Techniques For Increasing Organic Search Engine Traffic

Getting traffic, and then either increasing or maintaining it, is a major challenge for all internet marketeers.

SEO organic traffic

(Image – “Seo Chart Graph Shows Increase Search Engine Optimization” by Stuart Miles,

Without visitors it is impossible to sell products, which makes it the very lifeline of the business.

So how do you get traffic and how can you convince search engines to send you more?

This article looks at some of the ways you might try to increase traffic to your own site.

  1. Brian Dean’s Skyscraper Technique
  2. Pumpkin Hacking
  3. PPC
  4. SEO Keyword Research
  5. Long Form Content

Organic Traffic And SEO

Organic traffic from search engines is still the highest source of potential visitors for many website owners, and this is where SEO and content writing skills really come into their own league.

However using SEO is a very slow process and many people can become very discouraged as their traffic rate remains low, even after a year or more of producing regular content.

So what are some of the ways that this process can be supported to produce better results and gain more traffic?


Brian Dean’s Skyscraper Technique

One of the simplest white hat (legitimate) techniques for expanding your traffic reach using content production, is to use Brian Dean’s skyscraper technique.

This process builds on the content that others have created, and uses this as a foundation to build upon and develop further.

The technique is very simple and consists of the following 3 steps;

  1. Find content that is currently ranking for your chosen keyword
  2. Produce better content building on their work.
  3. Promote your new content.

This is an approach that is used a lot in writing circles and content creation generally, and in scientific and academic research in particular. So it makes sense that it would be applied to content marketing and SEO writing.

It isn’t a quick and easy option, because in order to be successful the content you produce has to be superior to the other high-ranking pieces otherwise this won’t work.

Here is the video in which Brian explains the technique in more detail and uses a case study example provided by one of his own readers who applied this technique successfully for his company website.

Pumpkin Hacking

This is a cool term I came across recently, in an article by SEONick called how to build a 100000 visitors a month.

Basically this system is a gardening comparison, comparing SEO content development to growing pumpkins – As gardeners know, the focus is on the strongest and best (clients or performing content) and not to focus on the weaker and less able, instead discard them.

The term ‘growth hacking’ is also used frequently in marketing to describe smartcuts to growth development, rather than shortcuts. In other words look to work smarter and like gardening (again), focus on what is working well or has the potential to develop better and don’t waste time and resources on content that won’t return any value.

SEONick outlines how a Japanese website was developed and reached 100,000 visitors in 9 months. This technique could be replicated on any site according to Nick, however it does require a lot of analysis work in order to understand which pieces of content have the potential to perform well.


PPC Campaigns

Creating unique and interesting content is the main way to attracts visitors, but what if your content isn’t being seen?

PPC campaigns such as Adwords

Pay Per Click campaigns such as Google Adwords or Bing Ads are ways to try and raise the profile of your content and make it appear higher in the searchers results.

For example if I type in Bing Ads into the search bar you can see that Google has a PPC advert to place itself above the actual Bing result.

This is what you would be hoping to achieve in your own PPC campaign and against your own local competitors.

Ensuring ROI on PPC Campaigns

The problem with PPC is that it costs money, and implemented badly it can cost a lot of money.

One of the common problems, according to searchengineland is that most businesses do not invest the time and effort required in order to make the campaigns successful.

In order to ensure a good return for your investment (ROI) on PPC it is important to treat it the same way as your other organic and SEO research. This means studying potential keywords and traffic sources and writing ads carefully to match those terms.


SEO Keyword Research

All the methods for capturing organic traffic whether through adverts, PPC campaigns or SEO rankings all have one thing in common.

  • Keywords.

Using a proper keyword tool, for example Jaaxy and looking for lower competition terms (in SEO) and good traffic (PPC) are the only way that a good result can be guaranteed.

Good keyword research should be able to target potentially high ranking terms, which will increase traffic potential.

Keyword research also helps to ensure that everything you produce fits into your content strategy and that it remains focused and productive. Simply producing content with no focus or direction makes it harder to measure its effectiveness.

However along with keywords there needs to be quality content and in many cases longer pieces of quality content can produce better ranking results.


Produce Long Form Content

Producing longer pieces of content has been shown to improve rankings, and most high ranking pieces are often above the 2,000 word mark (although this can also include comments and replies).

This is perhaps contrary to many social media platforms that are promoting shorter messages and saying that we don’t tend to concentrate long enough to read long articles.

Long form content is typically above 1,200 words and usually around the 1,500 mark. There are  number of ranking advantages with longer content that can help attract more traffic.

  1. Longer content enables you to use your keyword phrase more often (naturally).
  2. You have the opportunity to use LSI keywords more and to rank for those phrases as well.
  3. Longer pieces provide greater opportunities for adding external links to illustrate where your expertise and authority lies.
  4. Longer pieces can be more in-depth causing others to link to your site with the potential for natural good quality and relevant backlinks.
  5. Longer articles are shown to be shared more often on social media and are more likely to be bookmarked for later reading.

For ideas of how to make long form content easier to read, especially for people who just want to skim headings and read key points, then this article might be useful Do People Actually Read Long Articles?


Additional Media

Not all articles on your site need to be longer, sometimes a video says a lot more than a lengthy article ever will.

Adding alternative media sources, especially video which can rank through YouTube, is another way to reach an audience and attract organic search engine traffic.

Most search engine results will show individual video results as well, so the video can rank separately to the page they are on, giving you twice the opportunity to attract people to your site.


Summary Organic Traffic

For most websites, traffic is the main source of revenue and potential sales. The aim of most SEO content writers is to achieve this at no cost, by optimising web site pages to rank as high as possible for each keyword.

Alongside this technique, PPC campaigns can help to give your website a boost in visibility and attract some new potential customers ahead of your competition businesses.

All of these approaches can increase your visibility and hopefully attract new visitors via the search engines. However nothing suggested here is a short cut to avoid keyword research and/or monitoring the performance of each piece of content that you produce.

In short SEO is nice traffic to get, but it rarely comes easily and doesn’t come without significant investment in time and effort.


Further Reading

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2 thoughts on “Techniques For Increasing Organic Search Engine Traffic

  1. BRIAN

    This is a really helpful article, I have trouble writing longer posts, like over 500 words or so. Is there a technique to try to have longer length posts?
    It is a slow process, I have used google adwords in the past, it worked great but I wasn’t converting. So I was getting the traffic but no one was hardly buying, it was probably trust.
    I thought your article was interesting and I am in the middle of evaluating my sites, it’s amazing what you learn as time passes. And you realize what you should have done differently at the begining.
    Thanks for the tips, they are very cool!!

    1. Marie

      Hi Brian thanks for your comments, I agree it’s a ongoing learning process so hopefully there will always be something new to understand or a new skill to develop.

      Creating content is always challenging there are a couple of articles on this site that also look at this issue in a bit more detail Writing Content To Fit With The Customer Purchase Cycle and also for traffic it is about promoting content as well Why Writing Is Only Part Of The Content Production Process.

      PPC is difficult at first but remember keep it small initially, very focused and target content that can convert.

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