How To Choose A Niche For Affiliate Marketing

In affiliate marketing a ‘niche ‘ is small sector of the market. Niche marketing is popular amongst bloggers because they can quickly specialise and develop expertise in an area.

The problem that many bloggers face though, is how to know what niche to choose. Especially in the beginning when there might not be much information or evidence, on what products and services will work.

In this article I have tried to break down some of the challenges that people face when deciding on their niche selection. I also suggest some questions that you might need to be asking before you finally decide on a niche topic.

What Is A Niche?

A niche is small sector of the market, one that you will have lower competition in because it is so specialised, and also one that you can build up expertise in because it is so specific.

selecting a niche

Training in affiliate marketing at Wealthy Affiliate includes a video on selecting a niche.

Theoretically any topic can become a niche, but some have better potential for earning money.

This is usually because they have products or services that you can easily sell.

There is an affiliate marketing training organisation called ‘Wealthy Affiliate’, which offers a short video tutorial session specifically on niche marketing.

If you are interested in hearing more you can access it at this link

How to Choose My Own Niche?

Since most areas of the market can be developed into a niche, the bigger question is what interests you enough to want to work in this niche area?

There are generally 4 types of niche that affiliate marketing businesses choose from. These are all potential business areas but have a different focus and target audience type.

  1. Hobbies -these include activities such as sports, collections, interest areas.
  2. Passions – lifestyle choices such as organic gardening, holistic medicines, lobby and activist interests.
  3. Solving Problems – physical health, psychological and motivational, and practical tasks such as laying floors.
  4. Current Trends – political elections, festivities, clothing brands

Each area can become profitable, but whichever one of these you choose you will need to be committed to creating content and investing lots of time in. So the really important question is which area interests you most?

Three Questions To Ask Yourself?

Which of the four areas should you choose? Well one of the ways is to start by asking yourself these three main questions.

  1. What are you interested in?
  2. Do people spend money in this area?
  3. Are there products available to sell?

1 – Your Own Niche Interests

image niche

(Image “Niche Smartphone Shows Web Opening Or Specialty” by Stuart Miles,

One of the main ways to sell products and build a potential customer base, is through sharing your knowledge and experience with other people.

This way they will recognise your expertise, look to you for advice and trust your recommendations.

So if you already have an area of interest that you know about, then you will have a head start in sharing knowledge and experience.

Ask a Friend What They Think You are Interested In Or Know About

If you are struggling to think what you might be an expert in, then why not ask a friend or colleague.

  • Ask them to write down what they consider you to be interested and knowledgable about.

Whilst they are doing that you should also write down your own list of what you consider to be your main areas of interest, hobbies and knowledge.

2 – Do People Buy Products In This Area

There are products available for most interests and niche ideas, but sometimes it means focusing more on one sector than another.

For example one of my sites is on horses. Most horsey  people buy lots of products, but many prefer to go and visit a specialised shop to make these purchases. Therefore if I want to find a niche within this area, I need to find horse related products that people would be wiling to buy online – such as equine healthcare.

3 – Are There Products To Sell?

It can be tempting to do an initial search and see a few products and think great I’m sorted. But you need to see how many products are available. One or two is not going to lead to a successful business, realistically you need to have access to a wide range of products.

Other questions that you need to ask are;

  • do the products I have chosen have affiliate links, otherwise I  will be relying on the company paying to advertise on my site?
  • can my product be shipped to all countries?
  • does one company service all countries or will I need to register with multiple companies to cover my target audience?


Affiliate marketing is quite a slow business to get started, because it relies on branding and recognition like any other type of business.

The advantage of niche marketing is that this process can be quickened slightly, because the market sector is a lot smaller and the topic becomes quicker to learn.

In addition to being a business opportunity it can be a very rewarding process. For bloggers who are already writing about a passion or interest, then simply adding in products to sell is an easy step, and then they can make money from their interests.

Further Reading

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I hope you enjoyed this article and if so please do share on your own social media sites, thanks.

2 thoughts on “How To Choose A Niche For Affiliate Marketing

  1. Lee

    HI Marie, thanks you for this post.

    Believe it or not, choosing a niche for my blog is something that’s plagued me for around a month now and I can’t seem to decide on one.

    The subject I’m interested in is helping people with personal debt problems as I have some experience in that area and I know I could help others do the same.

    It definitely ticks the “problem solving” box so do you think this would be a good niche to invest my time into?

    I look forward to hearing your thoughts and hopefully I’ll finally be able to move forward.

    1. Marie

      Hi Lee thanks for commenting and your niche certainly ticks box number 1, as being of interest and a passion of yours. The next challenge is to find out what products are available in your chosen niche and what would you sell to people who are financially struggling? The best thing is to look at other sites in your niche and see how and what they are promoting and see if this is something you would still be interested in?

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