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Which meat is accurate?

The scientific community is divided on the accuracy of the meat analyses being performed by meat processors.

However, a new study has found that many of the products on supermarket shelves are also accurate in the accuracy department.

In the study published in the Journal of Food Science and Technology, scientists from the University of Cambridge and Imperial College London analysed the accuracy and purity of products made by meat producers and retailers.

The study was undertaken to find out which meat was accurate, and how accurate the results were.

The researchers examined a total of 7,000 meat products from over 60 meat processors in the UK.

Each product was tested on two separate occasions.

The first was before it was packaged.

The second was after packaging was completed.

The team analysed the product by using three methods to assess the accuracy.

They tested for colour, texture, and smell.

The first method was called a colour-based analysis.

This is when the team analysed each meat product for the colour and texture of each meat item.

They also analysed the taste of each product, by analysing whether the taste was either “warm or cold” (which means that the taste is bitter), “warm” or “hot” (a combination of both flavours), and “dry” (not tasting any flavours).

The scientists then analysed the flavour using a different method called an aroma-based analysement, where they also measured the flavour of each item.

A total of 9,638 products were analysed for each of these three methods, and the scientists found that 97.7 per cent of them were accurate in their colour and/or texture accuracy.

This means that 99.8 per cent (98.9 per cent) of products were correct.

A further 8.4 per cent products were inaccurate in the smell accuracy tests.

The remaining 2.4 percent products were incorrect.

“Our results suggest that most of the food that we consume today is actually quite accurate in its colour, flavour and smell, but our food is not perfect,” said study co-author, Professor Stephen Jaffe from the Department of Food Sciences and Humanities at Imperial College, London.

“What we need to do now is make the food industry more accountable for the accuracy that it delivers, so that consumers know what they’re buying.”

The researchers suggest that the next step is to make more transparent and easy-to-understand food labels.

“There’s still a lot we don’t know about what goes into our food, so we need better standards for what’s actually in the food, and for what we’re paying for,” said co-lead author, Professor Simon Collins, from the School of Food Chemistry at Imperial.

“The next step would be to put a price on the food in terms of the purity of the ingredients and the quality of the processing that went into it.”

The study also found that a small number of products, such as meatballs, were the most accurate.

“A meatball is a small piece of meat that is marinated, marinated with spices, marinating in water, then baked,” said Dr. Michael Grewal, from Imperial’s Food Science Research Centre.

“We found that it was the most reliable and the most economical.

So, if you’re going to use meatballs on your burgers, you’re pretty much going to have to cook them in the oven.

And that’s the problem with meatballs.”

Dr. Grewall said that meatballs were often made from processed pork, so there could be a potential health risk.

“They’re not going to taste any different than meatballs that are normally cooked,” he said.

“But they’re not cheap, and they’re still probably going to cost you quite a bit.”

You could put them on your breakfast, lunch or dinner, but the problem is you’re paying the premium for that.

So it’s not going be as healthy as meat.

“Dr Grewals comments on the study can be read in the journal Science Advances.

How accurate are dream analysis tools?

The best dream analysis tool is no longer based on how much the user believes.

In a world of artificial intelligence and machines, dream analysis is the last refuge of a once-precious human trait.

“I have a feeling we’re on the cusp of an era where dreams are going to be as valuable as our physical selves,” said Dr. Brian Fung, professor of psychiatry at the University of California, San Francisco.

“It’s not like they’re just going to disappear.

They’re going to stay in people’s minds, they’re going have a powerful impact on how they perceive the world.”

Dream analysis has long been a way for people to gain insight into their own dreams.

It is also a powerful tool for people with schizophrenia, who are often reluctant to talk about their dreams.

For instance, Dr. Fung said, “I’ve been diagnosed with schizophrenia and people don’t talk about it, but if you asked people to say how they are feeling about it and they didn’t talk much about it or don’t want to, they wouldn’t have much confidence in their ability to talk.”

For example, when a patient is anxious and doesn’t want people to know how they feel about their thoughts and feelings, the dream analysis can reveal that their anxiety is due to their mind’s own thoughts.

The same thing happens when a person is trying to find the meaning of life, and the dream can reveal this.

“For someone who is struggling with a mental illness, they can really use dream analysis to understand how their thoughts affect their life and their thoughts can help them get to a place where they can have some closure,” said Fung.

For example: a person with schizophrenia can tell that they are thinking about their symptoms but aren’t doing anything about it.

They have a hard time understanding why they feel this way.

In other words, the person has a hardtime connecting with reality.

When a person who has a dream about something important in their life comes to Dr. Gary Segal, a psychologist at Harvard Medical School, the analyst can tell what the person is thinking about and the reason for this thought.

In some cases, dreams can even be very vivid.

For some patients, dreams are a way to connect with loved ones who have lost their ability or are dealing with a traumatic event.

Sometimes a dream will include a physical manifestation of a person’s anxiety, depression, or psychosis.

The analyst can also tell if the person’s dream is about something they’ve done or a past event.

In these cases, the analysis can be especially valuable for those who are experiencing difficulty in making decisions or communicating with loved one.

“If the dream is a way of connecting with someone who has lost someone close to them, then the dream analyst can make sure the dreamer is communicating to the loved one the significance of their life,” Fung told Healthline.

The best way to improve a dream analysis session is to make sure your dreamer can communicate what they want to say.

If a dreamer cannot communicate their dream, the dreams will become more difficult to connect to reality.

The dream analyst is also able to provide information about the meaning or purpose of the dream.

For patients with anxiety, the analyzer can also help them make sense of their dreams and what they are seeing.

When someone is having difficulty sleeping, they may feel tired and can’t fall asleep.

“When you’re having a hard day, it’s not surprising that your dream will be filled with thoughts and emotions that make you feel like you’re going crazy,” Fong said.

“A lot of times, if the dream doesn’t make sense to you, it doesn’t mean the dream isn’t going to make sense in the future.

It’s the same with people who are in a dark mood.”

“People who are having nightmares, they are just more anxious, they have more anxiety than normal,” said Segal.

In people who have bipolar disorder, the results can be even more dramatic.

“One of the first things you notice is that the dreams become more vivid and more intense,” Fiedal said.

When people have nightmares, the more intense they are, the longer they sleep, which makes it harder for them to fall asleep or stay asleep.

When patients with depression are having a bad day, they become more irritable, which is a sign that their dreams are causing them problems.

When dreams are traumatic, the nightmares can be very frightening.

They can cause a person to lose their sense of time and space.

It can also cause a loss of control in the person.

“We can tell if someone has had a traumatic dream and we can help to understand what the trauma was like, and how they reacted to it,” Segal said.

For people with bipolar disorder or schizophrenia, the analysts can provide information that may help them cope better with their own mental health issues.

For the most part, dream analyses

When you get caught up in a science fiction-y vortex: The effects of ‘Star Wars’ on autism

New Scientist – 1 article The first Star Wars movie made $1.3 billion in its first weekend in theaters.

The second movie made slightly more, $1 billion.

But the third Star Wars film came in a distant second, with $600 million.

This was not an accident, writes Peter Bradshaw.

It is a result of a deliberate strategy, and a conscious attempt to create a narrative about the universe of science fiction.

The problem, however, is that science fiction is a far more complex and nuanced form of fantasy than the popular view of the world.

There are hundreds of books and movies about the “Star Wars” universe, but we’re all familiar with the classic characters from “A New Hope” and “Return of the Jedi” as well as the villains.

The most obvious example is the film trilogy, which has been released since 1977.

There’s an “Age of Myth” in that, but it’s far from the only one.

The original trilogy, “The Empire Strikes Back” and the “Return Of The Jedi” films are considered classics in their own right.

But there are countless more.

“Star Trek” has also become an important part of the pop culture lexicon, but has also been widely criticized for its treatment of minorities.

“Battlestar Galactica” has been the target of some of the worst criticisms, but “Starman” has always remained popular.

And then there are the works by people who are not Star Wars fans, like Philip K Dick, Robert Heinlein and H.G. Wells.

These writers have often struggled with how to create stories about the real world, rather than being influenced by “StarWars”.

They are, therefore, often considered less worthy of attention.

For instance, Heinlein’s short story “The Stranger”, published in 1961, was about a space station on a collision course with Earth, and was written with the intention of being “science fiction”.

But Heinlein was only half right.

It was about human beings encountering a strange alien planet that had built a spaceship, and the alien ships were called the K-Star.

The K-Stars had developed weapons and developed a new way of traveling between planets.

It looked like it could destroy the planet, but Heinlein realised that this was an example of a “post-human” civilisation that existed on another planet, not a new species that had somehow managed to evolve on a different planet.

In another instance, the writer James Dashner described “Starhawk”, an earlier work about a spaceship travelling to another planet.

In this case, he had created an alien race called the “Mongoloids” who had created a device called a “space shuttle” which had landed on another star.

But the point here is that we have to consider the real history of science.

If we look at the science fiction as it’s written today, the answer is very clear.

We have seen that the Star Wars movies were influenced by science fiction literature, but also that they were influenced more by the films of Ridley Scott, Joss Whedon and James Cameron than by the work of John Grisham.

Science fiction, by its very nature, does not allow for the same kind of “reality-bending” that we see in the films, says James J. Wilson, a writer and critic who writes for The Guardian.

The movies, by contrast, have a much more realistic, realistic view of what the future might be like, and this means that the technology of the future has a greater influence on the story.

Science fiction is, therefore the perfect genre to tackle.

In this sense, “Star Citizen”, a new space sim based on the Star Trek universe, has become a success in part because it is “science-fiction” rather than “fantasy”, Wilson argues.

The game was created with the explicit intention of bringing the sci-fi elements into a reality that is closer to reality.

“Science fiction” and its sequels are a form of “fiction” in the sense that they try to create an alternate reality, rather like the “reality bending” techniques in science fiction that we discussed above.

Science has a role in making stories believable, but not necessarily the main focus, according to Wilson.

Science has also a role to play in helping people to understand the world around them, he argues.

But when we take science fiction and extrapolate it to the real, everyday world, we become blind to its potential to help people to make sense of their own lives.

In science fiction, there are many stories about people who make decisions that are completely in their heads, and that they are entirely responsible for.

The world of “Star” is not one of them.

But that is the danger that “Starcraft” represents.

Science can tell us a lot about the future, but science fiction can’t tell us everything, Wilson says.

Science can’t help us to understand reality, he adds. The

How to know if a player is a good bet to become a top 10 pick in this year’s draft

When I say I like to be optimistic, I’m talking about a player who, if he’s going to be drafted, will be a star.

I’ve talked about players like Anthony Davis, Andrew Wiggins and DeMar DeRozan before.

I’m not going to say that any of them will be the next LeBron James, but there are certain players that, if they are drafted, have a shot at being top-10 picks, or even top-five picks.

So what does that mean for you?

What if you’re looking for a top-end player to take your team to the next level?

In the case of a player like Anthony, the answer is “probably.”

Davis is a great player, and while he doesn’t have the height or size of LeBron, he can do it all on his own.

He’s got a tremendous feel for the game, and if you see him on the court, he’s a very entertaining player to watch.

He plays with a great motor and a great eye for a pass, and he’s the kind of player who will be hard to stop.

He can also score a lot of points, and his rebounding is elite.

If he’s not a star, I think he’ll end up as a third or fourth option on your team.

He might not be able to defend the paint, but he can guard the perimeter, and when he does have the ball he’s got that ability to hit a couple of shots.

He has a lot going for him.

If you’re like me, you’re probably thinking about taking Wiggins at this point in the draft.

He’ll probably be a first-rounder, and as you may know, he was a top 15 pick at the 2016 draft.

The NBA is a young league, and the draft is where we have the best chance to improve ourselves.

I know that Wiggins is an elite player and a really good passer, and you have to believe he can play on both ends of the floor, as well as rebound.

I wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up being a first round pick, especially if he plays well on both sides of the ball.

If Wiggins ends up going first, it’s going be a very tough decision for him, because the best team in the league is going to have a much better chance to win a championship.

But he’s certainly going to need to take a lot from his coach, and I think if he does that, he’ll have a very bright future.

He’s going in with the No. 3 pick, and that’s going’t be a bad thing.

He may not have a great feel for what it takes to be a great basketball player, but if he gets a great coaching staff and mentors, I really believe he’ll make it.

The thing that makes Wiggins a great prospect is that he has all the tools to be an elite offensive player.

He could easily shoot a little better than a lot a guys who come in the top 20 picks in the first round, and be able be a top five player if he continues to grow.

He just has to be willing to work hard and not give up on himself.

Wiggins has a very good feel for when to pass and when to shoot, and it’s hard to say how he’ll develop offensively, but it’s not too difficult to see where he could end up.

I like him, but I don’t think he’s there yet.

He might end up being the best player available in the second round.

I like him as a young guy who is going in the right direction.

But if he can’t find his groove at the next step, I don of course think he could slip out of the first.

But, if you think about Wiggins’ age, there’s a chance he’ll be drafted before him, and then he’ll slide to the end of the second or third round.

The point is, he has everything that an elite basketball player needs to be great.

He doesn’t always do that, and we’ll see how he evolves, but the way he plays, he could be an All-Star, or he could fall out of favor.

But if he starts showing improvement, and develops the consistency and leadership that he needs to play in the NBA, I feel like he could make it out of this draft.

Accurate Video Analysis and Technical Analysis: A Better Way to Find the Best Video on the Web

Accurate video is a key element of any web search engine optimization.

Video analytics are an excellent way to get a sense of performance and to get insights about your site’s performance.

With these tools, you can identify what works well for your site, as well as determine the best videos to include in your site.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the pros and cons of using video analytics to optimize your website.


Video Analytics for SEO Pros Video analytics is a critical part of optimizing your website for search engine results.

When a user clicks on a search result, the video that’s displayed will likely show up as part of the search results.

This is why video analytics are so important to a search engine.

Video analysis can help you see the search result that you’re interested in.

For example, if you’re a video search site, you might want to check out the videos on YouTube.

If you’re not a video site, or if you have videos on your site that are not being used, video analytics can help determine the most effective way to display those videos on the search page.


Video Analysis for SEO Performance video analysis is a vital tool to understand how your website performs on search engines.

If your website doesn’t perform well on search engine algorithms, you’ll often see videos that aren’t being shown as much as they should be.

This can be because your site hasn’t taken the time to optimize for search engines, or it could be due to the fact that you haven’t implemented the necessary techniques.

If a user doesn’t see the content that they want to see, they won’t be able to understand what you’re doing and how your site performs.

If this happens to you, you need to take action to fix it.

Video and other video analytics tools can help with this.

The best video analytics for SEO can help show you which videos your website users are interested in, what kind of videos they’re interested the most in, and what sort of videos users are most likely to click on. 3.

Video Analytics for SEO Quality video analytics have become an integral part of search engine performance.

For years, the best SEO tools have been designed to help you find the best content.

Video tools have also come a long way, so now they are often used by professional SEOs to help improve their sites and make them more relevant to search engine users.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it is a good thing to keep in mind when using video analysis tools.

Video analytic tools help you understand the quality of your video content.

The most important part of video analytics is that they allow you to see what sort, quality, and length of videos your users are likely to be interested in watching.

You can use video analytics data to determine which videos will be more likely to reach your users.


Video, Audio, and Webpage Optimization Video analytics can provide you with a lot of valuable insights into the performance of your website on search results pages.

For a website that’s a bit less visible on search result pages, you may want to focus on optimizing your video analytics by using video to help guide your SEO strategy.

Using video analytics in this way will help you identify areas where your site can improve its performance and identify areas that need more attention.

Video is also a great way to determine how your visitors interact with your site and to determine the kind of content that people are most interested in viewing.


Video Optimization Tools for SEO With video analytics, you will often find that videos that are relevant to your audience will be displayed prominently on your search page, but they won,t be the only videos you’re looking at.

Some of the most common ways you can use videos analytics to help optimize your site are to create high-quality video content, to display videos in different formats, and to optimize videos for mobile devices.

Video optimization tools are often useful when you have a wide range of video assets, or when your website has a large number of videos, such as a book or video.

These video optimization tools can be very useful tools when you’re trying to improve your site to help ensure that users don’t have to browse through a massive number of video elements.


Video Tools for Webpage Performance Video analytics allow you better understanding of how visitors interact and navigate your website’s pages.

Video metrics can be useful when trying to understand why some of your users aren’t interested in seeing certain videos, and why others may be more interested in those videos.

Video optimizers like video analytics help you analyze your site content, so you can create video content that’s relevant to those users.


Video Webpages for SEO Webpages that are primarily aimed at SEO, such the landing pages of your site or landing pages for related keywords, will be less important in terms of search results than landing pages that are more about business or personal branding. The

How to use the accuracy in nutrition statistics to identify food and beverage purchases that are misleading or inaccurate

The Food and Drug Administration is warning consumers that food and beverages sold in grocery stores are no longer accurate nutritional information and that consumers are better off buying from food vendors that provide accurate nutritional data, which can help consumers determine the true nutritional value of their food.

The FDA issued its updated guidance on the accuracy of food and nutrition labels in late September.

The agency also says that consumers should pay more attention to nutritional labels, especially in the case of fresh foods.

“There are no standards for measuring nutritional value or accuracy of a food or beverage that you purchase, and you need to be especially mindful of the information you receive from the manufacturer, the food manufacturer, and other food service providers,” FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb said at a press conference in October.

“It’s important to pay attention to the information the food and drink vendor provides to you, because there are very specific guidelines that must be followed.”

The FDA said it’s now making a list of more than 100 nutrition information providers that it believes provide accurate information to consumers.

It is recommending that consumers purchase products from these vendors based on the company’s claim that their nutritional information is accurate.

The agency’s guidance does not apply to the purchase of foods and beverages from retailers that sell foods at retail, which is prohibited by federal law.

The FDA says consumers should also be wary of the labels that retailers put on their food and drinks and should check product packaging to see whether they indicate the nutritional content of the food or beverages they are buying.

Gottlieb also announced that the FDA will launch a voluntary program that will allow people to opt out of providing nutritional information on their products.

The voluntary program, which will begin this year, will be open to people who want to keep their food products, beverages, and products that they purchase at a retail store, and who don’t want to share their personal information with a food vendor.

Gotta get your food right with this app, the FDA saysGotta keep your food healthy, get the FDA has warned that it’s a good idea to pay close attention to how your food and the ingredients in your food are packaged, and to be aware of the nutritional information that’s in the food you’re buying.

The guidelines suggest that consumers check the label of a product before buying it and to ensure that the nutrition information is in line with the label’s claim.

The guidelines also say consumers should always ask the nutritionist who made the food, or the manufacturer if there’s any nutritional information they’d like to share.

The rules also recommend that people pay attention when buying a product because there’s a potential for over- or under-nutrition and under-consumption.

A look at the best college basketball players in 2018

The NCAA Basketball Tournament has a lot to do with college basketball, and not all of it is fair.

The NCAA Tournament has become the platform to measure and compare players across all of college basketball.

But for every player that has made a mark, there are others that have just been average, or even below average.

A look through the top 20 players in college basketball in 2018 reveals a number of players that may be overlooked, or perhaps underrated.

That’s why we decided to look at their college basketball records, and see how they compare to the rest of the NCAA Tournament.

A Look At The Top 20 Players In 2018 The first thing you notice about the top 10 is that they have more wins than losses.

Of the 20 players, only four are in the top five, and only two are in their first year of eligibility.

There’s also no clear top 10.

The other three players in the bottom five, the top three, are seniors.

That means they have a chance to be a major contributor for the 2018 NCAA Tournament, but they may not have that opportunity in 2018.

The following table shows the top-10 players by winning percentage, as well as their average wins per year.

NCAA Tournament 2017 Top 10: #1 – UCLA Bruins (57.8%) Wins: 22.4 Wins per year: 3.5 Wins per game: #2 – Kentucky Wildcats (58.9%) Wins

When will the Trump administration actually stop lying about vaccines?

A week before his inauguration, President Donald Trump promised that “the best and the brightest” from around the world will be “taking a look at vaccines,” which he called “the biggest threat to mankind and our world.”

But according to a new study, Trump has already made false claims about vaccines and their safety.

The New York Times reports that the Trump Administration has not yet released a comprehensive vaccine safety assessment, despite repeated requests.

But a recent report from the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said that vaccines “could still pose a threat to the public,” with the latter finding “a substantial number of adverse events reported to CDC.”

The NVIC and CDC, along with others, concluded that “most vaccines are safe and well-tolerated.”

The CDC report also said that vaccine manufacturers are “working hard to meet” that goal.

But according a letter the National Academy of Sciences sent to the Trump White House on January 12, the president has “yet to release any data from the Vaccine Safety Datalink to substantiate claims that vaccines are unsafe.”

The Trump administration has also failed to provide data to back up its claims, as Vox pointed out in January, and in January the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) released a report stating that “there is no credible evidence that vaccines cause autism, that they prevent or cure any disease, or that they are effective at preventing disease or improving health.”

The report also found that vaccine safety claims are “often based on a limited set of data and cannot be evaluated scientifically.”

The New American reported that a Trump advisor told the National Academies’ Committee on Science and Technology that vaccines were “not safe,” despite “high rates of safety and effectiveness” in clinical trials.

“Vaccines are not the answer to every medical problem,” the advisor told The New American.

“It’s important to recognize that vaccines aren’t perfect.”

How to improve your performance on the track

In his latest article, James Cook explains how he made his way to the top of the charts. 

James Cook had a breakthrough year for the Australian Formula Ford Championship with an overall record of 18th in the series.

The 25-year-old was fourth on the grid for the opening race at the Circuit of the Americas, in Texas, and finished 10th.

Cook, who was a rookie in F1, had been on the back foot of the grid this year, struggling to keep pace with his teammates.

His last race at Melbourne International was a disappointment, as he finished fourth in the opening round.

Cook’s form this year has not been as good as his debut year, but his team has made him feel confident on track.

His progress in the first two races at Austin and Miami was positive.

His debut race at Indianapolis was a big disappointment, but Cook’s second race in Austin was a huge success.

His race was the first of three in the F1 Series to feature the full Toyota power unit.

It was a different story for his team-mate Jenson Button.

Button was in the middle of a difficult season, finishing 15th in both races at the Indy 500.

His performance was down to his team and it is the only team he has been working with.

Button has always been an intelligent driver, but this year was different.

He started the race with his best result of the season, and it was a bit of a disappointment for him. 

Button finished fourth at the Indianapolis 500 and was the only driver on the front row to win the race.

Button is now a driver who is well-known in Formula One, and is also very talented.

He is very much a favourite to win this championship.

He was the most successful driver in the race, with a total of 22 laps to his name.

He made up the difference with his teammate, Button.

James Cook celebrates winning the Indy Lights championship.

Source The Sport Book title Formula Ford: Where to watch and what to expect in 2017 article After the race in Indianapolis, James was asked about Button’s performance, and he gave the same answer.

Button will start the next race in Mexico next week, so it is possible that he will start from the back of the field in Mexico.

James Cook was in an exciting position.

The fact that he was the team’s only driver with the full Power Unit was a positive sign.

However, he did not have the best race of the year.

His best result was his sixth place at the race at Watkins Glen, which was disappointing.

His overall record was 17th.

It was an improvement on the 17th that he had last year.

It would be a great start to the season for him, but it was disappointing that he did so poorly in the championship.

James Button and Jenson Clarkson at the start of the Indy 1000.

Source Getty Images James was happy to share a podium with his team mate, Jenson, and said: “Jenson’s performance at the weekend was great.

He’s the type of driver that can really challenge you and I think it was great to see that.” 

He also congratulated Jenson on his debut season, which had been a disappointment.

“I thought he did a really good job. “

“He was a really special driver this year. “

“We had a great race. “

He did really well, and I thought he deserved a little bit of credit for it.” “

We had a great race.

He did really well, and I thought he deserved a little bit of credit for it.” 

The team-mates were all smiling as they shared a podium.

It was an amazing performance for James, and there is no doubt that the team would love to have him back in the team next year.

He will now try to build on his success.

James is a great young driver and we’re confident he’ll be a success.

Which teams are most accurate in football analysis?

A recent article on Sports Illustrated by Tom Pelissero was headlined “The Most Accurate Football Analysis Teams” and included a screenshot of the page where the article was located.

The article featured a screenshot from the top of the article, showing the “most accurate football” score, and the bottom of the paragraph, with the “Most Accurate Analysis” score.

This is where the screenshot was taken from.

Below is a screenshot, along with a caption, of the headline.

Below that, you’ll see a screenshot and a caption for each of the scores listed.

A screenshot and caption for the top score is: “The Best Analysis Teams.”

Below that is a caption: “Best Football Analysis Scores.”

The top score listed for the “Best Analysis Teams,” is: 1.

Kansas City Chiefs (8.14) 2.

Pittsburgh Steelers (8) 3.

Denver Broncos (8), 4.

Atlanta Falcons (7.99) 5.

Seattle Seahawks (8).


New England Patriots (8)(8) 7.

Washington Redskins (8,9) 8.

Indianapolis Colts (8-10) 9.

Miami Dolphins (8)-10 10.

Dallas Cowboys (9)-10 11.

Detroit Lions (8-.75) 12.

Oakland Raiders (8-(8))(8-9) 13.

Minnesota Vikings (8.-10) 14.

Buffalo Bills (8 (8-))(8,8-11) 15.

Kansas State Wildcats (8(8-)) 16.

Pittsburgh Panthers (8.)


Tennessee Titans (8.,8-12) 18.

Oakland Rams (8 (.75))(7.5-9-10-11-12-14-15-16-17) 19.

Carolina Panthers (7,7,8,7.75,8.75) 20.

New Orleans Saints (7) 21.

Minnesota Twins (7)-10 22.

Kansas Redskins (7-.75,7-.25) 23.

Denver Nuggets (7-10,7)-8-8-6-6.75-8.25-8-(7,9-8,6.5) 24.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (7-(8-),7-7.25) 25.

Carolina Jaguars (7.)


Miami Beach Dolphins (7-) 27.

Indianapolis (7.(8-))-8.5 28.

Buffalo Panthers (6.25)-8-(6.4-) 29.

Washington (6-10)-8(6.2-) 30.

Jacksonville Jaguars (6-) 31.

Kansas Browns (6-.25,6-.5) 32.

Jacksonville State Jaguars (5.75)-8 30.

New York Jets (5-8) 33.

Tampa State Buccaneers (5-) 34.

Tennessee State Bulldogs (5-(6)-8)-8 37.

Houston Texans (5) 38.

San Diego Chargers (5,6-8)-7.50-7-6-(7.0-7-(6-9)-6.0) 39.

New Mexico State Aggies (5)-8 40.

Tampa Valley State Aggers (5-.25)-6-(6-) 41.

Mississippi State Bulldogs,(5-7) 42.

Toledo Rockets (5-,6-7-) 43.

New Hampshire Wildcats,(4-8-.5)-6(5.5-) 44.

Florida State Seminoles (4) 45.

Iowa State Red Wolves,(3-8-) 46.

Bowling Green Falcons (3-6-) 47.

Eastern Michigan Eagles,(2-8).


Appalachian State Mountaineers,(1-8),1-6,1-7,1.5,1-(6,6)-1.0 49.

South Carolina Gamecocks,(0-8)(0-9-) 50.

Marshall Thundering Herd,(8-7)-7-8(7.8)-6-4-4.0 51.

Bowling Greens,(6-(8)-(8,2-7)(7-(7-9)) 52.

North Dakota State Cowboys,(7-(4-))(6-(5-6)-6.(6-(4-7)) 53.

Georgia Southern Eagles, (5(4-))-7-(5-(4.5)) 54.

Marshall Chiefs,(9-7).


Texas Tech Red Raiders,(12-7),(12-(8-5-5-(5.0)) 56.

East Carolina Pirates,(11-6) 57.

Northern Illinois Huskies,(10-6),(10-(5-,5-4))(10-(3-5)) 58.

Miami Hurricanes,(09-6).


Texas Christian University,(04-6)(0-(4-(6)) 60.

Louisiana State Bobcats,(03-6)) 61.

Georgia State Panthers,(02-6)),(02

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