Jaaxy a Powerful Keyword Search Tool

In several of the SEO blog posts that I have written, I have mentioned the importance of using keyword tools to help choose the right words for headings and content themes.

In this article I want to focus specifically on one tool which is the Jaaxy keyword tool and look at how keyword searches are really important to get noticed in search engine rankings.

The content for this article has been broken down into the following headings, which will give you an in-depth understanding of how keyword research can really benefit your on-page SEO.

  • Making a keyword search
  • Understanding the keyword search results
  • More than just a keyword tool

Jaaxy Keyword Tool

I know that I have mentioned keyword tools several times in previous articles, but  I haven’t really explained in any great detail what they look like and how they actually work.

In this article I’ll take you through a guided tour of one of the most powerful keyword search tools available at the moment, called Jaaxy. You can even try out the system yourself for free.

Making a Keyword Search

Obviously the first thing you want to know about Jaaxy is how to use it.   The search bar is easy to follow, simply enter the word or phrase and press enter.

Jaaxy uses both ordinary short keywords and long tail keywords to give you a variety of options to help fit with what you are looking for.


Understanding Long Tail Keywords

Long tail keywords consist of 2 or more keywords, they are used instead of just one word so that they are more specific, and give search engines a better idea of what your article is about.  

This is important because google has developed it’s own search engine algorithms, to look for more sophisticated keyword to query matches. This means that ranking has become harder, since the number of websites in competition for positions has also become higher.  


A long tailed keyword might not attract as many searchers but it is likely to rank higher in a more detailed search because it is more specific .

The aim of a keyword search therefore is to find a word or phrase that describes what your content is about, but which isn’t going to face too much competition from other websites, trying to rank for the same words.

There are three things to remember with keyword research.

  • keywords need to link to the content of your article accurately
  • you want people to be interested and searching for the topic using these words
  • you do not want too many other sites having the same words to rank

 For any keyword tool the approach is the same, you are trying to find a combination of words that will explain your post fully and yet won’t be up against too much competition, either from other businesses or from other experts in your field or niche area.   


Understanding the Keyword Search Results

Having entered your keyword Jaaxy will present you with a list of options. In order to provide you with the best choices Jaaxy focuses on three main sources of data –

  1. The number of monthly searches carried out by people on the topic
  2. The estimated traffic that these searches could bring to your website
  3. The QSR (quoted search result) or competing sites in this area

The results in Jaaxy from your search bar, will be displayed in a format similar to the one shown below. There are several different columns of data, showing  monthly searches, estimated traffic and QSR.

As you can see from the results for ‘best keyword tools’ there are a variety of words and phrases that each produce different search engine results. For some the competition  (QSR) is also quite high so even though the estimated traffic is good, the chances of ranking highly are low, meaning this is not likely to be a good keyword choice.

Jaaxy keyword tool search

Searching for Keywords is simple and quick using Jaaxy

The best choice of phrase are those with the green indicators, since these illustrate a reasonable amount of monthly traffic, but without too much competition from other businesses.

You can actually try a search in the bar below.

Choosing Keyword Phrases

Another tool available within Jaaxy is a keyword generator that provides options for each letter of the alphabet.

Know as the ‘Alphabet Soup’ technique the free version of Jaaxy provides 5 options per letter, whilst the paid premium and enterprise versions offer 60 plus phrases.

screenshot Jaaxy Alphabet technique

Alphabet soup technique showing possible keyword phrases for the word ‘SEO’ starting with a and then b moving down throughout the entire alphabet.

Even in the free version this tool provided 117 keyword options based on one topic of SEO.


Another tool Jaaxy contains is the brainstorming function. This enables you to develop your keyword research and follow interesting options as they emerge, by doing the following;

  • you can save phrases for future lists
  • you can explore certain keywords in more depth
  • You can save your own collection of keywords and view your search history

More than Just a Keyword Tool – Jaaxy Also Offers a Site Rank Tool

The main strength of Jaaxy is researching keywords, but for serious SEO bloggers and internet marketeers the keywords need to lead to good ranking within the search engines.

Jaaxy also has the capacity to analyse site ranks and check keyword positions as you can see from the screenshot below. Here I checked two posts by entering the keyword title in the box and my website url.

screenshot Jaaxy site rank tool

The greatest aspect of Jaaxy is that all these tools are located within one service, so all your keyword research can be done from one place.

Jaaxy is Simple to Use

Another of the advantages of Jaaxy is its simplicity. The layout  is simple and easy to navigate, there are no complicated dashboards with lots of statistics and graphs, trying to grab your attention.

The only symbols are the coloured circles which represent the Keyword Quality Indicator (KQI), these are either red, orange or green depending on the chance of scoring highly in the search engine rankings. These are easily seen so you can quickly skim through the results looking for green circles.

"We don’t care about graphs, we don’t show you fluff, 
and we don’t let you fool yourself into “over analyzing” 
data that is meaningless." - Kyle owner Jaaxy

This means that the keywords will work well in Bing and Yahoo as well as Google.

image jaaxy keyword tool

Jaaxy also has an enterprise version for series marketeers and people interested in domain flipping.

And as I already mentioned there is a brainstorming tool to help come up with ideas, on those difficult to focus days.

Where Does Jaaxy Get Its Data From?

According to one of the site owners, Kyle,  Jaaxy uses a combination of search engine results to provide the best overall potential ranking for your chosen word or phrase.

"We have done extensive research through comparative 
data testing and have come up with an algorithm that 
utilizes data from all Search Engines (not just Google) 
to reveal search data that is far closer to the 
“real” numbers". - Kyle owner Jaaxy

The Cost of Jaaxy

There is a free option within Jaaxy which allows you to try out 30 searches for free. There are then two other options either the pro version at $19 per month which is suitable for new websites and the Enterprise version at $49 per month (the turbo charged version).


Affiliate programme

For new website developers who may be strapped for cash, there is the option of an affiliate referral programme whereby you can recommend Jaaxy and receive credits as free searches.

If your referrals sign up for one of the paid versions you receive a cash commission.  This can make it a very cost effective way to access a powerful paid keyword search tool.

This article has provided an introduction to the Jaaxy keyword tool, which is a powerful weapon to have in any serious blogging kit. If you have any further questions about the tool please leave me a comment below and if you wish to give Jaaxy a try you can sign up for a free trial account of 30 searches, no credit card needed.


Further Reading on Keyword Tools

I hope you enjoyed this article and if so please feel free to share on your social media channel. Other articles on this website that you might find interesting on this topic are listed below.

There is also an article specifically on the Alphabet Soup technique which explains this process further – What is the Alphabet Soup Technique?

6 thoughts on “Jaaxy a Powerful Keyword Search Tool

  1. Matthew Thomas

    Jaaxy appears to be an amazing keyword research tool for online business owners. The bottom line is, what’s the point of having a website if it’s not attracting visitors? The answer: without traffic, there is no point.

    If Jaaxy helps website owners find high traffic, low competition keywords to capitalize on over and over again, those pages would probably boost your presence much faster than if you weren’t targeting any keywords at all. Which version do you recommend?

    1. Marie

      Hi Matthew thanks for commenting and yes having good quality keywords is certainly one of the strategies towards attracting more traffic. Jaaxy has three different levels depending on the type of website and business you are operating.

      The Jaaxy free trial enables you to try Jaaxy for 30 searches, then you join Premium which is $19 per month. However if your business is larger and more advanced in its SEO and keyword use the Enterprise at $49 per month has a quicker search function (because you are accessing several search engine databases at once) which many find indispensable.

      Hope that answers your question, Marie

  2. Alex

    It looks like Jaaxy is what I am looking for! I am relatively new to the blogging world and I have heard about the keyword research but I have no clue how to look for the right keywords for my articles.

    I have not seen any improvement in my traffic though I have been publishing my articles regularly. I have been told that I should also be looking at the right keywords in order to gain higher traffic.

    I am definitely going to give it a try since it is free for 30 searches. However, I would like to ask what is the difference between Jaaxy and Google AdWords?

    1. admin

      Hi Alex thanks for your comment, I’ll be honest I’ve never managed to get Google’s keyword tool to work effectively for me, even though I’ve read plenty of blogs that mention it as a resource. Jaaxy is definitely straightforward to use and is designed specifically for writing content, whereas Google’s tool is designed for ads so that might be why I never found it great.

      As you said there are 30 free searches so if at the end of that you don’t think its working there’s no loss really, although I don’t think you will 🙂

  3. Andres Santos

    Looks like jaaxy is something I might benefit from. Since I have to do keyword searches anyway, I might as well be earning money from it to right? I really like the site rank feature it has. Gives you an idea where your site ranks using different keywords. I checked your link out and it does look easy to navigate and use. Thanks for the review.

    1. admin

      Hi Andres thanks for your comment and yes if you have to do the keyword searches anyway you might as well get it done the easiest way possible.

      I think the site rank feature is also good, but don’t forget in the beginning it’s probably better to focus more on generating quality content and not worry too much about immediate ranking positions, especially as new sites often don’t rank immediately and that’s not a reflection on the site just its newness and low quantity of content.

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