Blogging Frequency and SEO

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One question that is often asked is the proverbial “how often should I blog?” The answer as with most SEO questions tends to be — it depends.

In fact it can depend on a number of issues, which impact on both SEO and search engine visibility, as well as retaining your target audience interest.

The following four questions are particularly important to consider when deciding how often to blog, so in this post I have focused on explaining how each of these questions links to your choice on blogging frequency;

  1. What is your audience expecting?
  2. What is the nature of your niche?
  3. How much content do you already have on your site? – i.e. will visitors quickly lose interest in your existing content or is there enough already there to provide answers for them.
  4. How new is your site?

For a new site the main way to attract the attention of search engines, and remind them you exist is to write new content. In the beginning the easiest and often the only way to achieve this is to write blog posts.

However as your site matures and you start receiving regular visitors or consistent new traffic then there are other options for increasing content and remaining fresh in the eyes of the search engine.

So lets take each of the questions mentioned above and look at them in more detail.

What is Your Audience Expecting?

Audience Needs

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Many bloggers use their websites as a means of communication with regular readers. They blog to update / share information or interact socially. For these types of websites then obviously a frequent update is needed otherwise the regular readers will start to leave.

Audiences on social interaction sites may even expect bloggers to be updating material and responding to questions more than once day.

Other sites however may have less interaction and look to share information on a less regular basis, it depends on the nature of your niche topic.

What is the Nature of Your Niche?

In addition to social communicating and sharing ideas, there are other sites that are more reference or information based, such as this one.

The information on this site hasn’t evolved or changed that much over the years so the articles have a longer time span. There is less of a need to keep adding content to replace existing posts because they don’t date in the same way that gossip blogs / social reporting or news blogs do.

If you have plenty of content already and the niche isn’t changing too much, then obviously you can get away with blogging less. On the other hand if your content is changing constantly then shorter and more frequent blog post will be needed.

How Much Content Do You Already Have On Your Site?

Another factor to bear in mind, especially for the more information focused blog sites, is what other content do you already have on the site?

For example if you already have a developed library of resources on the site then new articles are less important and instead existing material may only need to be updated as the need arises. If new topics appear that are related to your niche, then new blog articles can be written specifically on that topic. Unlike the interaction sites here the audience is generally left to browse through whatever they are looking for, at their leisure.

For these sites it is less important that new content is constantly written, especially if written just for the sake of it. Instead updated blog posts and replies to comments will ensure content freshness.

The big challenge for these sites is building up the resources in the first place. So in the beginning these sites will need a regular supply of informative and well researched blog posts, in order for the site to become respected and recognised by the various search engines.

So What Does SEO Look For in Blogging Frequency?

At the end of the day most SEO rules are there to ensure that the reader gets a good experience whenever they visit your website. Search engines want satisfied customers and that includes how they are received and catered for on your site.

Blogging frequency

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Content freshness and an interest in maintaining a site and keeping it up to date, are the main factors that the search engine is looking for.

There isn’t so much a prescribed frequency for publishing, it is more about ensuring that the needs and expectations of your visitors and subscribers are met.

That doesn’t mean that blog sites should suddenly be abandoned, rather that blogging schedules should reflect the type and nature of your niche.

This can be a relief if you are managing multiple websites or writing in between other projects. Therefore even if you can’t blog every day or every week, at least make some regular contribution to the site, to show that it is still being monitored and the content regularly reviewed.

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I hope you found this article interesting and if there are any observations you have from your own blogging experience, please feel free to share them in the comments section below.

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