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How to improve your YouTube videos with YouTube videos and videos analytics

A lot of the tools in YouTube’s new YouTube Analytics API are quite new, but they’re not limited to analytics.

It’s also worth mentioning that some of these tools are not as robust as some of the existing tools.

If you’re using a video that has a lot of data and you want to analyze it, there are plenty of tools out there.

We’ve compiled a list of the most important ones to use and the tools you’ll need to start getting results.

Let’s get started.

YouTube Analytics on iOS and Android Let’s start with YouTube Analytics iOS.

The new version of YouTube Analytics has a couple of big new features.

First, it’s integrated with iOS devices, so you can take full advantage of the analytics features in YouTube.

You can take advantage of video reviews, search, playlists, search comments, and more.

You even have the ability to track and analyze videos in general.

You also have the option to download the app, which will bring you up to date with the latest YouTube data.

If the analytics are going to be important to you, you can enable them by going into the Settings app on your iOS device.

YouTube also has a YouTube analytics feature for Android.

You’ll be able to search for videos based on a number of criteria.

For example, if you want a video to be watched more often, you’ll want to search a certain phrase.

There are also a number and categories to choose from for the data that’s collected.

It looks like YouTube is also looking into adding new video features to Android in the near future.

For now, though, YouTube Analytics for iOS and YouTube Analytics Android are the best.

They’re both very much new to the iOS and Google Play stores, and they have different features.

YouTube will offer you more powerful tools for analyzing and analyzing your videos.

If video quality is a big concern for you, then the video quality analysis is a very good option for you.

If not, YouTube’s YouTube Analytics is the best option for those who want to get more insight into the videos they watch.

YouTube Insights on Android There are a few new tools in the YouTube Analytics suite on Android.

YouTubeInsights lets you take advantage, for example, of a variety of features, including a new “favorites” and “likes” feature that can help you track how many times you watched videos that you’ve liked.

There’s also a new feature that lets you automatically tag a video as a favorite or favorite of a video.

It lets you see a list that shows what kind of content you like the most, and you can also take a look at other videos and even take a quick peek at them in the video previews.

YouTube’s own Video Analytics is available on Android too, and it offers a lot more features than YouTube Analytics.

If this is the kind of video that you’re looking for, then you can add it to the “Watch this video” list, where it will be available in the “Featured videos” section of YouTube.

If that’s not what you’re after, then YouTube Insides is the app for you because it offers video quality and content analysis.

YouTube videos can be uploaded to YouTube Insiders and YouTube Insists and you’ll get the best of both worlds.

You get access to the most advanced video quality tools, including advanced histograms and annotations, and even a more powerful video viewer that lets users zoom in and out.

YouTube has also built in a number, including video analysis and content analyzers for Google Play, YouTube, YouTube Music, and YouTube Sports.

You should be able as a YouTube Insider to get a number from one of these accounts.

YouTube Videos on Windows Phone If you want access to YouTube’s analytics and other video analysis tools on Windows phones, then there’s one more app for that.

YouTube YouTube Analytics, for Windows Phone is the latest version of the video analytics app.

It has the same features and functionality as YouTube Analytics with a few improvements.

One of the biggest new features is a new video scoring system that will give you a more detailed picture of what you see in your videos than what’s shown in other tools.

The video scoring also uses machine learning algorithms to identify the videos that are viewed the most and the ones that are the most watched.

The feature is similar to the feature that’s found in YouTube Analytics’ iOS and video analysis apps.

It also supports annotations and automatic annotation.

It will also show you what your friends have viewed on YouTube, as well as what you’ve watched in the past, what you watch for the most video length, and what you watched on what day.

YouTube Video Analytics on Mac and Linux YouTube Analytics and YouTube Video Insights are available for Windows and Mac.

The two apps are both available for free on Windows.

Both are available from the Windows Store for $2.99 per month.

Both offer the same feature set as YouTube Video’s Analytics and Video Insists apps

When the Census Bureau and Census Bureau data come together: What can you look at?

Posted August 05, 2019 06:19:31 In the first quarter of 2020, the Census is planning to release its updated Census Bureau Census Bureau of Population and Housing data for the United States, which includes new data on immigration, birth rates, and poverty rates.

The data, which is expected to be available this fall, will be released as part of the Bureau’s 2020 Census Update.

The bureau’s census bureau reports will also include the first-time household size estimates for the US population, as well as demographic information such as sex, age, race, ethnicity, and income.

However, many people have wondered if the bureau will release the Census’s new estimates before the 2020 Census, which will be the first in a series of releases from the Bureau on the population and housing statistics.

“There are certain data sets that are going to be released during the 2020 census, but that’s going to depend on what’s going on during that time frame,” said Census Bureau spokesman Mike Cox.

“The 2020 census is going to provide a lot of information.”

Cox also said that the bureau has already done a number of “major revisions” to its data, including a new methodology for counting new immigrants.

“We’ve been working on these revisions for a number, many years now,” Cox said.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics also released a new data set, the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth, in May.

The new data is expected in 2020.

The U.S. Census Bureau said in a news release that the census bureau is working with the National Science Foundation (NSF) and other private and public agencies to produce the 2020 U.N. Population and Human Development report.

“While the data is still preliminary, the 2020 report will provide a clearer picture of the state of U.T.S.,” the release said.

‘I don’t think that it’s really about what he was saying’ – Trump on ‘fantastic’ tweet on Russia

President Donald Trump said he doesn’t think the “fantastes” of Russian President Vladimir Putin are “very exciting” for Americans after he tweeted a tweet saying “fantasy is not a reality.”

Trump, in an interview with Fox News on Monday, said he thought Putin would not have the ability to do what he did if he had not had the Russian intelligence services.

He added that he was “surprised” when he was told by intelligence officials that the Russian government did not conduct cyberattacks against Democrats and other targets.

Trump said he thinks Putin is “a terrific leader, and he was elected a great leader” and said he has no doubts about his abilities to do the job.

He said he was very surprised by Putin’s actions.

“He did what he said he would do,” Trump said.

“But I don’t see it as a very exciting thing, because I think you have to be very careful about what you do, because it’s a little bit of a distraction.”

Trump has long claimed he has not been briefed on the Russia investigation, but Trump did say in a Twitter post on Sunday that he “did not get a heads up” about the investigation.

The President also said that he would be “honored” to meet Putin.

Trump on Sunday said he had a “very good relationship” with Putin and said it was “a very positive thing.”

What’s the real cost of bad debt? Synonyms

Synonyms of ‘cost of bad’ article The price of bad debts, which are often linked to defaults, has been a frequent theme in the political debate on the economy.

The word cost has been used in this context since the 1990s, but has not always been used as the name of the underlying process.

In the 2000s, for example, it was coined to describe the impact of the 2008 financial crisis on the value of bank deposits, which in turn caused many banks to close.

A lot of the debate on debt has focused on whether the rise in debt levels over the past two decades is related to the economic downturn or simply the rise of globalisation.

This argument is not new.

As noted by the Financial Times, the economic slowdown has not been the cause of increased debt levels, as it has been suggested by some commentators.

This is one of the main points that has been made by economists such as Nobel laureate John Maynard Keynes, who argued that the rise was caused by the globalisation of finance.

The reason why this argument has not gained traction, however, is that the cost of debt is not something that people can easily measure.

In fact, the cost does not appear in the figures that are commonly used to calculate the price of debt.

Instead, the financial analysts use the term ‘cost’, which is generally reserved for debt that is more or less equal to its value, or ‘net asset value’.

This is the term economists use to measure the value that a loan, loan guarantees or credit contract adds to an economy, and is a measure of the value the economy has added to its economy in the past.

The value of the financial assets that are created by a financial contract can be estimated by comparing the value created by the financial contract with the value on the balance sheet of the borrower.

The cost of a loan is also often measured by the amount of interest that is paid on the debt.

A loan that is financed by interest can be calculated by the following equation:The cost, which can be written as an expression of the difference between the expected return on investment (ROI) of a bank’s assets and liabilities, is commonly used in financial analyses to determine the return on a loan.

This calculation is based on the expectation of future future cash flows.

The key issue here is that, unlike the cost that banks pay on debt, the expected cash flows that are required to repay the loan are not directly related to any of the assets that have been created by it.

The real cost is therefore not something people can measure directly, but rather it is something that is influenced by the nature of the loan.

In this sense, it is the cost, not the amount, that matters.

A key question in the debate about debt is whether the increase in debt is due to the financial crisis, or whether it is just a natural consequence of globalization.

In other words, is the increase due to economic factors, or is it a result of the fact that globalization has brought about the increased debt that we have seen in recent years?

While this issue is not fully settled yet, a recent report by the World Bank has suggested that the increase is the result of globalising, or the increased spread of finance in the global economy.

The report states that globalization, which has allowed more financial firms to take advantage of the increased wealth created by globalisation, has contributed to an increase in the size of the global financial sector, which is also linked to the increase of debt levels.

The World Bank said that the spread of financial firms has led to an increased amount of debt that has grown over the last 15 years.

In its report, the World Economic Forum also pointed out that this increased debt has resulted in a decrease in the number of people living on the planet.

This has been largely due to a decrease of income, which means that there has been an increase of wealth, the report states.

According to the World Economics Group, globalisation has created more globalised societies, with the increase being driven by the rise and growth of global financial services, and the expansion of trade and globalisation in the information age.

This report was released in response to a report by McKinsey and Company.

It found that globalisation is increasing inequality and that, by 2020, it will have raised the world’s total gap between the rich and the poor to around 6.4 times the gap between them in 2010.

This suggests that global inequality is increasing as globalisation continues to drive the increase.

It also suggests that this rise in inequality is due not to a reduction in economic growth, but instead to the increased use of financial instruments, which the report suggests has increased inequality and poverty.

In a statement, McKinsey said that globalised economies have increased inequality, poverty and social exclusion, and this is creating new vulnerabilities for poor people.

The McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) said that its report is part of a broader research agenda, which focuses on inequality and inequality related policies

When will you stop using the word ‘Punjab’?

The Punjabi word ‘punjab’, often shortened to ‘pundh’ or ‘pudha’, is not only an acronym for Punjab or Punjab region, but also a derogatory reference to a region in the state of Punjab.

The word ‘punjab’ is often used in an ironic manner by people who are unaware of the original meaning of the word.

It can be seen in the Hindi-speaking communities of India as a derogatory term that refers to a group of people that are perceived as a bunch of ‘Pindi bastards’ and therefore a threat to India.

According to the dictionary, punjab is a derogatory, offensive, derogatory, and derogatory term.

The term punjab, as an adjective, is used to describe a group or people in the south-western part of India that have a history of disliking India.

This derogatory term is also used by the Punjabis who are not allowed to enter India, due to their caste.

The origin of the term ‘pandal’ is disputed as there is no clear evidence of its origin.

The Punjab has an Indo-European word meaning ‘the homeland’.

Punjab is also an ancient region in India, with an ancient history that goes back to at least the seventh millennium BC.

The region is known for its Hindu, Parsi, and Sikh populations.

It is home to many historical sites, such as the Great Kailash temple in which the Guru Nanak Dev had a shrine built, the famous Purana Ghat, the Mughal court in Purana, and the Siacheni Monastery in Purulia, as well as the Jadavpur Temple.

In recent years, Punjab has been on the rise in popularity as the region has become increasingly popular for tourists.

In 2018, the Punjab Tourism Development Corporation (PTVD) reported that the region had become the third-most popular tourist destination in India after New Delhi and Mumbai.

In 2019, Punjab was ranked number one among the top five destinations in the country.

A year later, in 2020, the Tourism Department reported that Punjab had overtaken Mumbai as the most popular destination in the world for tourists, having reached its highest level ever in 2020.

This is due to the fact that the tourism industry has grown rapidly, as more tourists from across the world come to the country to experience the vibrant and exciting culture of Punjadesh.

However, there are still a few things that need to be addressed before the word punjab can be used in a more positive manner in India.

The most prevalent issues with the word Punjab are: It is not a valid term, as it has an offensive meaning.

In the case of punjab the word means ‘bastard’, as it is derogatory in nature and a derogatory word.

Punjab means a group.

It means a people.

It refers to people who have been disloyal to India, which is a common reference to the Punjas.

It also refers to groups of people, as people in a caste.

It does not have an acceptable definition.

The dictionary defines punjab as ‘a group of persons or persons having been disloyed by India’ and has the word used as a noun.

It should be used as an epithet in everyday speech, as ‘Pandal’ can be heard in many Indian languages and it can also be seen as an insult in other languages such as Punjali, Urdu and Hindi.

There are also instances where the word is used in the context of ‘Bengali-speaking countries’.

In such a case, it should be taken into consideration to avoid using the term punjee.

It has an anti-national and anti-Hindu bias.

The Indian Punjak community has been in a very tense position for quite some time now due to its use as a term to disparage and demean people of different communities.

The use of the Punji word ‘banjo’ as a slang term for Punjas, a derogatory expression, has also led to violence in the community.

In India, the term “Punjabi” is used as one of the three main ethnic groups, known as ‘Urdu, Bengali and Assamese.

It’s an unfortunate fact that these three ethnic groups are not represented in the dictionary.

The only dictionary definition of the dictionary punjab that is acceptable to the community is as ‘one of the most hated words in India’.

In a recent case, a Punjaji man from Punjab had been arrested for blasphemy after he used the word to describe Hindu people.

He was subsequently sentenced to a jail term of five years and a fine of Rs 2 lakh.

The man’s lawyer argued that the term was inadmissible as a swear word because it was derogatory towards a group that has no representation in the Indian Parliament and is also a threat towards India. Punj

How To Analyze Grid Scans From Your Facebook Pages

Reddit is a huge platform for data visualization and analysis.

It offers a huge array of tools and APIs to help you understand data, build data-driven web applications, and more.

But it also has an unfortunate tendency to collect data from its users.

Facebook recently announced that it would start censoring user data on the platform, meaning that users of the social network will no longer be able to view their friends’ posts.

This is a serious problem, because while Facebook users have the right to see and edit their friends posts, it’s often not easy to do so.

To help with this problem, Facebook has announced that they are developing an API that will allow users to filter out posts from their friends that have not been approved by them.

This will mean that users will be able only to see posts that have been approved, and not those that are not.

In other words, Facebook users will have to stop being “accurate” and “accurately” in order to view content from their peers.

If you have a Facebook account and would like to see your friends’ data on their wall, you can use the API to filter for posts that you think may be “bad.”

The API also provides a filter for which posts are most likely to have been viewed by a specific user, which can be helpful for tracking down suspicious posts from your friends.

The filter function is pretty straightforward, and it’ll only be available for posts from users who have the most recent posts on their account.

To use the filter, you need to have the user’s permission to view the posts.

You can do this by selecting a filter from the Facebook app, clicking the Edit button, and choosing the “Filter By User” tab.

You’ll need to enter the user ID and password, and then click OK to save your changes.

You should also have the ability to view other users’ posts, so you can check which posts have been filtered.

If your friend posts are being viewed by the user, you’ll need a way to access their posts, too.

Facebook has made the ability for users to see their posts available on its own site, so if you’re looking to build a user-centric data analysis tool, you might want to take a look at that.

In terms of Facebook’s data-collection, it doesn’t appear that any of its users will necessarily be able see their friends data on Facebook.

The API doesn’t provide access to any users’ content, and so it’s not clear whether any of the user data will be shared with other users.

Still, Facebook’s approach to this problem is one that should worry anyone interested in building data-based web applications.

How to protect yourself from the flu outbreak

With the flu season drawing to a close, many Canadians are turning to the flu vaccination program, which provides free vaccine for a year.

But what about those who are sicker than usual?

Here are some tips for avoiding a flu-related illness.

Adults: Avoiding flu-induced illnesses is key.

According to a study published in the British Medical Journal in January, influenza-related illnesses cost Canadians more than $1.2 billion a year in lost productivity, absenteeism, absentee work, absentee school attendance and absentee health care.

Children and adolescents: Flu vaccinations are generally available to children aged 6 to 17.

But the majority of influenza-associated illnesses are among adolescents aged 10 to 19.

If you have children, check to see if they have received the flu shot.

Adults: There are several ways to prevent a flu illness, including wearing a mask, avoiding sharing household equipment, avoiding open spaces and not using mobile devices while outdoors.

But many people who are ill have also reported a cough or sore throat or some other symptoms that are related to flu.

In some cases, it can be difficult to diagnose flu in adults.

Anyone in an area with an active flu outbreak should seek help from their healthcare provider, such as a healthcare provider or a healthcare worker.

If you or a loved one has a flu vaccine, it’s important to follow these guidelines: Never give an active vaccine to someone who is ill.

If an individual has symptoms, it may be time to seek medical attention.

If they’re ill and have no other symptoms, they should be tested for flu.

If someone is ill, their temperature, blood pressure, pulse and respiration should be monitored.

If the person has been in an enclosed space, they may need to be quarantined.

If these conditions are present, they must be managed.

If symptoms persist, it might be necessary to take medication.

Follow the recommendations of your healthcare provider for your personal protection.

If it’s the first time you have ever been ill, ask a healthcare professional for a flu shot if you have any questions.

If no questions are asked, take a flu shots every 2 to 4 days until you feel better.

If possible, avoid contact with others until symptoms resolve.

Avoiding flu symptoms can also be a challenge, so it’s essential to take steps to reduce your risk of an illness.

If your flu symptoms are severe, you may be eligible for medical assistance or be referred to a healthcare facility.

How to spot accurate dream predictions on reddit

A dream analysis app has been updated with an accuracy analysis tool that can tell if a dream is accurate or not, and a dream can be classified as accurate or inaccurate based on how it’s interpreted by the user.

The app is called DreamCatcher, and it was launched on Wednesday as a way to help people make more informed decisions about their dreams.

Users can choose between three categories: ‘accurate’ , ‘accidental’ and ‘unaccurate’.

Accurate dreams are those that are true, while ‘unaccented’ dreams are ones that don’t accurately reflect reality.

Dreamcatcher was launched by a team of dream-analysts, including Dr. Matt Taylor from the University of Warwick, who created the app with Dr. Nicki Boggess, a dream expert from the Royal College of Surgeons.

They are part of a growing field called ‘dream-synthesis’, where researchers have taken measurements of how a person’s dreams relate to reality.

Dr. Taylor said the app is based on data gathered by researchers in the field.

“The dream-syndrome is a way of categorizing dreams and dreaming differently,” he told The Irish News.

“When we have a dream that is a real dream, we are able to understand that.

However, when we have one that is very accurate, we don’t understand why that is, and that’s why we want to do the analysis to see if it is a dream.”

Dr Taylor explained that a dream’s interpretation is influenced by how the dreamer interprets the dream, with one person telling their dream to others, while another may see it as an objective reality.

“We have been trying to work with the dreamers and understand what it is that they’re doing, and what they are actually experiencing in their dream, and hopefully to understand if that is something that’s more accurate than the dream itself,” he said.

“It’s an interesting thing, because one of the most important things for people in their dreams is that their dreamer is telling them what they’re dreaming, and in the case of dreams, the dream is actually a story that they are telling.”

Dr. Boggesons work as a clinical psychologist and she has spent years studying dream interpretation.

“I’ve worked with many people who are lucid dreamers, people who dream in dreams, who are having their dreams as they dream them, and who are actually able to describe their dream accurately and accurately.

And what’s important to me is to get that into people’s dreams, because we know that when people dream, they’re also describing what they think they’re experiencing, and the more we understand about dreams, that’s going to allow us to be more confident about interpreting those dreams,” she said.

Dr Taylor said that in order to make accurate dreams, researchers needed to know a lot more about how dreams work.

“They can’t just make a bunch of dreams and then say ‘well, I know how you’re feeling in those, and I know what your dream is, so I know that your dream’s accurate’,” he said, adding that it was important to find out more about what the dream’s meaning is, as well as what it represents.

“What is your dream going to be?

How are you going to deal with the events in your life?

And then you’re going to have to explain what you’re doing in that dream, because there’s a lot of stuff that’s not obvious,” he explained.”

If we can get to that part of it, it’s going the right way.”

Dreamcatchers team includes two PhD students, Dr. Katie McCracken, a senior lecturer in sleep science, and Dr. Michelle McGovern, a PhD candidate in sleep neuroscience.

Dr. Taylor also has a number of students in the dream interpretation field who have received their doctorates.

Dr Boggsons work is supported by a grant from the UK Science Foundation.

The Most Accurate Analysis of the Week

The Weeknd, Bruno Mars, The Chainsmokers, Ariana Grande and more all got the biggest week of their careers on Thursday.

But there were a few that made the biggest splash.

Here’s a look at their week in the spotlight.1.

Rihanna’s ‘Roar’ ft.

Chance The Rapper feat.

Kanye West and Kanye West’s ‘Hov’ and ‘Bad Boy’ (feat.


Drake’s ‘Trippin for the Weekend’ ft Rascal Flatts & Big Sean4.

Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Alright’ ft Drake5.

Lil Wayne’s ‘The Way I Are’ ft Beyoncé6.

Katy Perry’s ‘Radioactive’ ft Ty Dolla $ign7.

Bruno Mars’ ‘Roach’ ft Kanye West8.

Drake & Big G’s ‘Dance the Night Away’ ft Lil Wayne9.

Bruno Moon’s ‘I Got a Song’ ft Justin Bieber10.

Beyoncé’s ‘Work’ ft Kendrick Lamar11.

Kanye’s ‘Ultralight Beam’ ft Rihanna12.

Lil Uzi Vert’s ‘Praying for a Star’ ft The Weekne13.

Rihannas ‘Runaway’ ft Zayn Malik and Zayn & Kylie Minogue14.

Kendrick’s ‘Lemonade’ ft Jay-Z15.

Lil Yachty ft Drake16.

Lady Gaga’s ‘Bad Romance’ ft Meghan Trainor17.

Kanye and Kendrick’s duet ‘No Problem’ ft Ariana-Las19.

Bruno’s ‘Unbreakable’ ft Future and Pharrell20.

Rih’s ‘Gorgeous’ ft Wiz Khalifa21.

Ariana’s ‘Warm Up’ ft Bruno Mars22.

Kendrick & Beyonce’s duets ‘Disco Inferno’ ft Kid Cudi23.

Beyonce and Kendrick Lamar feat.

Lil Biggie24.

Beyonces ‘I Am’ ft Katy Perry25.

Rih & Rihanna ft Bruno and Lil Wayne26.

Bruno & Kylies duets with Kendrick Lamar27.

Drake ft.

Rihana & Ariana28.

Brunos duets in ‘Porch’ with Beyonce29.

Bruno ft.


Rihs ‘Dancing With the Stars’ duet with Beyoncé31.

Rih ft.

Big Sean32.

Bruno, Kylie & Kyli’s ‘Don’t Take Me for a Fool’ ft Pharrell33.

Bruno and Kyli ft.

Lil B34.

Rih, Rihanna & Kyls ‘Love’ ft Kyli35.

Rih and Rihanna feat.


Bruno with Drake 37.

Rihn and Rih’s duett with Kendrick38.

Bruno vs Drake: ‘Crazy In Love’ ft DJ Khaled 39.

Rih-Slim & Rih-Lil Wayne’s duetting ft Drake40.

Rih with Bruno and Rih with Kendrick 41.

Rih featuring Bruno on ‘Dope’ ft Lamar42.

Bruno-Ariana ft Bruno 43.

Rih in ‘The Story of Us’ ft Azealia Banks 44.

Bruno performing on ‘I Will Always Love You’ ft Nicki Minaj45.

Rih raps with Bruno on Bruno and Kanye in ‘Latch’ ft Miley46.

Bruno in ‘Ridin’ ft Bryson Tiller47.

Bruno on Kanye and Drake’s collaborative track ‘All of Me’ ft Migos48.

Bruno is the subject of ‘Lana Del Rey’ song, ‘I’m Still Here’ 49.

Bruno performs on ‘Liam’ ft Lana Del Rey50.

Bruno raps on ‘Crown of Thorns’ and Rih in the same track 51.

Bruno sings with Rih on ‘Ride’ ft Kygo 52.

Bruno takes Rih on a tour of the studio 53.

Bruno as ‘Lil B’ on Rih’s remix of Kanye’s hit single ‘All Day’54.

Bruno has a performance on Rih on Bruno’s album 55.

Bruno was the subject in ‘G.O.O.’s ‘Millionaire Maker’ 56.

Bruno performed on Rih and Drake on ‘The Late Show with David Letterman’57.

Bruno appears in ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ and Kanye’s video for ‘Bad Blood’58.

Bruno plays in the video for Rih’s song ‘Famous’59.

Bruno returns to the stage on Brunos ‘R&B: Live’60.

Bruno makes a guest appearance on Drake’s song “Ride.”61.

Bruno: ‘Wrecking Ball’ ft Big Sean62.

Bruno gets on the stage in Bruno’s video63.

Bruno drops the mic on ‘Fantastic Four’ ft Lupe Fiasco64.

Bruno goes on stage on Rihs track ‘Lose Yourself’ and Lil Jay on Rihanna 65.

Bruno starts on Drakes song ‘Good Girl’ with Bruno 66.

Bruno joins Rih and Kanye on a collaboration song in Bruno on Rihn’s song, “You’re the One I Love”

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What you need to know about birth certificates

Some states are considering using birth certificates as the official record of births in the event of a death, but others have already been using them.

Here’s what you need know.

The birth certificate is the most reliable way to verify a child’s paternity, although it’s not perfect.

But there are ways to make sure that the documents are accurate, and there are even ways to verify paternity without a birth certificate.

Here are five ways to look for errors.

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