Why Internet Marketing Can Offer Conflicting Advice

Seeking and receiving the correct advice can be difficult in any field of business, but in a sector such as internet marketing where the environment is constantly changing, then this can be even more challenging and frustrating.

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I was reminded of these difficulties recently after reading the rants of one internet marketeer about all the different opinions on SEO plugins and why people couldn’t just agree. The reality is though, that life in internet marketing is never that straightforward.

One of the reasons for this is that Internet Marketing can often be about trial and error, as different things are tested and analysed to find the best results. This can be a slow process, but it is one of the elements of marketing that all content writers need to be able to embrace.

As a result of trying things out, marketeers often find out that different things work differently for them, depending upon their niche or business. So how do you know what advice to follow?

What IS Internet Marketing?

The starting point is to understand what internet marketing actually is and why advice is likely to be conflicting.

Internet marketing is essentially what its name says – it is marketing that uses digital mediums and the internet  in order to market products and services.

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From that definition you can begin to see how diverse the spectrum of businesses engaged in internet marketing is going to be.

Anything from real businesses using the intent to promote their local service, through to affiliate marketeers selling goods across the globe.

What works for one company inevitably will not work for all.

So how can a new internet marketing business hope to understand what should and should not be done in order to promote their business and make sales?


How to Separate Opinion From Fact In Marketing (Training)

Marketing is without doubt a difficult industry to get a straight answer from, because most people within the sector work from the position of being an authority on something and trying to sell it to you.

Below are some guidance rules to help you in the beginning. They are not meant to be followed rigidly but just something to bear in mind anytime information overload starts to kick in, or you are suddenly met with conflicting opinions and advice

Guideline Rules When Starting Internet Marketing

There is no shortage of information and opinions in the marketing sector, the only decision you need to make is which opinions work best for you.

Rule number one - don't believe everything you read, but be open to believing that
 this particular point might actually be true.

What I mean is, yes people are selling products and may not have a wide experience of using other similar goods or tools within the market, but it doesn’t mean that what they are saying about this particular product isn’t true. Be sceptical but also be willing to give it a try.

Perhaps a good tip to apply and another rule to remember is that –

Rule number two - if you like the way this person has created other things on their 
website then perhaps you will also like the product or plugin that they are promoting. 
And vice versa.

We tend to be attracted to people who think the same way as ourselves, and the same is true when looking for mentors or people to follow. If their way of working is what you are interested in then this could be a good match for you.

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This links onto the next rule which is that too much information and advice is not necessarily a good thing.

Rule number three - it is sometimes 
better to stick to one or two mentors 
or models and follow what they are doing, 
rather than swapping and changing between 
a wider variety of people, especially 
in the beginning.


There are a number of reasons why I say this, but perhaps the most significant two are software related.


  • Many people build websites and marketing sites on the blogging platform WordPress. If you haven’t chosen WordPress then you obviously need to follow other people using the same platform as yourself.
  • For those using WordPress there are 100s of plugins available to support your business development and not all of them work together. You need to follow someone and use the same combination of plugins, or otherwise be prepared to start analysing your own plugin conflicts.

Rule number four - the internet part of marketing means working with software and 
compatibility issues, so consider this from the very beginning


Guideline Rules Once Your IM Business is Growing

Having decided which platform to use and how you will sort out the technical aspects of your business, there will still be the need for ongoing advice as your business progresses.

image internet business development

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The next stage really depends on what your own priorities are, which could depend on what your chosen mentor or guide has recommended. It can be tempting to think you need to do everything at once, but

Rule number five - learn something and use it 
well before moving onto something else.

If your focus is to learn SEO then stay focused on this and don’t get distracted with PPC or advertising on social media. If you want to do email marketing campaigns, then master this first before moving onto writing an e-book.

In fact it could be said that the road to marketing failure is probably Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 10.51.33

It can be frustrating when things get tough and start to go wrong, or perhaps progress is just generally slow, at this point the best advice to new marketeers is to join an internet marketing forum.


Internet Marketing Forum

In order to be able to make decisions and to hear the pros and cons for each new aspect of your business development, the best place to go is an industry forum. There are plenty available on the internet and the one that I actively promote and participate in is at Wealthy Affiliate.

Rule number six - join an industry or niche specific forum to gain extra support

It is in these locations that you can ask for advice from other fellow marketing people and share opinions on what does and doesn’t work.

Internet marketing is fairly simple but does need some level of training, this doesn’t need to be expensive and the more reputable companies will often provide sample training modules for you to assess such as this one FREE Digital Marketing Level 1 Training Module.

Rule number seven - keep adding to your skills and follow training courses 
that are offered.

Many companies such as those offering email marketing platforms also provide training courses to their subscribers, these are often short and valuable for showing how to get the best from their software.


Internet Marketing Guideline Rules

That is the end of this guide but here is a summary of the main guidelines, which as I mentioned earlier are there to offer some guidance on deciding when and how  much advice you should believe about internet marketing.

  1. Read and asses everything carefully, but still be open to trying out recommended ideas.
  2. Follow someone you admire and who’s approach to business is similar to your own
  3. Stick to listening to one or two people and don’t get distracted with conflicting information
  4. Be mindful of software compatibility issues when you are adding different plugins look for combinations that work on other sites.
  5. Learn something well before moving onto another skill or project
  6. Join an industry discussion forum that can support you and let you ask questions
  7. Take advantage of company training programmes

I hope you enjoyed the article and please feel free to either add a comment below with other possible guidelines  and/or share on your chosen social media platforms, thanks Marie.

8 thoughts on “Why Internet Marketing Can Offer Conflicting Advice

  1. Netta

    Hey Marie:

    Thank you! I’ve bookmarked your page and will refer to its many useful reminders often, I think. Your advice is very down-to-earth and they make sense. It’s so easy to get flummoxed and overwhelmed by information overload, especially when everything’s so very new.

    I think it’s good to remind yourself that you’ve learned other disciplines before and this internet marketing thing is just one more. It’ll come together if you just keep taking it one small step at a time….

    1. Marie

      Hi Netta thanks for your kind feedback it is appreciated!

      I totally agree that learning about internet marketing is the same as learning any other skill, although as adults I think we are not always used to starting from the beginning and going through the slow learning process. But keep going and it will all come together, Marie

  2. Linda

    You make several really good points in this post. From my perspective, number 7 is the key. Finding a good training program and sticking with it is absolutely critical. There is so much to learn that it really can’t be accomplished on your own. At least, that’s certainly true for me. Nice job!

    1. Marie

      Hi Linda thanks for commenting, and I agree number 7 is really important because so long as you are open to learning you will see every challenge as another opportunity to learn something… And there are a lot of challenges in internet marketing!

  3. Carroll

    Hi there Marie, You have a very informative website. I have to agree with all your observations. Writing does not come easy for me so I am continually looking for some thing that will click for me. I am rather new at this so I really appreciate the incite, You Have a Great Day!

  4. tatihden

    Hi there,
    I can relate really well with rule number 3. I’m new to this and have been taking advices from so many places that I almost ruined my site. Like they say, too many cooks make bad food.
    I have tried things and stop them after they turn out to be not so good. It helps to get feedback from other online marketers.

    1. Marie

      Hi thanks for commenting and sharing your own insights, I know as number 7 I suggested joining a forum but the other rules still need to apply especially about not listening to too many people. Hopefully your site is back on track now and don’t forget you always have this resource here so please feel free to ask any questions and to keep sharing on social media so more people hear about it, thanks Marie

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