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“Affiliate Marketing Pyramid Means Internet Advertising And Publi…” by Stuart Miles (

For many people affiliate marketing is an ideal way to monetise an existing blog, or for others to start and build a new website specifically for the purpose.

This website is designed to support content writers for online businesses and so there are  number of posts on this site that can guide you through the process of setting up your own affiliate or on-line marketing business.

In this post I have signposted the key articles that will be of interest to new marketing website owners, and I have also provided a unique tour of a digital and online marketing training platform, that can potentially provide ongoing support for your business.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a full time online business option for many people, but it takes hard work, dedication and the right skills and knowledge in order to make it happen.

These three posts provide you with some more background information and practical tips (9 myths) to help you decide whether this is definitely something that you are interested in working on.

Once you have have decided that this is the right direction the next stage is to design a website and choose the right niche area for your business.


Choosing A Niche And Building A Website

It is now possible to build your own website such as the one I am using within a few minutes (minus the content that is). The technology behind web design has been greatly supported and enhanced by blogging platforms such as WordPress.

These posts below provide information on starting a website, choosing a domain name and hosting your site with a reliable company.

Once the basic technology and design is complete the next stage is to learn about writing content and getting it ranked in Google and the other search engines.


Content Writing & SEO

In order for people to find your website they need to be able to search for your content and find it in the search engine results. This process of enabling your website to be found is called search engine optimisation or SEO.

These three posts are part of many that this website specialises in, providing SEO information and support for content writers.

Knowing how and where to design content for affiliate marketing is where the training organisation called Wealthy Affiliate comes in.


Wealthy Affiliate – The Industry Forum For Affiliate Marketing

The following post Digital Marketing at Wealthy Affiliate University offers an overview of what this training website and affiliate forum can offer.

In addition the following walkthrough video provides an inside view of what to expect from the wealthy affiliate forum. It shows you first hand the different components of the dashboard and what to expect once you sign up – either as a free member of if you decide to upgrade to the premium membership.

You can also visit the main wealthy affiliate site directly.

If you are interested in reading more about Wealthy Affiliate and the courses it offers, then these posts will provide further information.

In the video I made reference to the Jaaxy keyword tool and again there is more information in this post Jaaxy a Powerful Keyword Search Tool that explains how it works and what other benefits you can get from using such a powerful keyword database system.

Affiliate Marketing Summary

This post has provided a starting point for building your affiliate marketing business. Like many new ventures it is always better to travel the journey with others and to have experienced mentors supporting your progress.

Hopefully this website can be one such resource and possibly joining a forum such as wealthy affiliate can be another.

If you require any further information please feel free to add questions or comments in the section below and use the search bar to locate other articles on areas of marketing and online content writing.

2 thoughts on “Getting Started In Affiliate Marketing

  1. Carol b

    A very good post, thanks for sharing this. First you have to understand what affiliate marketing means before you can get stuck in and do it.
    I have recently started joining Amazon and find them quite helpful in finding product or banner links. It is difficult knowing where to start though. Their are so many affiliate schemes you can join but which ones are best?
    This warrants further study I think.

    1. Marie

      Hi Carol thanks for the suggestions I agree a whole post perhaps looking at different affiliate schemes and using banner links would definitely be something to consider.

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