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SiteRubix is an exciting free website builder and hosting platform,  which can be used to create any type of blog or on-line business. The site also offers a premium version and allows businesses to run multiple sites off its advanced hosting platform.

I have been using this platform for nearly 12 months now and in this article I explore what exactly the platform has to offer and examines how suitable it is for establishing a new online business.

 screenshot siterubix


SiteRubix is not just a standard web hosting service, it offers a number of other functions as well, all of which are displayed across  the top of any of the screens, and which I have explained in more detail below.

screenshot Site Rubix

There are 6 main services that can be accessed through the SiteRubix platform.

  • Site Manager – this provides access to your websites, with a capacity to host 25 own domain websites and a further 25 websites
  • Site Domains – a new tool for buying and registering your own domain name, which can then easily be transferred to the Site Manager
  • Site Feedback – an ideal tool for new websites, you can exchange feedback credits for free feedback on your own website design from other experienced affiliate marketing members.
  • Site Comments – a tool designed for internet content marketeers whereby you exchange comments on other people’s websites and receive comments on any named post or page on your website.
  • Site Email – you can set up your own website email addresses and forward them onto other accounts if needed.
  • Site Support – SiteRubix offers its own technical support system, where experts will respond to a support email sent through this system. Response rate has always been quite quick for anything I needed.

The number of services available is quite impressive and I really like the ease of use of the whole system. However within each of these services there are some pretty unique and useful tools as well, which I now want to share with you.

Site Manager

The site manger is the main hub for building websites and logging into them. There is a dashboard for each website, as shown in the image below.

screenshot SiteRubix Manager

screen of a new website under construction on Siterubix

The dashboard shows details such as the last backup, number of posts and pages, and whether the site in indexed in Google.

There is a special tool for showing the site health. It uses some of the following headings as data for the calculation.

image SiteRubix website dashboard

This is a new site that has been left on siterubix with very little content added

The dashboard tools are useful for all stages of business expertise, but they are especially useful in the beginning. They can be used when trying to gauge the length and frequency of content and whether too many plugins have been used.

SiteRubix Domains

A new addition to the SiteRubix platform and launched in January 2016, is the Site Domains service.

image wealthy affiliate domains

Site Domains was established in response to a gap in the overall service that SiteRubix offered. In the past customers had to purchase a domain name from another company such as Namecheap, and then transfer the web service onto the SiteRubix platform.

From the screenshot below you can see a comparison table of Site Domain prices against the main domain services. This table also shows that Site Domain is aiming to be competitive, since it includes a guaranteed renewal price with no increase, no upsells and an email account and privacy protection, all included for the one price of $13.99 per year.

screenshot pricing SiteRubix Domains

Site Domains pricing compared to the other main domain providers

This new service means that the domain name search, purchase and registration are now all completed within the SiteRubix platform. This means it is now possible to complete a business start up process from within one location.

Site Feedback

This feature is unique to the SiteRubix platform and works because of its link to Wealthy Affiliate. Each member who hosts their website with SiteRubix can ask for feedback on their website design or the layout, from within the Wealthy Affiliate community.

A credit and comments system operates whereby you offer feedback on someone else’s site and for this you earn credits, which can then be exchanged for feedback on your own site.

This tool is particularly useful for new websites, when impartial feedback from potential customers and also experienced web masters can be useful.

Site Comments

Site comments operates in a similar way to the feedback tool, you offer comments on other people’s websites and in return you can request comments on selected pages on your own site.

You register your own interests and so the websites you review and comment on are relevant.

It is also a useful tool for learning how to write comments and engage with readers on your own site and is a useful training tool as well as a way to acquire more engagement.

Site Email

As part of their hosting service siterubix premium offers the opportunity to register email addresses using your website domain. So for this website the address I have registered is

This facility allows you to further develop a professional look for your business. You can also forward any emails received from this address to another account such as a gmail account that you use, to avoid having too many separate email addressees to manage.

Site Support

One of the key features for any web hosting service has to be the support available. As anyone in business knows sorting out technical issues as quickly as possible is absolutely essential.

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 19.52.08

The SiteRubix system is easy to use and has a simple direct email system that tags your request. Response time has always been fast whenever I have had to use it, although that has only been a couple of times over the last 12 months.

Is the SiteRubix Platform Suitable for Businesses?

At the start of this article I mentioned that I would review the SiteRubix platform to assess its suitability for an online business, although it’s probably fairly clear what it has to offer and how this would benefit either a new or existing business.

The six functions offered through the platform are all useful tools for any business, especially at the start of your development. The platform has been specifically designed  to support the development of either an affiliate type marketing business or content marketing blog site.

Site Builder

SiteRubix is a website builder so it is possible to start a business from scratch without any technical knowledge or coding skills at all. However certain skills such as adding affiliate links or banner ads does require some technical confidence, but this can be learnt.

There are a wide variety of WordPress themes to choose from even on the free version, which should facilitate most types of design preference.

Tool For Constructing A New Website


Image by SuperTrooper (

Within the SiteRubix platform all the main tools that are essential for establishing and building a website, are available on the free version of SiteRubix.

  • Site manager
  • Site support

The premium version also includes two other important features; the site email that is designed for using with your own, rather than a subdomain name, and the site domain service itself.

  • Site email
  • Site domains

These four services together enable a strong business blogging site to be developed, which can be enhanced through the wide variety of WordPress plugins.

Finally there are two other services, which are also available only on the premium version, and which are unique additions for business development. These are also only available on SiteRubix and not on other hosting or site building services.

  • Site feedback
  • Site comments


The SiteRubix platform offer two different types of service, a free plan and a paid premium version. There are no other upsells or options.

  • FREE – A basic business site and two modules of training can be accessed for free using the subdomain name
  • PREMIUM – The premium service is $47 per month (or $29 per month if paid annually) which includes
    • being able to use your own purchased domain name
    • a specific website email address which can be forwarded to another address if required.
    • a wider choice of themes
    • full access to 12 modules of training
    • mentoring support through wealthy affiliate community- either through live chat or the forum blogs & questions.

SiteRubix is managed and run by the owners of Wealthy Affiliate, who run the university and marketing training programme. Therefore signing up as either a member of Wealthy Affiliate or to SiteRubix entitles members to access everything on both services.

This partnership between the two organisations is ultimately part of the uniqueness and strength of what this platform can offer. Certainly for myself, as a new person to online business development and digital marketing, I really needed a clear guide to get started.

The training programme, quality web building and hosting services made this possible for me, and from feedback within wealthy affiliate forums it is certainly benefiting lots of other businesses as well.

Further Reading

You can start an account with SiteRubix here.

If you want to start using SiteRubix you can also check for a domain name of your choice using the box below.

If you are interested in reading more about topics linked to this subject, which are available on this site here are some more links.

If you are interested in learning more about anything discussed in the article feel free to drop me a comment in the box below, and if you enjoyed the content don’t forget to share this on your main social media channels.

6 thoughts on “SiteRubix Free Website Builder and Hosting Platform

  1. Chris

    Well I’ve been stuck using one of those Google blogs for the past few months and I’m always scared it will be shut down – you hear so many horror stories about googles terms and conditions.
    This seems pretty cool and the look of the sites seem much more professional than what I was using – I must check this out!

    1. Marie

      HI Chris as a professional internet marketing business it is important that you have a reliable and professionally run hosting platform. The other advantage is that Siterubix also has its own domain purchase facility now which you can read more about in this article How to Purchase and Register a Domain Name, which makes it even easier to set up websites.

  2. Tar

    Hello Marie. I’ve never seen anyone posting about Siterubix premium in WA until I stumbled across your article here.

    About SiteRubix Domains, I just realised when you said it here. It’s funny because I’m always logged into WA and frequently went to the Siterubix bar.

    Further, honestly, it’s been a while I haven’t check my Siteemail and this concerns me as to whether someone has dropped me something on my inbox.

    So, besides enjoying reading your posts, it can be said that you’ve indirectly reminded me.

    1. Marie

      Hi I seem to be reminding a few people about their platform today!

      I notice as well that on WA forums there are always debates about whether your time should be spent on developing your business and website, or participating on the forums and updating your knowledge from the discussions and training. It can be the downside to a platform such as this, in that there are always lots of distractions.

  3. Travis

    Great review! I am a member of SiteRubix already, but I love learning new things about my hosting company so I read this review. I can assure you too, I learned something new.

    SiteRubix is still evolving after several years of operation, which is fantastic! I did not even know that we can buy domains through SiteRubix, and the price is so low. As you proved, they are the most affordable.

    I have been a member for about a year now too, and I love it. The training is great, the support is great, the websites are great, and the affiliate commissions are even greater!

    It is a good thing I came by your page today; I needed to learn these things.

    Thanks again,

    Travis Hunnicutt

    1. Marie

      Hi Travis thanks so much for commenting and sharing your own insights it is appreciated. I think the greatest strength of SiteRubix is that it is constantly evolving – and in fairness Site Domain has only been launched in the last week or so (you get all the cutting edge updates here!)

      I think your testament supports my own that this is a platform that lasts and it is still relevant even when your business is well established. Thanks again

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