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One of the challenges for all SEO bloggers is to find appropriate keywords that will rank well within the search engines.

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Because the research process can be quite complicated, it is often hard to do this without the support of some form of SEO keyword tool.

This article answers some of the common questions asked about keyword tools, so that you can have a better understanding of what to look for.

  1. Why Do I Need Keywords?
  2. What Is A Keyword Tool?
  3. How Do I Use A  Keyword Tool?
  4. Are There Free Keyword Tools Available?
  5. What Do I Do Once I Have Chosen My Keyword?


Why Do I Need Keywords?

Perhaps the very first question to ask is why do I need to research keywords? Well…

Keywords are the main words that describe what your writing is about. 
They provide the framework for any piece of writing that you will do in 
internet and content marketing.

That is all important but ….

They also tell search engines what your article is about. 

This is why it is important that the correct words are targeted to make sure they appear in the best search results, which will be found by the right readers and potential customers.


What Is A Keyword Tool?

A keyword tool is a piece of software that can search through search engines very quickly to summarise data about your chosen keyword.

Most tools will search all the major search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) and determine the following;

  • How many people search for this word or phrase
  • How much traffic you could expect to receive if this word ranked at the top of the first page of Google.
  • How many other sites are competing for this same word or phrase

Keyword tools may do a very complicated job but they are fairly easy to use, as the next section will demonstrate.

How Do I Use A  Keyword Tool?

A keyword tool will usually give you several different pieces of information about a particular word or phrase that you type in. These are;

  • searches per month
  • expected traffic
  • Competition (QSR)
  • Article power /PPC power (used if you want an advert with this keyword)

I have put together a short 3 min video which shows how a keyword tool works and some of the things to look for when considering a good keyword to write about.

This video uses the keyword tool in Wealthy Affiliate but most tools will operate in a  similar way.

If you are not a member of wealthy affiliate there is another tool available called Jaaxy which I also use and which operates in a very similar way.

Are There Free Keyword Tools Available?

There are some free tools available such as Google adword planner, this is a tool for choosing advert keywords not strictly an SEO tool, although there are some similarities.

The easiest option is to explore some paid keyword tools, and see if they offer free trials – wealthy affiliate offer a weeks free trial through their premium membership and Jaaxy offer 30 free searches. (You can even try them out in the box below).


What Do I Do Once I Have Chosen My Keyword?

Once you have chosen  your keyword the next phase it to design content that will hopefully achieve a high ranking.

A good strong keyword is not a guarantee of ranking, it is simply identifying a potential gap in the market where a strong good quality blog article could go.


Further Reading on Keywords

There are also several other posts already on this site that look at different aspects of keyword research and which might be interesting reading;

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