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The sudden growth in social media use has also seen an exponential increase in wealth for those people who originally developed the sites. However some people have raised the question if the members are the ones supplying all the material and content shouldn’t they receive a share of the profit?

One social media site that claims to offer that to its members is tsu (pronounced sue). It will pay you to share original content on its site, and will also reward you financially if you recruit new members.

Image TSU logo

In order for this to happen the site is closed and membership is by invite only. You can access the site through this link tsu invite . Membership is free but the payment structure requires that each new member is linked to an existing member, who then becomes part of their family tree.

Background of Tsu

The Tsu social media site was created by the company Evacuation Complete in the US and was formally launched in October 2014. Since then its membership has grown to an estimated 2 million users as of January 2015 and ranks second only to Facebook as the top social media site.

According to one of its founders Sebastian Sobczak, the inspiration for the site came after a former US Athlete took the National Collegiate Athletic Association to court for refusing to allow student athletes to make money from their own images.

Democratization of Art

One of the sayings that has been attributed to Tsu is from the CEO who says that through platforms such as Tsu easy art creation has opened up the art world for everyone.

"One good thing that has come out of easy content 
creation is that it has truly democratised art" 
- Sebastian Sobczak

Tsu is therefore not just a social media site, but it is a revolution in acknowledging artistic property rights. But can this idealistic social project still deliver to its members what they want from a social sharing platform, and how does all this affect me when I join?

What happens when you are on the site?

It looks pretty much like any other site, in that there is a feed that is personalised for you depending upon your followers and interests. You can search the site using # of any of your favourite interests or hobbies.

There is also an analytics panel which is useful and easy to use as shown below. It gives a breakdown of views, likes and comments.

screenshot tsu analytics panel

Screenshot of analytics panel in Tsu

Payment on Tsu

The main reason that Tsu is invite only is due to the structure of the payment model. The diagram below shows how money is made by one individual, here David who receives 50%. The remaining revenue is then divided amongst the person that recruited him (33%), and the person who recruited them etc. In total 90% of the revenue is divided amongst members and the site retains 10%.

Image Tsu payment structure

Image found on Pinterest

What do Others Think of Tsu?

Many of the larger marketing companies are now aware of Tsu and starting to report on its growth. This article by Hootsuite compares Tsu to other paid social media sites such as Bubblews (which has recently closed due to the changes in the display advertising sector) and Bonzo Me which also share ad revenues or pay members for their content.

Ultimately Tsu is a new site and its approach is different. However its ultimate test will be if it can retain members and encourage them to keep engaging and using the platform.

Advantages of the Site

Despite it’s newness there are a number of advantages to being part of a new social media system.

  • Because it’s a new site there a a lot of new people joining at the moment and are enthusiastic to try it out.
  • in order for people to make money through it they have to be regular users. This can be an advantage as you build up a dedicated following.
  • Like many social media sites it has a strong image focus so any blog articles or posts will be noticed better if an image is attached.
  • It uses a hashtag system so you can target the type of people you want to see your post, which is useful if you are posting both business and personal interests.
  • You can see which types of posts and images are receiving a response through the analytics, which can be interesting to com are or inform how you use your other social media sites.

Disadvantages of the site

As with anything in life it is not without some drawbacks or difficulties. The main ones that I have found from using it so far are;

  • Despite offering to share profits you aren’t going to make much money on it, payments are very small. However it is a nice motivation tool.
  • Finding your way around the site takes a bit of getting used to, there are Tsu tutorials lying around but you need to #tsu and join the tsu support group.
  • Finding followed and friends can also be a bit tricky because you need to follow hash tags and like all other sites, you ned to start engaging with content and liking other people’s work before you really start to develop any sort of following.

Future of Tsu Model

According to an article written in the NewYork Times social network sites such as Facebook are making billions of dollars in profit. This profit is generated off the back of users creating and sharing content, to which they have no commercial right. Social networks such as Tsu are therefore not just commercial entities seeking to challenge other social media sites, they are seeking to revolutionise the way in which intellectual property rights are acknowledged.

Other more cynical viewers might argue that in fact this is just other people trying to exploit entrepreneurs, who have after all invested their own time and resources into developing such platforms. Either way there is a continual discussion about creative rights and the appropriate acknowledgement and reimbursement that artists should receive for their work.

The only way to really know about anything is to try it out for yourself and actively use the social media platform.  If nothing else there is still a significant  audience associated with the site and for anyone seeking to promote a product or have a test audience this could be another potential source of customs and revenue.

Remember you need a Tsu Invite link to join and if you already a member look me up and follow, I always follow back  http://www.tsu.co/IrishWriter2015


10 thoughts on “TSU – Social Networking Site

  1. Chris

    Hmm sounds like a pretty impressive social idea really doesn’t it?
    I espeically like the way they have not just centered on content but are branching out to the art side of things as well – impressive!
    Can I ask how much on average they pay out per content release on their site? Do people make good money out of this?

    1. Marie

      Hi Chris I think the payout is quite small, I have to confess I haven’t used the site recently but you would need to be very active to make any real money. The thing I did like about it is that many members made smallish amounts of money and then gave it to charity groups within TSU, so it became quite community focused.

  2. Paul

    Interesting. So Tsu has a payment system set up much like multi level marketing?
    I’m curious about the kinds of things you post on that site. Are there specific guild lines or do you just post whatever you want? Do you make money based on the results of your posting, or is there a fixed amount?
    If I might ask one more question, I understand that the site uses your content as a carrier for ads, is that how it works?

    1. Marie

      Hi Paul, Tsu is not a MLM it simply offers a reward for your content. Now the payments are small and depend upon the number of likes and interactions you receive, so it’s not so much a way to earn lots of money it’s more a social model that aims to collaborate with its members, rather than make lots of money by exploiting their input.

      The membership structure is also designed on a collaborative basis, which is why it is by invite so each member is inked to an existing member. There is the possibility to earn smaller commissions from any rewards and content shared by recruited members.

      As a member you don’t pay anything and you can just choose to use it as you would other social media sites such as Facebook. As marketeers it offers an additional opportunity to share content and participate in discussions.

  3. Kavinah

    I have never heard of Tsu and will give it a look. I like yor in depth review of the site
    It’s good to see alternatives to Facebook. I like the story behind how it started.
    Thanks for including your link
    I have to bring this to your attention so you can update your page. Bubblews has folded up

    1. Marie

      Hi thanks for the comment and update on Bubblews which I have duly noted in the article.

      I agree it is good to see alternatives in social media, whether they can remain in competition or eventually fall like Bubblews remains to be seen, but it is good for marketeers to be trying new venues and meeting new clients.

      Thanks again, Marie

  4. Anh Nguyen

    I’ve never heard of TSU, after reading from you, I think it’s quite interesting and am considering joining myself.

    It’s probably not the best to earn a lot of profit from but it’s novelty certainly worth checking out at the very least.
    I am interested in your experience with the site, how do you find it so far and have you profited from the site? How many members are on TSU at the moment?

    1. admin

      Hi Anh I’m fairly new to the site so I have only cents in my account so yes you’re right earning a fortune isn’t going to happen any time soon.

      I think the site has great potential, as well as writing I’m interested in art and photography and it’s probably more for those interests at the moment that I find Tsu useful. In terms of members the last figures I could find showed it had 2 million members at the start of 2015, but how many are actually active today or if that figure has increased I couldn’t say.

  5. Colton

    Hey Marie, been checking out your site and content for a while now, thanks for sharing your perspective on Tsu!

    I used it for a bit in the past, about right when it was starting up actually. I saw some money come in, but it’s definitely not something to look at as a full-time income opportunity. The payments really are pretty small, but that’s better than the nothing that we get paid for the content that we make on sites such as Facebook…

    I think I’m going to get back into Tsu, it’s nice to be on a different social channel for a change, right?

    Again, thanks for sharing! I really appreciated it 🙂

    1. admin

      Hi Colton thanks for your comment, and yes I agree with your take on Tsu I would love to see it become more though because of its ethos.

      Hopefully in time and if more people join that are interested in doing something different, we can become the change we want. Chat soon, thanks

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