What is the Alphabet Soup Technique?

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Keywords should reflect your customers interests

Finding original keywords for either PPC campaigns or SEO research can be very challenging.

One of the more creative ways that I have been taught, is to use the alphabet soup technique.


Needing Keyword Ideas

Sometimes it is easy to become stuck for content ideas and keywords, especially if your niche is quite targeted already.

Most keyword tools will only give limited variations of phrases and they rely on us to come up with the first original search term.

The Alphabet Soup technique is a specific system for creating new keyword ideas, which can then be used in the keyword tools to check for competition.


Alphabet Soup Technique

The alphabet soup technique can be used in the ordinary google search bar.

Some keyword tools such as Jaaxy, actually have a special tab that enables you to perform the same task within the keyword tool itself.

As the name might suggest the alphabet soup technique moves down the alphabet, looking at search terms that are available under each letter.

alphabet soup technique using Google

Simply type in a topic your are interested in writing about and add a letter of the alphabet – in the example here I have chosen equine and added the letter ‘a’.

I have an equine site so I have used this as an example for researching possible topics for the future. In fact even under ‘a‘ I hadn’t really thought about therapy horses and this gave me possible options straight away.

The advantage with this technique is that it removes any bias you might have about your niche. All options under the letter could appear, I am not editing them. This means I have a more open approach to looking at topics.


Using Jaaxy to Speed Up The Process

The alphabet technique has been promoted by the owners of Wealthy Affiliate, Kyle and Carson, who started as keyword tool developers.

In their latest keyword platform Jaaxy they have incorporated the technique as part of the tool, so you can perform this task from your dashboard.

As you can see the results are the same as Google, except you can scroll down all the letters and numbers on one page.

jaaxy alphabet soup technique

Jaaxy can do an alphabet search, simply type in the phrase and click the button

This does save a lot of time because in Google each letter search has to be done separately and it isn’t quite as easy to revisit search terms and remember the results.


How Does it Work?

One of the advantages of a search tool such as Jaaxy is that you can review all the results at the same time.

The handy navigation slider at the top means you can select whichever letter you want and move straight to those results.

Jaaxy search key

The search key means you can easily move to whichever letter of the alphabet you want

Once you have selected a term or potential keyword phrase, then you revert back to looking at the keyword tool for competition.


Analysing Competition in Keyword Tools

As well as knowing the number of searches and potential traffic that a keyword might produce, it is also important to know what competition is out there.

Competition includes other sites that are also going after the same phrase and possibly the same targeted audience group.

Remember if the competition is too high then weaker and often newer sites will not rank well.

This video provides a walkthrough I made of analysing competition using the Wealthy Affiliate tool, which works in a similar way to many other on-line keyword tools.


As with many tips and tricks for doing keyword research I tend to move onto one for a while and then discover something new and move to that. Consequently it can be easy to forget some of the earlier things you’ve learnt.

This was brought home to me when I decided to write this article, because it has been a while since I used this approach. But literally within minutes I had new topics sorted and ready for researching.

So why not give it a try and if you want to use the Jaaxy tool it offers 30 free searches to new sign ups so you can use some of them trying out their alphabet soup tool. Simply start typing in the search bar below.


Further Reading

There are a number of other articles on this site about keywords which may also be of interest.

I hope you enjoyed the article and please feel free to share the article on your chosen social media channels, thanks.


4 thoughts on “What is the Alphabet Soup Technique?

  1. Matt T

    The alphabet soup technique is an outstanding method that can be completed for free, and it really give you an idea of what people are searching for in Google (and other search engines). With Jaaxy though, you receive in-depth analytics and a robust system. Do you think the cost is worth it for beginners in online business?

    1. Marie

      Hi Matt thanks for commenting, the great thing about jaaxy is you can try it for free and get 30 free searches or use them for trying tools such as the alphabet soup search. Like all things in business it depends on how you will use it but for content marketing a keyword tool of some sort is vital.

  2. Brenna

    I use the alphabet soup method all of the time! I mean, you can’t beat google suggesting to you the best keyword terms out there that most people search for. The thing that blows my mind is the computing power that google has to have to provide you with those immediate answers. Think of the size of the Data Centers around the globe that allow us to use this technique! Isn’t that awesome!!

    1. Marie

      Hi Brenna technology is a wonderful thing to be sure! The great thing about Jaaxy is that it uses the technology from Bing and some of the other major search engines as well, and can then compile everything in a few seconds. Breathtaking and brilliant and obviously of great help to both bloggers and content writers. Thanks Marie

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