How To Write And Get Paid

Writing has traditionally been perceived as a difficult way to make a living. In fact it is often seen as a hobby or something you do after work, it is not a means of working full time.

However for some lucky and dedicated writers, it does have the potential to be a full time earner. Many writers start off as freelance writers, working for other businesses and blog sites. The rates of pay can range from $5 an hour to around $200 an article (which is often 5-7 hours of writing and research).

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“Typewriter With Deadline Text” by thaikrit (

The next stage to making your writing career earn you a full time income, is to consider managing your own blog site or online business.

When this happens you can write about any topic that really interests and enthuses your passion for writing.

And it is a lot easier than you think.

Setting Up An online Business – Where Do I Start?

It might sound very complicated but actually setting up your own online business is a lot more straightforward than you might think.

The first stage is to answer these three questions.

  • Do you want to write and manage your own work?
  • What subject would you be interested in writing about?
  • Are you prepared to spend the time and effort required, in order to produce enough content to earn money?

If you are still keen and interested then the rest of this article is for you. (It doesn’t matter if you are still wondering about question 2, because that will become clearer as you move on).

3 Advantages of Writing Content For Yourself

I probably don’t even need to write this section, but just to re-emphasise the benefits of writing for yourself, I have shared three of the main things that I really appreciate about writing for my own business.

  1. You are in control – of the deadlines, of the quality, of the topic, the length and the layout and formatting. Which is such a stress relief (there are obviously other stresses of managing your own online business, but this isn’t one of them)
  2. Rewriting is your choice – how many times have you submitted work that matched a brief, only to have a client say that’s not what they meant. When you write for yourself you know what the brief means and any re-writes are a positive experience, simply because they are being done for you.
  3. Writing is more creative – you have complete freedom to change direction, explore new topics and change focus if it suits. The writing never becomes tedious or boring.

Writing for yourself is such a freeing experience, it becomes relaxing and exciting at the same time. If you have your own website you also don’t have the worry about where to publish, because you literally have your own publishing platform.

How to Design Your Niche Website

The biggest advantage of designing your own website is that you choose what topics you will be writing about.

Most bloggers and online marketing sites focus on a specific area of the market, known as a niche. Niche marketing is a great way for writers to make money, since most of skills and effort required are all associated with writing.

WORD PRESS – The Number one Blogging Platform

I have built this website through a company called Wealthy Affiliate (WA), and I have written previously about how they can work for writers in Wealthy Affiliate Review – Is it suitable for writers?

Wealthy Affiliate essentially provides a blogging platform called siterubix and they use WordPress as the base for it. WordPress is perhaps the largest blogging platform at the moment and is suitable for all types of writing-  from businesses through to personal journal type sites.

image blogging global

“Blog Map Shows Internet Or Worldwide Blogging” by Stuart Miles (

Your website can be as complicated or as simple in design as you like, and there are thousands of plugins available to support your particular area of interest.

The biggest advantage of having your own website is that you can now reach an international and global market.

Build Your Website

Building you site is literally a 3 click process with wealthy affiliate. They provide a website builder, hosting and you can purchase your own domain name through their system.

So all you have to do is –

  1. Choose your domain name
  2. Choose your theme
  3. Build the website (well click a button and watch the rest happen)

You can try it out for free here. 

Managing Your Website

Once your website is built you can start building content. There are a number of things that you will need to learn about website content in order to earn money from it.

  • How to get your material to appear in the Google search results
  • How to set up and manage different social media sites to promote your content
  • How to develop a content strategy, so that you are not wasting time wondering what to write about next.

All of these skills will ensure that you can write content and also get paid for it, because the two things are not necessarily the same. To earn money from affiliate sales and commissions on your blog site you will need to look at content marketing – which is writing to sell products, rather than just writing for interest or information.

Writing Content and Being Paid – Not Necessarily the Same Thing

Writing content is perhaps the easiest part, the real challenge is building an audience that will read your material and hopefully promote it as well. In order to make money from your content, you need people to read it, and in order to read your content they first need to be able to find it.

Google Ranking System

Many bloggers use a system known as search engine optimisation or SEO, to help their posts to get ranked in Google and the other search engines. It can be a slow process and at this stage you need patience and a very strong conviction that this will work.

At this stage you might think that these are all new topics and take some learning, but don’t panic yet because there is also plenty of advice and support available. This particular website is dedicated to supporting content marketing and SEO writing, so there are plenty of free resources available here.

Learning about digital marketing is easily done through a series of detailed courses also available within Wealthy Affiliate, so one account and membership fee can cover all of these things.


stop sign for traffic

“Stop Signal” by secretions (

In order to make money you will need people to visit your site and buy the things you are selling.

Visitors to the site are called traffic, and the longer they stay and look around, the more likely they will be to buy things.

Content marketing is the process of attracting visitors, convincing them to stay and read more and then to buy a product.

 What Do I Sell As a Writer?

Thee are a number of things that you can sell, depending on what really interests you. Most people in niche marketing follow either a hobby or seek to solve a problem e.g. dog training or how to lose weight.

As a writer you can also sell your own products such as books and writings, as in this section (Books and Resources) of the website.

Other writers hire out their services to proof read, collaborate on writing articles or network with other authors. It doesn’t always have to be about making money it can be about building future working partnerships and developing more products to sell later.


Building your own writing and publishing platform has never been easier and you can start today.

Once you have a website started, then it is easy to keep on adding content and making sure your articles are ready for SEO. You can monitor your website progress  and check that they are being received by search engines.

Marketing and writing are both businesses that can support each other. As writers you have an immediate advantage in the online business world, because the most challenging part of digital marketing is usually writing the content.

Further Reading

If you are interested in further reading about developing a writing platform, then you might find the following articles of interest.

  1.  Wealthy Affiliate Review – Is it suitable for writers?
  2. Create Your Writer Platform
  3. SiteRubix Free Website Builder and Hosting Platform

I hope you enjoyed the article and if you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

8 thoughts on “How To Write And Get Paid

  1. Neil

    Hey Marie

    With the number of new websites and blogs on the increase every day, I can see why writing jobs are becoming very popular.

    I’ve actually been looking into blogging because writing is something that interests me and would love to get paid for it which would be a bonus 🙂

    Thanks ever so much for all your steps here, and I’ll definitely take WordPress into consideration as well as look into Wealthy Affiliate.

    I can’t wait to start my new blog 🙂


    1. Marie

      Hi Neil thanks for commenting and yes you’re right blogging is a great way to enjoy writing and earn an income if thats what you want to do. This post gives you some more ideas on turning your blogging interests into a business Is Blogging A Business?

  2. Michel

    Well written post and you are right it is possible to make money from your writing. With a little practise and becoming an expert on your subject matter, you could be earning a full time living.

    It isn’t easy though and you need to keep at it and create a lot of articles so that you can get noticed

  3. Maria

    Hi Marie,
    Sounds great – I know you must understand as a longtime freelance writer how tough it can be. Sounds like writing for yourself and your readers can make it a pleasure again and give you the reigns. I can see taking a strategy of writing for yourself on your off hours and building your site up until you really start seeing some traffic to your site.

    1. Marie

      Hi Maria thanks for commenting and I like your suggestion to write in the off hours until money can be made. It can be a slow process and making money is not instant, but the more time you can put into it the quicker the results.

  4. Mara

    Hi Marie,
    This is a great summary if you’re thinking about writing as a business-based activity. It’s something I now do, and I have to say at first I was a little freaked out about the pressures of writing to generate traffic. But I soon got into the swing of things, which is no big deal if you just be yourself. I think it’s like speaking to your audience face to face, it’s just writing it down in a way you think your audience wants to read it. I see you recommend Wealthy Affiliate – is this a good training platform for writers?

    1. Marie

      Hi Mara thanks for sharing your own experience and the challenges of writing for blogs which is a different style to some other writing.

      I like wealthy affiliate because its’ focus is on the marketing aspect (money making angle) and this was the information that I needed to learn. It’s very easy to learn and you can even try out a module for free before committing yourself to anything longer term FREE Digital Marketing Level 1 Training Module

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