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This website is specifically targeted at bloggers and content writers, as well as freelance writers  looking to make money with their work.

Making money is probably an aim for many of you reading this now, and you may already be aware of a number of traditional ways in which you can make additional money by writing, the obvious ways are;

  • to publish a novel,
  • enter writing competitions
  • sign up to a writing website
  • take contracted work.

This article looks at some of the other ways that you can convert digital content into money, through the use of a website.

Make Money Blogging.

Perhaps one of the more attractive ways to write your content and be paid for it, is through a blog site. The main advantage of a blog is that you have complete control of the content and focus of the site.

This does mean however that you will need to have a clear aim for your site, if you want to make money from it.

sign blogger

Image -“Sign Blog Balloons Show Blogging And Bloggers Online” by Stuart Miles,

Setting up a website and using WordPress which is the main blogging platform is relatively easy to do.

I personally have found that accessing support and learning about the technical side of blogging is important and I always recommend the digital marketing training platform at Wealthy Affiliate as a great place to start.

They have a free trial version of the training and you can host two websites for free on their Siterubix Website Builder and Hosting Platform.

Using Content Marketing to Sell Goods

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Content marketing is basically writing content with the aim of leading customers into buying a particular product.

It is also the primary focus of this site to support content writers, because of the skills required to work with search engines, in order to get their website pages ranked.

In order to sell products using content you also need access to products to sell.

Promote Products Using Affiliate Marketing

Content marketing focuses on persuading people to buy products and many bloggers choose affiliate marketing as the way they will access the products to sell.

This is becoming an area of increasing interest for many companies.  Basically you become an affiliate for products linked to your area of interest (for me this also includes website companies, software, etc.).

As a writer you may wish to promote books in a certain genre and become an affiliate of Amazon or ebay.

Affiliate links are coded with your ID tracking code, so if a client clicks on and follows the link, then the company knows that they came from your website and you can receive a commission on any goods they buy.


Writing Product Reviews

Many writers that use affiliate marketing techniques often write product reviews. This enables readers to have more detailed information on a product before they decide to make a decision to buy.


Selling your own e-books

As a writer you may have material that could be developed ready for selling electronically.  Instead of using a traditional publishing service you can publish the material yourself and then use your social media connections and website to sell it.

For example my e-book on SEO for Bloggers is hosted on Amazon and they manage all the sales and record all the stats for me.

The advantage nowadays with self publishing is that there is no storage and no real technology needed. You can even produce YouTube videos reading your material and publish podcasts which can be stored in your online library on the website.

However, in addition to making money through writing there are also some other ways in which you can at least make sure your blog becomes self financing, rather than seeing it as a drain on your resources.


Google Adsense

One of the ways that you can acquire some money is through Google Adsense.  These are the advert boxes that google provides such as the one below, that are linked to the previous searches on the reader’s computer, so each ad is different according to who views it.

It used to be a very good way to bring in some additional income, however recent research would indicate that most people ignore banner ads and refuse to click through. So there has definitely been a reduction in how effective this is as a system. On the plus side it doesn’t cost anything to set up and is always worth a try.

Paid Ads

Once you have built up an amount of traffic and visitors to your site, other companies relevant to your niche may want to advertise their products through your website.

This provides an easy way to collect income and not have to produce anything. You can also control the types of ads and the amount of space they have, so that visitors are not overwhelmed by advertising rather than reading your content.


Email List

Many blog sites now ask for email addresses so that they can send you notices of offers or newsletters.

You can also do the same and have these emails collected and managed through auto responder sites, I use Aweber but there are others out there which do similar things.


Social Media

As well as having a blog site it is also useful to have a few social media platforms in which you can promote your blogs and posts such as Twitter.  Social media has a wider reach and can help lead potential readers to your material.

The bottom line is that writing and making money are not necessarily two separate things, you can do both.

If you are interested in earning money through online marketing then this article on an organisation that I also work with and am a member of, will also be of use SiteRubix Free Website Builder and Hosting Platform



Further Reading

One of the things that this site is also focused on is supporting writers to create their own content for digital distribution through social media, blog sites and websites.

As part of that process the site provides resource materials for writers, and those that need to produce content for SEO and marketing purposes.

I have listed some article below, which you might find helpful for your starting own website business, but there are also other articles in the categories section or available through the search bar at the top of this page.


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