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In this article I want to describe the Questia online library and research resource.  Questia is usually used to assist writers who are completing assignments for projects, research or university assignments, but I wanted to review this product from a blogger and affiliate marketeers’ perspective.

I have subscribed to their services for a number of years, mainly as a freelance writer who was writing university style pieces of work. When I moved into blog writing it struck me that this is still a useful tool and so I decided to share some of the information with you.

Content Writing Research

One of the key components of content marketing is to write good quality content. It sounds obvious I suppose but where do you get access to the research material that will make the content have that ‘good quality’ factor.

content marketing involves quality

The problem for many writers is the expense of accessing research material such as industry magazines, which are often subscription based and end up being costly. Academic journals and research reports are also often very expensive and difficult to access and this means that robust professional research material is often inaccessible to many content marketeers.


Questia is part of the Cengage Learning group and offers access to a range of articles and industry magazines for a fixed annual cost. This can be an effective and less expensive option if this is needed for your writing.

Research Content

Questia is probably best known as a research tool and online library with more than 80,000 books. However it also has an extensive article library which offers plenty of opportunity for niche bloggers, content writers and students to find material.

"With more than 83,000 academic books and more than 10 million 
articles from more than a thousand of the world's leading 
publishers, Questia offers quality sources selected by 
librarians and approved by professors, many of them 

One of the drawbacks for researchers writing academic work is that not all the work in Questia is peer reviewed. However for blog articles that isn’t such a requirement.

For example I am more interested in opinions of leading experts, and new and upcoming experts who might not make it to the front pages of google all the time. sometimes the slightly more obscure articles offer better insight into the field than reading the same rehashed versions of a couple of the leading experts.

Blog Page

Questia has it’s own blog section which provides up to date ideas for areas of research or blog content for websites

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Writing Centre

Questia also offers the option to use their site as a writing platform and store research material. I found this facility a bit limiting and although it stated you could add multiple projects, it only ever allowed me to add one.

Some of the facilities are designed for students and are not that relevant to bloggers but it is still an interesting option to explore if you are looking for research material.


Questia offers a variety of membership plans designed to meet various needs. The cheapest option is the annual option if Questia is being used all the time, but monthly options can be more efficient if you research is only short term.

  • Annual membership for 99.95 USD
  • Semester membership (four months) for 49.95 USD
  • Monthly membership for 19.95 USD

For other information see managing research material

*Questia is an affiliate link and does provide commission payments.