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As writers you would imagine that content writing would almost be second nature and wouldn’t need much further explanation.

However, as those of you who freelance as blog article writers will know, writing content on websites and blogs is not just about creating interesting Image Contentand relevant material.

What is important in the art of digital marketing is the need to get ranked by google. So that other readers can find your content and also to share your material.

Obviously if you are freelance writing then the marketing side will be done by others, but it is still important to write your posts with a marketing strategy in mind.

This way there will be a purpose for every word that you write and it will also help to keep you from wandering off topic.

Content Writing for Google

This title is perhaps a bit misleading because you aren’t actually writing content for Google, you are actually writing for your intended audience.

The difference with a blog post or web page is that you need Google to be able to find it, and then to be able to give that information to readers who are looking for it. This is where in website articles and blogs the term ‘keyword‘ becomes significant.

google and keyword searches

Search engines shouldn’t dictate our writing style but they are an important part of some types of writing.

Other phrases you might hear include search engine optimisation (SEO) which is basically the same thing. You are trying to get found and become optimised for search engine use.

But remember there are also other ways of being found, such as through social media sites, paid advertising and using smaller search engines such as yahoo, YouTube and Bing.

Building up followers and email lists are another way of ensuring that those people who have an interest in your product or writing, will find you.

Throughout this website I will continue to introduce you to some of the tools and resources available, to support you in developing pages of content that can fulfil both Google and your audience’s needs.

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Keyword searches

You’ve no doubt heard about the use of keywords and the importance of focusing your writing around them. There are several posts on this topic which cover some of the tips, tricks and keyword tools of the trade that you might want to use.

In order to support keyword research there are a number of software platforms that have been specially formulated to search for key word phrases.

These software programmes such as Jaaxy enable you to quickly locate words that are relevant to your subject, but which show you which have fewer competition pages, thus allowing you to get ranked easier and enable potential readers to find you.

Confused -? Well don’t be, there is also a short video explaining what keywords are and how to use a search tool in this other article What is the Definition of a Keyword?


Managing Research /Source Material

The quality of the articles or blog pages that you write, will depend on the information that you are using as well as how well it is put together.

One of the difficulties is how to manage all the research material and information that you gather. One post that covers some of the basics of this topic is Managing Research Material and here you can also find some of the software programmes that I use to help me manage this.


Social Media and Content Promotion

This is an area that many writers may already be familiar with, but managing and promoting your content using social media is an important way of capturing new readers.  The main way that many writers promote their work is to use social media to promote new and existing blogs and content.

It is also important to use social media strategically to interact with other writers and experts in your field of knowledge. They will also be producing content that can be useful when developing your next post or article.

There are also a number of ways that you can expand your writer’s platform and blog reach to include links to Pinterest, Facebook pages, Twitter feeds and lists, G+ accounts and the newer social media sites such as Tsu.

There are also social media platforms that enable you to mange many of your social media accounts easily and in one place. These can be used for research purposes as these platforms can also be used to read and store content produced by followers, which enables you to access information quickly and easily for your next tweet or post.


This website has been specifically designed to support content writers, so hopefully you will find the answers to all of your questions here.

There are additional resources that this site promotes as affiliate products, but all of them have been tried and tested by myself or other trusted individuals.

There are also resources that have been developed specifically for this site such as the Bloggers Guide to SEO Writing which can be accessed through Amazon.

If you have any questions or ideas for future topics then please feel free to leave a comment below. Best of luck in your own writing and I look forward to hearing from you.

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I hope you enjoyed this article and if so please do share on your own social media sites, thanks – Marie

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