 – Make Sure Your Site is Mobile Friendly

Having a website that is mobile friendly is vital in this day and age, especially as more readers access the internet through mobile devices, than they do through traditional desktops.

Having a reliable hosting platform and website builder is important if you want to run a professional blogging or marketing site. Also important is the need to check website loading times so that you don’t lose readers as they grow impatient waiting for your content to arrive.

3 – Be Persistent

It can be tough blogging and writing content. Sometimes you receive no feedback or visitors and other times you receive criticism. Progress can be slow especially in content marketing and SEO.

image writer working

image -“Woman Writing Shot Memories Note On White Paper With Relaxing Time And Emotion” by khunaspix (freedigitalphotos.net)

Finding the personal discipline to keep writing, when nothing appears to be happening is something that all bloggers have to face at some time.

Working from home in isolation is another challenge that many bloggers face and which can affect progress.

4 – Develop Concise Writing Skills

Good bloggers according to the expert company Copyblogger, have the skill of reviewing material and being able to write about it concisely. Brevity is your new best friend in an age when people have limited attention spans and constant demands on their time.

In order to reach your audience quickly and easily use some of the following.

  • Use bullet points and lists
  • Don’t waffle, say what needs to be said and then stop
  • Use short paragraphs
  • Use images and diagrams to get your point across easily.
  • Use video as an alternative way to explain things.

5 – Be Focused and Specific

Many internet marketers have a specific niche or topic that they write about. The more specific and focused this niche can be, the greater the chance of developing expertise and authority.

Search engines are interested in authority and use it as one of the requirements in their ranking process. A specific niche also means a more targeted audience, which can be easier to understand and write for.

6 – Always Be Open To Learning

The digital environment is constantly changing and there is always something new to learn.   I am actively involved in the Wealthy Affiliate University and I’m always amazed at bloggers and internet marketing experts, who run successful companies, and who are still accessing the learning and information on site.

Don’t pass up on opportunities for learning and developing your skill set, and remember all bloggers ask questions.

7 – Analyse Your Results

Bloggers like to analyse data and know what is happening on their site. This makes for an unusual mix of skills because writing and analysis are not often seen together.

Tools such as Google’s own Analytics and Console are the very basic set to have in your collection. Other tools include SERP Lab which provides you with an update on your ranking position for each post.

Many of the social media sites also have their own analytic tools that can show which posts have the greatest engagement.

8 – Write Engaging Content

Readers are looking for something different, so offer then that. Have headlines that grab attention and provide content that is interesting and original.

Variety is said to be the spice of life, so it is in content writing. One of the ways is to use different media such as video, podcasts and images in your writing.

Another way is to ensure that your writing reflects your own personality rather than trying to copy others. Readers want an unique experience and that uniqueness is you.

9 – Give Back to the Blogging Community

zig zaglar quote

quote taken from www.brainyquote.com

It is a belief in many business circles that giving to others and supporting someone else’s development is equally as important as your own growth.

In fact in many cultures giving to others is seen as a way of ensuring your own success.

It doesn’t matter how new you are to blogging there is always someone just behind you that you can assist, so take time and offer support. You will benefit in the future.

9 Tips to Enhance Your Blogging Skills

These 9 tips are really just the start of the blogging process. As you develop your blogging skill set there will always be plenty of technical hints and things to learn, as well as personal skills that need to be developed.

  1. Write Consistently
  2. Mobile Friendly Site
  3. Persistence Pays
  4. Concise Writing
  5. Focused and Consistent
  6. Open to Learning
  7. Analyse Results
  8. Engaging Content
  9. Give Back to the Community

However don’t over focus on one side or the other, remember blogging is about both sides and technology has to work alongside personality in order to be successful.

Further Reading

One of the tips was to be always open to learning, so here are a number of other articles on this site that might be of interest.

And please feel free to share this post on your own social media sites, thanks.

4 thoughts on “9 Ways To Enhance Your Blogging Skills

  1. AlexRockin

    Hi Marie,
    I am just getting starting in the blogging world. lol This article is a very good starting point for me to reference. The number 4 Develop Concise Writing Skills I thought was very good and I will keep it handy when writing my blogs. Also Analyse Your Results using SERP Lab is a good site that I did not know about, I have been using Google Analytics which is very good.

    1. Marie

      Hi Alex thanks for commenting and good luck with your blogging – it’s a frustrating and wonderful world!

      The concise writing is a challenging aspect for bloggers (who naturally like to write) but it is important I agree for readers. It links into the point about using different media as well, since sometimes writing by itself is not the most efficient way to say something.

  2. Brok

    Hey Marie,

    Great post on enhancing your blogging skills. I really like how you covered both sides of the process.

    I also liked that one of the tips is being consistent. Seems like most people can’t get on a schedule which ends up hurting their chance for success.

    If you stick with it and consistently put out great content you can make it!

    Thanks again for the post.


    1. Marie

      Hi Brok thanks for adding that, yes I agree consistency can be especially challenging (I know from my own schedules). One of the ways that I try and make sure that content is always ready is to keep a blog list of future ideas, which I can refer to when inspiration leaves me. There are some more ideas on getting ideas in this article as well How to Get Ideas for Blog Content

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