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How to use the FZE data to find the most accurate face analysis: a primer

article article We all know that face analysis is important for sports.

But what exactly is it and how can we use it to make better decisions?

That’s where the FZE data comes in.

This data is the brainchild of University of Wisconsin-Madison professor David Zaslavsky, who has been working on the project for more than a decade.

It comes from facial data collected by more than 70,000 Americans every year.

Zasavsky uses the FZe data to figure out how accurate the face of a person is, as well as the accuracy of faces in photographs.

The data has a wide range of accuracy, from as low as 0.05 percent to as high as 85 percent.

The FZe facial data was collected in 2015, according to Zasovsky, but the Fze data has been updated to reflect the arrival of the 2020 Census.

A lot of these changes have been made in the past decade, so we can get an idea of how accurate a person’s face is today.

Here’s how the FZI facial data is analyzed.

For this example, we’ll use a standard photograph that Zasovich and his colleagues used for their study.

The face is taken with a wide angle camera.

In the case of this photo, it is a young man in a dark suit and tie, holding a pen and writing on the paper.

The center of the face is shown in blue.

The left side is the top of the head and the right side is left upper lip.

The image is cropped and a few dots are added to show the shape of the nose.

To the right is the center of mass, which is a part of the upper lip and chin.

The dots are all blurred to show only the area on the face.

We can see that the face has a very large, flat upper lip, which can be a good sign for accuracy.

The face also has a large upper jaw.

To measure the shape, we start by measuring the width of the jaw.

This is measured as the width between the jawbone and the top edge of the chin.

To estimate the distance between the cheek bones, we measure the width across the cheekbones.

We can also calculate the distance of the eyebrows from the top corner of the eyes to the top.

The result is the distance from the bottom of the eye to the middle of the ear.

This distance is shown on the left side of the image.

We have shown the results for this image for two different eyes.

The distance from one eye to another is shown as the distance across the eyebrow and nose.

The difference between the two measurements shows the accuracy in the face, as shown in the lower left corner of each image.

If we look at the image from the left, we can see the area in the upper right corner of both eyes, where the distance is between the eyebrows and the bottom edge of both ears.

This image shows the area that separates the upper left and lower right corners of the ears, which we can compare to the areas of the lower right and lower left corners of each eye.

We also have the distance that separates from the middle to the upper top corner.

Here are the results from comparing the Fzi data to a wide variety of other facial data.

This image shows two different facial data that are close to each other, which are both of high accuracy.

They are shown as blue dots.

The higher the accuracy, the lower the confidence that the image is of an accurate representation of the person.

The area in red is the amount of space between the eye and the cheek bone.

The smaller the area, the less accurate the image appears to be.

And this image shows a wide variation in the distance the eyebrows are from the center to the nose and to the chin, but it shows the distance as a function of the area of the forehead and nose and the distance to the mouth.

This difference is shown when we compare the distance in red to the distance shown for the two eyes.

All of the images in this post are from our dataset, so there is some variation in what the F Ze data shows us.

For example, if we were to compare the F ZE results to other facial datasets that are used for other purposes, such as facial recognition, it would be much harder to make these comparisons.

The accuracy in this case would be determined by comparing the results to the results of a larger number of different facial datasets.

For that reason, Zasova and his team have focused on using FZE to create the largest set of data that they can, as the FzE data can be downloaded in batches of hundreds or thousands of images.

The dataset contains a variety of different data sources, including facial scans, photos, and even video clips of people in public settings.

The facial data in this set of datasets are the best

Which teams are most accurate in football analysis?

A recent article on Sports Illustrated by Tom Pelissero was headlined “The Most Accurate Football Analysis Teams” and included a screenshot of the page where the article was located.

The article featured a screenshot from the top of the article, showing the “most accurate football” score, and the bottom of the paragraph, with the “Most Accurate Analysis” score.

This is where the screenshot was taken from.

Below is a screenshot, along with a caption, of the headline.

Below that, you’ll see a screenshot and a caption for each of the scores listed.

A screenshot and caption for the top score is: “The Best Analysis Teams.”

Below that is a caption: “Best Football Analysis Scores.”

The top score listed for the “Best Analysis Teams,” is: 1.

Kansas City Chiefs (8.14) 2.

Pittsburgh Steelers (8) 3.

Denver Broncos (8), 4.

Atlanta Falcons (7.99) 5.

Seattle Seahawks (8).


New England Patriots (8)(8) 7.

Washington Redskins (8,9) 8.

Indianapolis Colts (8-10) 9.

Miami Dolphins (8)-10 10.

Dallas Cowboys (9)-10 11.

Detroit Lions (8-.75) 12.

Oakland Raiders (8-(8))(8-9) 13.

Minnesota Vikings (8.-10) 14.

Buffalo Bills (8 (8-))(8,8-11) 15.

Kansas State Wildcats (8(8-)) 16.

Pittsburgh Panthers (8.)


Tennessee Titans (8.,8-12) 18.

Oakland Rams (8 (.75))(7.5-9-10-11-12-14-15-16-17) 19.

Carolina Panthers (7,7,8,7.75,8.75) 20.

New Orleans Saints (7) 21.

Minnesota Twins (7)-10 22.

Kansas Redskins (7-.75,7-.25) 23.

Denver Nuggets (7-10,7)-8-8-6-6.75-8.25-8-(7,9-8,6.5) 24.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (7-(8-),7-7.25) 25.

Carolina Jaguars (7.)


Miami Beach Dolphins (7-) 27.

Indianapolis (7.(8-))-8.5 28.

Buffalo Panthers (6.25)-8-(6.4-) 29.

Washington (6-10)-8(6.2-) 30.

Jacksonville Jaguars (6-) 31.

Kansas Browns (6-.25,6-.5) 32.

Jacksonville State Jaguars (5.75)-8 30.

New York Jets (5-8) 33.

Tampa State Buccaneers (5-) 34.

Tennessee State Bulldogs (5-(6)-8)-8 37.

Houston Texans (5) 38.

San Diego Chargers (5,6-8)-7.50-7-6-(7.0-7-(6-9)-6.0) 39.

New Mexico State Aggies (5)-8 40.

Tampa Valley State Aggers (5-.25)-6-(6-) 41.

Mississippi State Bulldogs,(5-7) 42.

Toledo Rockets (5-,6-7-) 43.

New Hampshire Wildcats,(4-8-.5)-6(5.5-) 44.

Florida State Seminoles (4) 45.

Iowa State Red Wolves,(3-8-) 46.

Bowling Green Falcons (3-6-) 47.

Eastern Michigan Eagles,(2-8).


Appalachian State Mountaineers,(1-8),1-6,1-7,1.5,1-(6,6)-1.0 49.

South Carolina Gamecocks,(0-8)(0-9-) 50.

Marshall Thundering Herd,(8-7)-7-8(7.8)-6-4-4.0 51.

Bowling Greens,(6-(8)-(8,2-7)(7-(7-9)) 52.

North Dakota State Cowboys,(7-(4-))(6-(5-6)-6.(6-(4-7)) 53.

Georgia Southern Eagles, (5(4-))-7-(5-(4.5)) 54.

Marshall Chiefs,(9-7).


Texas Tech Red Raiders,(12-7),(12-(8-5-5-(5.0)) 56.

East Carolina Pirates,(11-6) 57.

Northern Illinois Huskies,(10-6),(10-(5-,5-4))(10-(3-5)) 58.

Miami Hurricanes,(09-6).


Texas Christian University,(04-6)(0-(4-(6)) 60.

Louisiana State Bobcats,(03-6)) 61.

Georgia State Panthers,(02-6)),(02

How to Choose the Best Nutritional Analysis App for Your Diet

Nutrition experts are looking for a new app that can accurately and accurately analyze your diet, according to an analysis by The Verge.

According to the study, the app, called NutrientFinder, analyzes your diet in two parts: the nutrients that you eat and the nutrients you do not eat.

For example, a person’s dietary fat intake might be analyzed and the app can tell you which foods you can and cannot eat, how much, and whether they are healthy or not.

The app also provides insights on nutrients that are crucial for maintaining a healthy body.

For instance, it can tell us whether a certain plant contains the nutrients zinc, vitamin B12, calcium, and iron, while it can show us how many of these nutrients are necessary for good health.

But the study says NutrientMinder is the most accurate nutritional analysis app, because it also includes a nutrition calculator.

The nutrition app is designed for the “nutritional enthusiast,” according to the Verge.

“You don’t need to know what’s in your food to be able to get an accurate picture of your diet,” said the app’s co-founder, Daniel Luskin.

“It’s not a scientific tool that will tell you what is in your diet.”

The app uses the Health App, a new type of health app developed by Fitbit.

The Health App combines a detailed nutrition profile with your exercise and lifestyle information, as well as your health habits.

The app uses your Health App profile to analyze how your diet is affecting your health, and to make recommendations for changes in your lifestyle.

In order to find out which foods are good for you, the Health app will ask you questions, such as, “Do you eat a lot of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes, or nuts?” or “Do your meals contain protein, fat, or salt?”

The app will also ask you to rate your nutrition, which is used to help determine which foods or supplements are appropriate for you.

This is where Nutrient Finder comes into play.

It analyzes the nutritional profiles of your food choices.

This means it analyzes how the food is made, including how many nutrients are in it.

It then gives you recommendations about what you can eat and what you should not eat, which can be useful when you want to figure out how much you need to eat.

It also lets you see your food consumption in terms of how much of each nutrient you consume and how many servings of each of those nutrients you consume.

For a person who is eating a high-carbohydrate diet, Nutrient Minder can give you recommendations for foods that are high in protein, low in carbs, and low in saturated fat.

For someone who is not eating a low-carb diet, it will tell them which foods should be avoided.

For the app to be truly accurate, however, it needs to be accurate about your diet.

That’s where Nutrients Analysis comes in.

It is a new technology that can analyze your dietary habits and nutrition profiles.

Theoretically, it’s a more accurate tool than the Health and Fitness app, which uses what nutritionists call the “primary factor,” or “primary variable.”

But there are other factors that can be used as secondary factors.

For one, you can also use the “secondary variable,” which is what the app calls the “unstable variable.”

Nutrient Analysis can also identify nutrients that can affect your health.

The most important one, according the study is calcium, which “may increase risk of heart disease and diabetes.”

The Verge explains that the data the app analyzes is “incomplete,” and therefore, it cannot be relied upon as a true indicator of your risk of any particular disease or health condition.

But it can be an indication of which foods and supplements are safe for you to eat and which are not.

If you want an accurate, comprehensive nutritional analysis tool that doesn’t require a lot more effort to use, the Nutrient Analysis app is a great option.

It’s a great choice if you’re looking for something that gives you accurate nutritional information and is easily accessible to the general public.

If, however.

you want a tool that is more difficult to use for the general population, you should look to a nutrition analysis app that includes a tool called “nutrient fingerprinting.”

The concept is that the app will collect your food preferences, and it will use these to determine what foods and drinks are most likely to be good for your health and overall well-being.

If you want it to be more accurate, you will need to create a nutrition profile.

Nutrient Finders data is also limited.

For this reason, you may want to use a nutrition app that has more features and has a higher amount of data, such a Fitbit or Jawbone.

However, the Nutrition Finder app does not include any of these features, which means it’s not as easy to use

How to read the symptoms of dengue and dengus – A helpful guide

Health is a shared responsibility between all, including us.

But if you’ve ever been to a hospital emergency room and seen someone else’s symptoms, it’s a good idea to ask yourself: is this person sick?

Is this person really sick?

And if not, can you help?

That’s exactly what a study published in the British Medical Journal shows you can do.

The study looked at the symptoms that patients saw in hospitals, as well as their physical and mental health, in comparison to the symptoms seen in the general population.

And it found that the patients who were seen as having dengues were far more likely to be diagnosed with the illness than those who weren’t.

The study also found that those who were diagnosed with denges were significantly more likely than those not to seek medical care for themselves or their family.

This article was originally published on Business Insider UK.

How to analyze video on the Internet

When you’re searching for something, you want to get a general idea of the quality and quality level of the content.

So how do you do that?

The easiest way is to go online and watch video.

And that’s exactly what the video analysis community has been doing.

And it’s an extremely valuable resource for anyone who wants to learn about video quality.

Here are the basics of how it works.

How to find the correct birthdate on the birth certificate

Updated April 23, 2018 08:31:08 The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) will soon be publishing a birth date calculator to help Australians determine the correct date of birth.

The calculator, which will be produced by the ABS’ online service, will include data from the Australian Bureau, the Census and the Census Commissioner.

The aim is to make the calculations easier for people and more transparent to help users make more informed decisions.

In an article for The Conversation, Associate Professor Peter Aylward, from the School of Statistics, said the calculator would be available in the next few weeks.

“It will be an easy way to work out the date of your birth or death.

It will be a simple way to figure out when you are born, so you don’t have to type in your birthday or other information, and that’s always good for people who are having trouble with their birthday,” Professor Aylwards said.

You can get a ‘date of birth’ number. “

If you do have a problem with your birth date, you can still type in the birth date.

You can get a ‘date of birth’ number.

It’s a very convenient way to find out where you are in the world, and the date you were born, and you can also get a lot of information about your life in a very short amount of time.”

“So there’s not going to be any surprises about where you were, how old you were or what your name is.”

The calculator will be available to all Australians in the ABS online service starting this weekend.

“We will be providing it in a new and easier to use interface that will be very easy to use,” Associate Professor Aysha Miah, from ABS Statistics, told news.com.au.

“So it will be really easy for anyone to use and to work with, because the data is accessible, so there will not be any extra steps.”

The Australian census is one of the most widely used government statistics in Australia.

The Bureau of the Census provides data on all Australian citizens, whether they are residents or not, whether their age is recorded as 16 or older, or whether they were born overseas.

The Census is based on information gathered from a random sample of the population, and is used by the Government and other government agencies to make policy decisions.

The data is not released to the public.

The ABS website, www.abs.gov.au, has been updated with the calculator and other birth date information.

“The calculator will help people to make more educated decisions about where they are and when they are born,” Associate Prof Aylows said.

The information provided by the census is often used by people with a range of medical conditions, but there are also medical conditions that could affect the accuracy of the birthdate.

“There are a lot more than people with cancer or epilepsy who might be able to get an accurate birthdate, but those people are less likely to know that, and we need to be very careful with that information,” Associate Minister for Social Services, Greg Hunt, said.

“[The calculator] will help Australians with medical conditions understand their birthdays and when their birthdates are accurate, and then people can make more intelligent decisions about when they want to have children and when to have them.”

The new calculator is a collaborative effort between the ABS and the Australian Census, the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, the Office of National Statistics and the Commonwealth Office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet.

Topics: birthdays-and-death, birthdays, information-and ofc, australia First posted April 23.

2018 10:39:18

How to get the most out of your dream analysis method

If you are looking for a dream analysis technique that will help you get more out of the analysis, here are some things to keep in mind.1.

You can’t predict what you will dream about, but you can have a dream.2.

The results are not necessarily the same as those you would get with a dream, but they are definitely more accurate than if you were to get them with a waking dream.3.

The method has to be able to accurately predict the dreams you have had, and that you will have in the future.4.

You do not have to be lucid to have an accurate dream analysis.

It just takes some practice.5.

There are many different types of dreams and different types and types of analysis, so you can also have a lucid dream.

There are many types of dream analysis methods that can help you achieve better dream outcomes, so the most important thing is to have a plan of action to achieve the dream goals.

Here are some tips that can make your dream assessment process more efficient.1.)

Be aware of the timing of your dreams.

If you’re a little tired, and you’re still thinking about dreams, it might be best to go to bed and dream for a while before going to sleep.2.)

Try not to wake up too early or too late.3.)

When you are dreaming, you’re not just dreaming.

You’re also creating a dreamscape that is part of your reality.4.)

The dreamer has to feel relaxed and happy.5.)

It’s very important to have clear dreams in order to have more accurate dream analyses.

How accurate are these football analysis statistics

This article is based on the research from the latest edition of the Quality of Football analysis book by the Institute of Sport (IoS) of the University of Manchester.

In the latest version, the IoS has improved the statistical accuracy of the results by introducing an additional factor, which it calls the ‘accuracy factor’.

The accuracy factor is calculated as the percentage of football data points that the author can reliably identify in the analysis.

The analysis data in this book is provided by the Ios.

The study methodology The research used in this study is the same as the previous edition of this quality of football analysis book.

In order to achieve a similar level of statistical accuracy, the methodology used in the previous version was also improved.

Firstly, we took the analysis data for the past 10 years for all the Premier League clubs in the top-flight leagues.

The data was analysed using SPSS (Systematic Software Package for Sport Statistics) version 11.

The SPSSR is a free software tool that allows for a variety of analyses including statistic analysis, statistical modelling and data interpretation.

Second, we used the SPSSE software package.

The Software package contains a number of functions for analysing the data.

In this case, we analysed the data in SPS-SE version 11 for the last 10 years.

The purpose of this article is to discuss how the data was extracted from the data set.

This is done in a similar manner to the previous editions of the book.

The statistical analysis The statistical methodology used was based on a set of criteria for the analysis of football statistics.

Firstly the data used for the statistical analysis was analysed by using SSS (Statistical Simulation Suite).

This is a software package that enables researchers to make statistical analyses of large amounts of data.

Secondly, we looked at the statistical model.

This allows for statistical models that predict the behaviour of teams, players and games.

This method has been shown to be particularly useful for the prediction of the outcome of a game.

Thirdly, we investigated how the accuracy factor and the accuracy variable relate to each other.

We used a variety the various statistical models and their predictive properties to see which ones predicted the accuracy and the error factor of the analysis and which ones did not.

The results from these statistical models were then used to calculate the accuracy value of the data for each of the variables.

For example, in order to predict the accuracy of players in the past, we needed to calculate how accurate the statistical models predicted players’ accuracy for each position.

This analysis was performed using SES (statistical and Structural Equation Simulations).

This was done using the ‘SES-D’ statistical model and the ‘B’ regression model.

Finally, we performed the same analysis for the accuracy in the years 2008 to 2016.

This statistical analysis is very similar to that used in earlier editions of this book.

All of the statistical analyses performed in this article are based on SPS SPSSD (statistic simulation set) version 9.3.2 and SES-B regression model for SPS SR version 11 (version 10.1.3) with the following differences: the model is not linear, instead it has a non-linear slope of 0.5% and a nonlinear intercept.

Therefore, the models are not affected by any statistical effects such as non-independence or correlation between the variables in the model.

The accuracy is not an average over the whole football season.

In addition, the model does not consider all of the factors that can affect the outcome such as team strength, quality of opponents and the quality of the opponent’s tactics.

Therefore the accuracy values do not reflect the quality or quality of individual performances.

The final conclusion The accuracy in this statistical analysis depends on the number of variables and the statistical significance that is calculated for each variable.

For each variable, there are two different ways to calculate a ‘statistically significant’ value.

In general, if the value is less than 1%, it is a statistically significant value and the analysis is not valid.

If the value equals or exceeds 1%, then the statistical value is statistically significant and the result is valid.

For instance, if a player scores 25 goals for Chelsea, but the statistical estimate of his accuracy for goals scored is 1.8% and the prediction accuracy is 0.7%, the results are valid.

However, if this player scores a goal for Everton, but this statistic is only 0.9% and there is a statistical value of 1.3%, then this prediction is not correct.

In a future edition of Quality of the Football, we will explore the various methods for calculating a statistical significance.

References The authors thank Dr. Seshadri Narayanan for his help with this research.

Is Trump’s Russia collusion charge a political ploy?

Analysts say that the president’s decision to name former FBI Director Robert Mueller as special counsel for Russia is intended to undermine his efforts to find a way to investigate the Russia collusion matter.

Trump’s announcement, on Thursday, was made without the involvement of any of the congressional committees that oversee investigations of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.

The Senate intelligence committee is already investigating the matter.

It’s unclear how Trump will respond to Mueller’s nomination, but analysts say it’s not an unreasonable decision given the special counsel’s reputation for integrity and credibility.

Trump has been in the spotlight for his Russia ties since a dossier compiled by a former British spy was published by Buzzfeed.

The dossier, which cited the president as a source, was highly damaging to his candidacy and helped make him the first president in more than a quarter-century to be charged with obstruction of justice.

A month before Trump’s inauguration, the House Intelligence Committee approved a bill that would expand Mueller’s scope to investigate “all aspects of Russian involvement in the U.S. political process” and the potential for collusion with the Trump campaign.

But that effort has not yet moved forward.

Some Democrats have called for Mueller’s removal from the Russia investigation and called on the president to publicly confirm that the special investigation is still going.

The president did not address the issue at Thursday’s White House briefing.

The White House declined to comment on whether Trump will appoint a special counsel to oversee the Russia probe, saying only that the matter is currently under investigation by the Justice Department and that “the president has the full confidence of Attorney General Jeff Sessions.”

The special counsel has also faced scrutiny in Congress over a memo he wrote in December detailing his assessment of whether Trump was “honest and trustworthy” in the Russia inquiry.

It was not immediately clear if Trump would use the memo to undermine the Russia investigations.

Mueller is known for his close relationship with the president, who has publicly praised him for his work.

In January, Trump praised Mueller for “a lot of work he’s done” and “he’s done a really good job” in his investigation.

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How to Identify The Best NFL Picks For Week 15

The New England Patriots have had a solid offensive line for the past few years, but it was a bit of a letdown in 2015 when they lost starting right tackle Nate Solder.

The Patriots have been very active at the position this offseason, and they will have a very good option for Solder in 2016.

The 6-foot-6, 310-pounder will be looking to make a big impact this season with the Patriots.

His versatility is what makes him a great fit for the Patriots offense.

The best way to gauge the player’s ceiling is to watch tape on him, and here are some of the best offensive linemen to watch during the upcoming season.


Eric Winston, Tennessee Titans: The Titans are expected to add a quality center this offseason.

Winston was one of the biggest busts of the 2016 season with a poor season, but he still managed to make $4.5 million in 2016 and make $2.8 million in 2017.

Winston’s ceiling could be as high as $6 million annually, which is more than the next best option, Jason Kelce, who is signed through 2021.

If Winston does hit that mark, he will be one of many centers who can provide value for the Titans.


Austin Howard, Oakland Raiders: If you’re looking for a center to make an impact for you in your fantasy football league, then Austin Howard is your man.

Howard was a second-round pick out of South Carolina in 2014 and has been a Pro Bowler since.

He is a freak athlete who can run, tackle, and pass block well.

He has a very high ceiling and can be a valuable asset for you this season.


Eric Fisher, San Francisco 49ers: If there is one offensive tackle that is on your radar for the 2016-17 season, it is Eric Fisher.

The former Alabama star has been productive for the 49ers in his two seasons in San Francisco, but his career is trending downward.

Fisher has only been with the 49er for two seasons, but was released in 2018 and re-signed in 2019.

The 49ers need to get a quality tackle this offseason and Fisher is a great player to target.


Zach Strief, Miami Dolphins: Strief was a first-round selection out of Oklahoma in the 2014 NFL Draft, but had a poor 2016 season.

He struggled with injuries in 2016, but still managed $2 million in salary.

Strief is an athletic, long-armed tackle who can block, tackle for loss, and do a great job of keeping his blockers off the ball.


Jason Peters, Arizona Cardinals: Peters was a sixth-round draft pick out in 2015, but has been on a tear since then.

He was a solid starter in Arizona for two years before he was cut.

Peters has a strong arm and good pass blocking ability, and he can also play in the run game.

Peters will be the No. 1 center in fantasy football this season and could be a great value pick.


Jason Kelsey, Oakland Raider: Kelsey was a fourth-round rookie out of Arizona in 2014, and had a strong year in 2016 with $3.9 million in base salary.

Kelsey had a great 2016 season for the Raiders with $4 million in cap hit.

He also has some nice potential as a starter.


Matt Kalil, Washington Redskins: Kalil is a versatile tackle who could be on the verge of a big payday if he can find a long-term deal.

Kalil was a fifth-round compensatory pick out a season ago, but a knee injury has hampered his 2017 season.

Kalill has a lot of upside and could start for the Redskins next season, which would be an excellent way to make your roster.


Matt Paradis, New York Jets: Paradis is one of those players that can fill multiple roles in your offensive line.

The Jets will have to make decisions on what position he plays, and there are a few options on the market.

Paradis could be the guy to replace Jason Peters in your lineups.


Eric Wood, Pittsburgh Steelers: Wood is a power tackle who has been inconsistent over the past two seasons.

He made $2,854,000 in 2016 as a free agent, but struggled with injury and a foot injury.

He missed the last six games of the season with an ankle injury, but could be an upgrade to the Pittsburgh lineups in 2017 if he is able to find a new deal.


Jake Long, Chicago Bears: Long is a big body that can play tackle, guard, guard for loss and tackle for a good chunk of his career.

Long had an outstanding 2016 season, making $2.,066,000 and earning a $4,000,000 base salary for the Bears.

He could be looking for more money in the 2017 offseason.


David DeCastro, New England Belichick: De

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