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There are many advantages to blogging especially if you are making money from it.

However it is also a useful way to achieve a number of  other things, such as establishing your own full time business, and expanding your knowledge base.

This article looks at a few resources that you might find useful as you expand your entrepreneurship skills and online blogging business.

Options for Making Money from Writing

Alongside content marketing there are many other options available for writers, seeking to support their creative writing career. I am not interested in (and neither are you probably)  the cheaper and to be honest exploitive sites that recruit writers for $5 hour rates. I have ventured onto a couple of these sites in the past and I have no interest in promoting them or the work they do.

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The authors that I recommend here are all well established in their field of expertise and have been involved in this type of work for many years.

I will keep adding new products and authors to this post as I come across  them and feel to suggest any others in the comments section that you think should be added to this list.


Affiliate Marketing

Before I start I just want to mention affiliate marketing which is referenced in some of the following material. Affiliate marketing has been described as the future of marketing because it takes advantage of the internet and the billions of users worldwide who access it. In essence it involves promoting goods and services through blog sites and secondary websites and earning a commission on any purchases made.


One of the big gurus at making money on the internet is Pat Flynn, who has a successful online business which produces $100K per month. His blog the ‘Smart Passive Income’ has an email following of over 70,000 people and he gives lots of ideas and guides on everything from starting your own podcast to recommending other sites.

Books – Joe Vitales

I have discovered a few books and articles on marketing and making money, and definitely one of my favourite internet marketeers is Joe Vitales. He is a loveable and affable guy to listen to and/or read and his suggestions are easy to follow and very practical.

Even as I write this I am in the middle of re-reading his book the Attractor Factor. I was introduced to his work through an organisation that promoted work on the Law of Attraction (more on that later on) and I have always been inspired by Joe’s enthusiasm for wanting others to achieve everything that he has done. He was involved in the film ‘the Secret’ and others, and he’s not shy about telling everyone.

I have also selected another of his books which focuses specifically on attracting money (actually most of Joe’s books start from this position).

However, he has become more philosophical in his later life and most of his modern books add a spiritual element to them, but this is another resource and like most of his material it is very readable and his enthusiasm is definitely contagious if you are feeling a bit discouraged.

Books and Websites -Peter Bowerman

Peter is the author and founder of the website the Well Fed Writer which has won a number of awards connected to both his business and his writing. He is a strong advocate

of self publishing and offers a number of useful (and inexpensive) tools and books between his two websites, the other one is called the Well Fed Self Publisher. He also offers a newsletter and a free report on the website which  provide number of tips for entering the commercial writing market. It is aimed at anyone interested in earning $50-$100 an hour, as opposed to many freelance writing sites that offer $5 hour.

xThe Well-Fed Self-Publisher Home Page

The Well-Fed Writer Home Page


Law of Attraction

Many of the books written on the topic of making money stem back to this original text by Napoleon Hill called ‘Think and Grow Rich’. He observed a number of very wealthy and influential people over a number of years and finally came up with his own theories of what they all had in common.

Despite being written in the late 1960s the material is as relevant today as ever. The style of the book is easy to read and definitely easy to relate to and understand.

Esther Hicks 

Esther Hicks is another very famous Law of Attraction teacher who along with her partner Jerry Hicks have produced a large number of materials and publications on the subject.

Many of the books on this topic of attraction explore theories of mental mind blocks that prevent us from succeeding and becoming wealthy or achieving our full potential in life, including in business.

For anyone who is thinking of achieving success through their own writing and work, then your mental attitude is an important aspect to work on, in addition to the physical products of your business.

Making Money Mindset

Many of the books listed above focus not just on the practical skills of making money, but on the thinking processes that you need to attract and retain money. Most of the focus therefore is on our psychological programming or our ability to think ourselves out of doing something.

Another article I wrote looks at 6 mindset patterns that can affect the way we think about money. Sometimes the biggest stumbling blocks to earning or creating more money in our lives are the thoughts we actually have about money.


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