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Starting a blog can be expensive but if you shop around there are other options to make life easier, especially in the beginning.

One of these options is Bluehost Webhosting, which covers all the main services you need in blogging including;

  • website builder – WordPress
  • web hosting (shared, vps and dedicated options)
  • domain name purchases
  • own email addresses
  • woocommerce hosting
  • cloud sites for storage
  • 24/7 support
  • security

Building a business is a big commitment so you want to be sure that you are using the most reliable tools for the job. Here are some of the services you can expect from Bluehost if you choose to use them as your web hosting company.

WordPress And Woo commerce


Bluehost uses WordPress, which is the same platform that I use for all my blog sites. It is probably the largest blogging platform available at the moment.

This means that there is a wide choice of plugins for the site so that you can customise them to do almost anything.

Similarly Woocommerce is also a highly reliable e-commerce platform that works on WordPress.  It has a high percentage of the on-line store market (37%) which adds to its credentials as a reliable platform to work with.


Domain Names

One of the services that Bluehost offer is domain name registration, and you can check out their domain name service by trying the box below.


WordPress Hosting

Bluehost specialises in hosting so they have built a strong team of experts that develop their systems.

They also offer a website transfer system. here you can migrate up to 5 WordPress sites from another hosting platform for a fixed fee and all the technology will be dealt with by their team.

There are three types of hosting available at Bluehost, depending on what you require.

  • Shared hosting – the cheapest option for bloggers, your website shares your server with a group of other sites. This can affect site speed depending on the other sites and how many websites are on the shared server.
  • Dedicated server – as the name suggests a server dedicated to your own website. faster and more secure, but comes at a higher price
  • VPS Sharing – is a virtual hosting system that combines both the benefits of dedicated hosting within a shared hosting facility.


24/7 Support

For most bloggers or website developers having technology that works and backup for when it doesn’t is vital.

Remember – this is your business and if your website is ever down that means that clients cannot find you – and can probably find your competitors.

Bluehost like many reputable companies offers 24 hr support from their technical team, which is one less thing for you to worry about.

Backup is also provided which is obviously vital for an online system. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t also carry out your own periodic backup of files and posts, just in case.

Knowledge Base

As wel as the 24/7 support there is also a knowledge base of commonly asked queries and questions.

This system probably suits someone who has a bit of experience in blogging and is perhaps looking for a cheaper or better technology platform to host their websites.


Bluehost Pricing

Bluehost is a professional web hosting company that have been in existence since 2003, so they are very experienced in what they offer.

Each of their price plans relates to a different type of server package.

VPS WordPress hosting

Unlike Wealthy Affiliate and some other hosting companies Bluehost don’t offer a free option for bloggers, instead you start with their blogger product.

Using their VPS system and for a monthly fee of $24.99 (first month is half price $12.49),  you can host up to 5 WordPress sites which is enough to establish your own internet marketing business.


Professional Website Owners

For those who may be more interested building and developing websites for clients you may prefer the business or professional packages.

These are slightly more expensive VPS packages which obviously offer more storage and you can build up to 10 or 20 websites depending on the package you choose.

Bluehost prices

Bluehost pricing list

Alternatively you might prefer to use their dedicated server packages which start at a higher level of $149 (first month offer of $74.99).

Shared Web Hosting

For bloggers that are just starting out or just want to host a single site without any bells and whistles added, then a shared package might be just what is needed.

Bluehost shared server prices

These are the cheapest pricing plans available and would suit new businesses or bloggers.

Bluehost for Education

If you are a student or faculty member with a .edu email address then you can access a special education program.

The pricing is cheaper down to $4.95 a month and a free domain address for the first year.


It can be hard to find good quality and reliable web hosting companies, so always research and ask around before committing to buying anything.

But Bluehost would be the only other company that I link clients to, other than Wealthy Affiliate (which you can read more about here).

You can find out more information on their own website.

Visit Bluehost

Further reading

There are a few other articles on this website about blogging and also on website building and hosting. You might want to check these out.

I hope you enjoyed this article, if so please do share on your own social media sites and if you have any further questions please leave them in the comments section below, thanks.

2 thoughts on “Start a Blog on Bluehost

  1. Khalid Yusef Khan

    I liked the article,but being new blogger I want to know; After posting my blog, how shall I earn ? What I have to do to get paid ?
    Khalid Yusuf

    1. Marie Post author

      Hi Khalid one of the main ways that bloggers use to get paid is through affiliate marketing (or selling products on behalf of other companies through their website).

      To start I recommend looking at this free training program which is with Wealthy Affiliate and is part of their online training support for affiliate marketing bloggers FREE Digital Marketing Level 1 Training Module This article shows what is involved and if you are interested you just need to sign up for a free account and you can access all 10 lessons to give you a better idea of what is involved. Best of luck, Marie

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