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Search engine optimisation can be a daunting topic to learn, and one of the things that is perhaps most annoying in the beginning, is when you receive conflicting advice about what is and isn’t the right thing to do.

So in this article I have collected together some of the top websites and opinion blogs on SEO and content marketing that I use.

These sites are fairly consistent with each other so you won’t find a wide discrepancy in opinions but there are still differences in approach.


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Some of the websites I have chosen also supply much of the thought leadership for this site. So I model my responses and understanding of SEO on their teachings as well.

For that reason there shouldn’t be too much in conflict between their content and what you will read here.

But at the same time we are all different and everyone has their own unique take on some issues.


1 -Neil Patel

Neil Patel is perhaps one of the names that many people hear of in internet marketing. Unlike many SEO sites Neil has branded himself as an expert along with his business websites.

He has a number of sites focusing on different aspects of SEO. They all provide easy to read material yet with a high level of in-depth knowledge and understanding of the topic, which is based on his own real time experience.

The main sites for SEO are;

He also has other sites which are specifically linked to his heat mapping software and analytics software.


2 – Brian Dean

Brian Dean has become known for his specialist knowledge on Backlinks and his main SEO website reflects this.

Brian has also written in numerous other SEO publications such as hitreach where he shares his insights into the inside workings of the Google algorithm. One of his statements includes this line about where you access your information and knowledge from on SEO that is relevant to this post.

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(Brian Dean quote on


3 – Search Engine Land  is one of the largest on-line SEO websites with lots of new and emerging SEO topics covered everyday.

For an SEO beginner it may seem like there is a lot of information on the site (2 or 3 blog posts daily) but they are an important name still to remember, because as you search for topics on SEO you will inevitably come across their blogs in the search results – and at least you know they will offer something useful.


4 – Moz

Moz is another well established SEO website that will appear in most people’s top 10 list.

Like many of the top and high ranking publications it is releasing new content on a very regular basis and will always have some form of content on a topic you are interested in.

Moz also has a readers blog, called YouMoz where you can read articles by regular readers and up and coming SEO writers.


5 – Search Engine Watch (SEW)

Another big one search engine watch some authors prefer this site to search engine land but both produce up to date content and publish regularly on current SEO topics.


6 – Content Marketing Institute

The content marketing institute also produce regular content, and I tend to follow them on Facebook and access their articles that way.

For content marketing writers this is a great informative blog. Its focus is more than simply SEO and also offers articles on other aspects facing content writers.


 7- HubSpot

Hubspot is aimed at marketing companies and focuses on marketing and sales as well as general content or inbound marketing strategies.

This is another site that has a strong social media presence and I often access their articles from either Twitter or Facebook, although they also have a presence on LinkedIn as well.


8 – Copyblogger

Copyblogger produces material aimed at content writers and article writers, so it again moves beyond just SEO and looks at other issues related to content creation and quality.


9 – Bruce Clay

Bruce Clay is a newer resource I have seen recommended on lots of SEO posts. This site has a team of writers who add regular content related to SEO and the wider internet marketing sector.


10 – SEO Book

SEO Book as the name implies focuses on SEO analysis and advice.

This another new resource that I haven’t used before but I came across it researching this article. I liked it because it is not offering the usual rhetoric of ‘How to gain more follows on twitter’ type articles.



There are other website resources available and some of these I have mentioned in other posts listed at the bottom of this article, but there is little point overwhelming people with too many choices.


Other Blogging And Question Sites

Sometimes the best way to learn is to actually ask the exact question you need the answer for, rather than trying to read half a dozen articles hoping to find the answer.

Comment sections on blog and websites can be one way to directly ask the experts, as well as using social media chat and comment tools. Some of the bigger and more popular sites to consider are;


image Quora homepageQuora is one of the largest question and answer sites with topics on almost every topic.

You can easily establish an account and then you are able to either ask or answer questions on topics that you are interested in.

Many of the people are leading experts in their field and you can receive some very country specific and localised responses as well if required.


Wealthy Affiliate

Choosing an industry based forum is another great way to join discussions focused on your own topic. Wealthy Affiliate is an internet marketing platform and offers question and answer opportunities specifically on this topic.

I find that industry forums tend to be more work focused although there will always be some distraction as with all forums.


Social Media Sites

The rapid growth in social media sites has provided an ideal way to get close and personal with your chosen mentors and gurus in your subject area.

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Many influential individuals and leading companies will have their own social media sites and will often respond fairly quickly to messages or comments.

Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn all have industry and topic forums to link in with like minded individuals.

These offer plenty of opportunities to share your own opinions on current events and build up your credibility as an expert.

Twitter is a great way to follow experts and collect links to current articles in your niche area.

I find it a great content source and by liking or retweeting relevant articles you can build up an easy to access library, for future reading.



It can be easy to become overwhelmed with so many experts and information sources. However as you become more settled in your research you will quickly become familiar with the leading names and their style of writing.

In the beginning follow a few key people that match your way and ethos of working and who write in a way that you can relate to. If they are any good they will be linking you to other external sources and important reads and you can slowly expand your network of sources out from there.


If there are any good sources that you use please feel free to add them to the comments section below for others to see as well.

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3 thoughts on “Some of the Top Content Marketing Resources To Follow

  1. Simon Crowe in Asia

    This is brilliant – thanks for this list – I’ve bookmarked these sites for reading.

    I agree Marie, one of the things I found frustrating/demotivating at the beginning was the conflicting information out there.

    It took em a while to realise that some bloggers focus on various aspects of SEO than others and that although they have different emphasis – put together my SEO knowledge will improve.

    It’s also important to remember that the world of SEO has changed so much in the last 10 years – it’s unrecognisable!

    10 years ago everyone was buying backlinks and buying keyword domains like crazy, just adding 2 or 3 posts to make money! Now the emphasis is on building bigger, more extensive authority sites within niches.

    I wonder how much will change in the next 10 years with SEO? That’s why, for me at least – it’s important to always keep reading learning and up to date.

    Thanks again Marie!

    1. Marie

      Hi Simon and thanks for your contribution, its always great to share ideas and thoughts with fellow marketeers 🙂

      I know the conflicting advice issue is a problem that many people have to face, in fact there is another article on this topic that I could have added at the bottom of the page which is Why Internet Marketing Can Offer Conflicting Advice

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