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New Year’s resolutions are often made and then promptly broken, and it doesn’t seem to matter how much we really wanted to achieve them this often seems to happen. The problem according to some psychologists is that we are trying to change habitual behaviour and this can take longer than we really think.

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New Year Resolutions can be difficult to keep

However, despite the challenges I have decided to put together a list of possible resolutions that you can choose from that are aimed at improving your (and my) blogging progress.

If you can think of others (that are relevant to blogging) I’d love to hear about them and feel free to add them to the comments below.

History of New Years Resolutions

According to some sources it was the Babylonians who nearly 4,000 years ago celebrated their new year and made promises to their god in the hope of rewards during the coming year. Ever since then adaptations of this tradition seem to have carried over until today.

Keeping A Resolution

One of the reasons that keeping a resolution can be so difficult is that psychologists suggest that it can take as long as 66 days before an action becomes habitual. That means in effect it will be mid March before a resolution made on Jan 1st will become easier (and that’s assuming you have been performing the task every day).

So if all of that hasn’t put you off yet, then here are some resolutions that I have put together.

New Year Blogging Resolutions

These resolutions are all linked to my own blog sites and their current stages of progress.

1.  Master E-Mail

I could start and follow some of the webinars offered by Aweber. There have actually been some great training opportunities landing in my email box lately but I just don’t seem to have the time required. However this is moving up to the top of my, ‘must do’ list, if I am to remain a serious blogger.

2.  Take More Photos

photo blogging resolution

taking your own photos can be used to achieve some interesting and unique images.

I read an article lately by a blogger who was sued for misusing a picture, and even though she removed the image immediately there was a court case and large sums of money involved.

This is a serious lesson for all bloggers about using images and getting permission from the source. The other option is of course to take your own photos and use them in the blogs with simple free editing software such as Pixir.

3.  Manage Keyword Research

More effectively, I still enjoy just picking a topic and writing about it, but for 2016 I want to formalise that process a bit more and become more focused on strategically using keywords and getting the best from my keyword research.

I have access to a couple of good keyword tools such as Jaaxy, and I would like to spend more time researching the keywords of competitor and other authority sites in my niche areas before I set down to writing articles for my own sites.

4.  Blog More 

Which sounds a bit obvious, but I had good intentions about writing 3 or 4 articles a week and somehow something also happens to prevent this. Other writing and work commitments can easily get in the way, and having a clear goal in terms of writing output is often the only way (for me) to ensure that everything gets done.

Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 12.26.59

5.  Develop an Editorial Calendar 

Actually this should help with the blogging more. Although I don’t want to remove the spontaneity from writing, I do need to write more frequently. One of the easiest ways to achieve this is to write on a theme, because the one research session can produce several articles, which cuts down on time.

An editorial calendar allows you to plan ahead with posts and the publication dates. Unfortunately I’m usually so behind on publications that posts are written and published straight away which doesn’t really give me enough space to work on other potential blog sites.

6.  Refocus My Content Strategy

This is because a content strategy enables better planning and helps to provide clearer links between your posts and articles. It can also help to provide inspiration as you have a clearer idea as to where the blogs are leading.

I have been using a content strategy but it’s often short term, for example just two or three posts on a theme and then moving onto something else. This is fine for a new blog that has to cover a number of different themes. But as the blog is now beginning to mature I want to  expand the content and build up a more detailed library of articles without duplicating content.

7.  Manage Social Media (better).

I have a number of different social media accounts including Pinterest, 2 Twitter accounts, Tsu, a Facebook page for one site, LinkedIn and Google+. I do work from a social media strategy but again this tends to be day to day.

I want to be able to develop a social media programme looking a week ahead, especially now that I have enough articles on my site to provide plenty of material.

image signpost

image courtesy of Stuart Miles (

8. Expand My Authority 

This title sounds a bit grand but really I have started this work by engaging on forums like Quora and also the forum in Wealthy Affiliate.

Both provide excellent opportunities to see what the main issues are in my area of knowledge, which is SEO and content writing.

Due to time commitments this tends to be sporadic and I feel I need to link this to my social media wok and divide my time better between the different sources.

9. Develop More Digital Products.

I have produced a number of different types of products including an e-book, a newsletter and a podcasted version of one of my posts. However these can be expanded now to increase material that is easy to download or read on Kindle.

10. Use Google Analytics

I do use Google analytics just not as effectively as I could. I have recently started setting up goals such as monitoring clicks on my podcast and identifying certain pages that I want to see visited.

Moving forwards into 2016 I want to develop the analytical side of my blogging and incorporate it more into designing content and social media promotions. In other words every thing is done for a reason, which is to develop content that is relevant and useful to the readers.

11. Make My Own Video

Video is great tool that can relay content and instruction a lot easier than just the written word. I have done the training I just need to apply it now and take the plunge. Like everything else it is about managing the time and making certain things a priority.

I could go on but then I would probably be making a wish list rather than a list of resolutions that I was serious about completing. As part of my blogging resolution I will also be writing about my progress across each of these areas, so you can follow any of these themes as I complete them.

I would love to hear of any ideas that you might have about your own new year’s blogging resolutions and how you propose to manage them and ensure they are completed.

2 thoughts on “New Year Blogging Resolutions

  1. Viljoen

    You have pointed out very achievable resolutions for 2016. My resolutions is to publish 360 articles with at least 1000 words each and to outsource 40 extra articles.

    I am also going to focus on getting more engagement on my websites via comments. I will try to aim for 5000 comments if possible. It is going to be a tough year but I just have to do this.

    1. Marie

      Hi Viljoen thanks for the comment and your resolutions which are very ambitious – one article a day I know how difficult that can be. More engagement is also another good point and again very ambitious, best of luck achieving them both.

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