Keyword Searching Just Got Easier

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One of the advantages of so many people taking an interest in blogging, is that the support technology has improved so much.  For example, for many bloggers who started out 4 or 5 years ago things such as designing a blog page, monitoring site ranking or tracking your site traffic was hard work, and had to be done using a variety of different and often conflicting plugins or separate websites.  But fortunately the technology side of things has improved.

Monitoring Site Rank

For many bloggers who are  trying to get new sites ranked and/or appear high up in search engine results, the use of specific keywords has been vital.  In other words (excuse the pun) knowing what words people are using to search for pages and blog sites and knowing who else is using these same words is really important for getting ahead of the search game.

To have one tool that can do a number of tasks all associated with monitoring site rank has always been a challenge. In the past I have promoted a site called Jaaxy that you can read about in this article on the site, Jaaxy a Powerful Keyword Search Tool. This tool has always aimed to achieve everything in one place- by providing basic ranking information, the opportunity to search for keywords and the chance to explore the competition of those keywords.

However that post was written a while ago, and in a market as competitive as blogging,  technology has obviously seen some improvements and changes. So I decided rather than simply update the older posts I would offer a completely new post on the Jaaxy tool. I was also tempted to write the new post because I have been away from blogging myself for a while, so I am playing with all the new alterations at the moment on Jaaxy and I can see how much has changed.

Jaaxy A New Look for Keyword and Site Ranking

The first thing to notice, is that there is a new look to the site. However, it has retained its ease of use even for those of us that have been away for a while. The first tool I explored again was the site rank / post rank tool.  Here you can add a specific keyword or blog post title and see where it appears in the ranking on the main search engines Google, Bing and Yahoo.

From the screenshot above you can see the results are easy to see and read.  As well as taking a one off reading you can also set up regular automatic rank searches, so you can track certain posts / keyword activity over several days or weeks.  This could be useful for monitoring campaigns and/or to see how effective your latest posts are doing.

And because each search also requires a domain name, you can set up several automatic searches using a number of different websites, which is particularly useful if you are managing a number of clients.

Keyword Searching

Jaaxy was originally designed as a keyword tool and this is really where it works well. It was designed by bloggers who knew that a number of factors affect page ranking. The number of other sites using this word was one factor that was important.  But other things such as the average number of searches per month and the expected traffic to your site that this keyword could bring, are things equally as important to know.

As you can see from the image above each of the headings has its own simple explanation that you can hover over. The average traffic expected for the search phrase ‘blogging frequency and SEO‘ is low less than 10, but it is very likely that you would get all the traffic that was searching for it because there are very few other sites using this phrase.

It has a try out tool that allows you to make free searches (always a bonus in this world) which you can try.

Multiple Keyword Options

Sometimes as a blogger you don’t always know what keywords are available or how to use them to your advantage. You might only have a particular word in mind but don’t know what else could be used or written about along with it. The Alphabet Soup tool has always been a landmark feature of Jaaxy because it gives you ideas for keywords.

See in the example below, the word I chose was actually ‘keyword search‘ and below are the list of ways in which the phrase ‘keyword search’ could be used in a potential blog title. Jaaxy does have an upgrade option that enables the user to access even more searches, but as you can see there are many options of search words available even in the free version, which I wanted to show here.

Again there are options to save searches, compare searches and brainstorm for other possible keyword alternatives. All in all it’s a very easy and user friendly tool to have in your blogging toolkit.

For those who are also members of Wealthy Affiliate (the Jaaxy designers own hosting and training website) there is a direct link to the tools of Jaaxy, from within your WA dashboard as you can see from the screenshot below.


Part of the success of this tool is that the designers also run their own website hosting business and training programme for new and established affiliate marketing enthusiasts. In other words they operate in real time and know exactly what their market users need and want from a  keyword and site rank tool.This knowledge and experience shows in how the site has developed over the last couple of years, from when I first started using it.

I hope you found this article interesting and if you want to read more about Jaaxy’s development or understand more about the use of keywords, the following articles on this site might be useful.

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